Friday, July 8, 2011

Room to Read

We specially built our little pumpkin a little corner to play, and especially read in. I grew up in a family that loves books. Even though my parents were selective on the toys we played with, they never stinged on books, and we often went to the libraries just to chill and spend time. I grew up with Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and particularly liked the Malory Towers and Famous Five series :) I think I have the whole collection haha

Every night after her last milkfeed, the boy would spend some quiet time reading to our little bub... or just singing and light playing with her before bed.

It is their special father-daughter bonding time :) My daddy used to read books to me to sleep too... I still remember him reading out the famous line from The Gingerbreadman,

"Run run as fast as you can;

You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbreadman!"

Even without her daddy or me, the little pumpkin likes to hang out in her little cozy corner.

I'm glad she has formed her own "reading" habit. She may not be able to read all the words now, but at least she is interested to take the books, and flip through the pages and talk about the stories in her own imagination.

However, not everybody is as fortunate as the little pumpkin. Or as you, who is able to read my blog. 759 million people cannot read or write. Two thirds of them are women.

A few of my friends (reason enough to support!) started Room to Read: Singapore Chapter (Young Professionals) to help fight poverty and illiteracy around the world. I personally believe that this is a worthy cause. How can anybody reach their full potential and contribute to society without being educated? How can anybody live without knowing how to read and write their own name?

If we understand how important it is for our own children to have access to engaging books and reading materials to learn, we cannot/should not ignore the plight of other children who do not have these opportunities.

I'm not saying that we all should just quit our jobs and go be mission teachers, I'm just saying take time to be aware, and if you are able to help in whatever small way you can, please do.

You can go to Room to Read website to find out more about their global programs, or Like the Room to Read: Singapore Chapter (Young Professionals) FB page to keep updated on local (Singapore) events.

Let's keep reading alive and accessible to all.

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