Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Days (on Tue 2 Aug): Happy 101 Mths!!! Edt

Today the boy and I celebrate 101 months together :) Actually it's not that much of a celebration nowadays... usually we don't buy each other presents or do things out of the ordinary, but we will make it a point to remember the day that we got together each month.

Some days, I won't have time to read the papers at all the whole day. I'll just look out for news snippets on Twitter. Most days, I have time to read the papers in the office over a nice cuppa. We subscribe to the New Paper, Straits Times and Today... so ya, that's a lovely hour or so just catching up on the news.

Some days, the news will really get to me. Like today, there's an article about a 13-yr old girl that was raped by her sister's ex-bf. The bf moved into the family's home when he was still with the girl, and the family knew that he was a bit abusive but tolerated him because he seemed remorseful after each outburst. When the couple broke up, the gf & family still let him stay on in the home until he could find a new place. I mean, if you know the guy has an abusive nature and undesirable qualities, why would you allow him in your house, especially if you have a young daughter & you don't have any relations with him?! Parents, what were you thinking?? WTH seriously. Most days, I have opinions about the news I read but it doesn't affect my feelings.

Some days, I get really pissed that the boy doesn't leave the toilet seat down. Especially when I accidentally sit down without realising!!! Most days, I just let it slide...

Some days {or rather nights}, the little pumpkin will surprise us by sleeping well at night. By well, I mean just waking up just 1-2 times a night and getting back to sleep without a fuss. Like these few nights. I hope I'm not jinxing it by writing this. No expectations that this means that her night sleeping habit is improving but fingers crossed! Most days, the pumpkin will wake up 3-4 times a night (><)"

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