Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013!

Another year gone by and Mother's Day is upon us again! Honestly, I only realised it was this Sunday last week. If I didn't keep receiving so many PR pitches and reminders about gifts to get your mother, I wouldn't have remembered it's coming up soon haha. Coincidentally, Lil Pumpkin turns 4 this Sunday and I've been busy preparing for her birthday celebrations that I didn't really bother much about Mother's Day.

Lil Pumpkin's preschool had an early Mother's Day celebration again yesterday and the mummies gathered in their classroom to watch the little one sing a "Happy Mother's Day" song in English and Chinese :) Absolutely precious! Then, the kids gave us little carnation flowers they potted themselves with hand-drawn cards.. awww!

Close-up of the beautiful blooms Lil Pumpkin gave me. This is the first time she gave me flowers and even though I'm not really a carnations fan, I love them! *tears of joy* See my Vine video of it here :)

We all had lunch with our darling bubs before going back. Unfortunately, some of the mums couldn't come to the celebration for some reason and their kids were so upset to see the other mummies there, but not theirs :/ Times like these I'm really grateful for a flexible working environment that allows me to attend to Lil Pumpkin's precious moments. It would kill me to have her be one of those kids that cried and didn't have their mums by their side when everyone else did, especially on this dedicated day when they made gifts and practised hard to perform for us. I'm sure those mums feel terrible about it too and I hope they all have a good celebration this Sunday.

Thanks for your precious flowers, Lil Pumpkin... and for just being yourself. You are the best gift to me as a mother. Mummy is truly very, very blessed and happy to have you in my life!

Wishing all mums a beautiful Happy Mother's Day in advance!



Jay said...

She looks exactly like you!

Adrine said...

Happy Early Mothers Day to you!

Here in MY, not much rah-rah about Mothers Day this year. Everything overshadowed by elections ;-)

June said...

Beautiful flowers, so sweet of lil pumpkin! Happy birthday to her in advance!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Awww, what a sweet gift! The flowers are gorgeous!

Ai Sakura said...

Jay: glad to hear that. thanks :)

Adrine: haha can imagine! Happy Mother's Day to you!

June: thanks on her behalf!

Theresa: yeah they are sitting pretty on my work desk now :)

Unknown said...

So sweet and pretty! Happy Mother's Day to you Ai :)