Friday, July 5, 2013

Braised Hakusai Chinese Cabbage with Dried Scallops & Shirataki Rice Cooker Recipe #OMYSBA2013 #PanasonicCookingSG

Rice cookers are not just for cooking rice anymore, and you can use them creatively to cook soup, porridge, bake cakes, steam dumplings or even braise vegetables!

When I attended the cooking workshop at ONAKA restaurant last month, I was given a rice cooker recipe book as a door gift. I'm not sure if it is sold in stores, but reading it was very inspiring. You don't even need an expensive rice cooker to whip up the dishes, although if you use one from Panasonic, it has Advanced Fuzzy Logic technology {seriously, the Japanese comes up with the cutest names heh} that can amazingly make independent judgement calls based on the ingredients and cooking environment to adjust the temperature and cooking time for you accordingly so that you don't need to keep watch over your meal as it cooks. Wooooah.

If you like one-pot cooking, you will like cooking in just a rice cooker. From the cookbook, there were 28 recipes and I learnt various cooking techniques with a rice cooker. I've made beef pasta sauce, pork belly with kimchi and also adapted from one of the recipes to cook Braised Hakusai {Chinese cabbage, 白菜} with Dried Scallops and Shirataki {konnyaku noodles, しらたき}. It was really good!

I reckon this dish is pretty healthy because of the hakusai, wolfberries and shirataki added. Shirataki are translucent, gelatinous traditional Japanese noodles made from konnyaku {kanjac yam plant}. I love konnyaku and shirataki because they're high in fibre, and gives you the full feeling of eating carbos.. but has very low calories! Its name means "white waterfall", describing the appearance of these noodles.

Recipe adapted from Panasonic Cookbook Braised Chinese Cabbage with Dried Scallops

About 1 hr

1/2 large hakusai {chunked}
8 pcs dried scallop {soaked}
3 pcs garlic {minced}
2 tbsp miso paste
300ml water
1 chicken cube
3-4 tbsp wolfberry {soaked}
1 packet of shirataki {200g}
2 tbsp oil
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp corn flour
1 tbsp sugar
2 stalks sping onion {diced}
3 chilli paddi {diced}

  1. Place garlic, oil and sesame oil in rice cooker. I'm using the Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-MG182 for this dish.
  2. Press "Menu Select" to select "Steam" menu, press "Cooker Timer" to 3 mins. 
  3. Close the lid then press "Start". Wait until it beeps.
  4. Add hakusai, press "Menu Select" to select "Steam" menu then press "Cooking Timer" to 5 mins.
  5. Close the lid then press "Start". Wait until it beeps.
  6. Stir well then add in the miso paste mixed in water and chicken cube.
  7. Press "Menu Select" to select "Steam" menu then press "Cooking Timer" to 15 mins.
  8. Close the lid then press "Start". Wait until it beeps.
  9. Stir well then add dried scallops and wolfberry, press "Menu Select" to select "Steam" menu then press "Cooking Timer" to 15 mins.
  10. Close the lid then press "Start". Wait until it beeps.
  11. Stir well then add shirataki, corn flour and sugar, press "Menu Select" to select "Steam" menu then press "Cooking Timer" to 10 mins.
  12. Garnish with spring onion and chilli paddi {optional}.
  13. Serve hot.
  • Original recipe called for chicken broth {300ml} but I just had miso paste at home so used that instead.
  • Add more shirataki if you don't intend to eat it with any carbo. It's still pretty filling this way.
  • Be careful when opening lid as hot steam may cause burns.
  • Take care of your rice cooker by never leaving food in it. If food is left in the pot, the smell may linger in the pot, sealing etc. and affect the next food cooked.
  • Avoid using metallic or sharp utensils to prevent scratches and damages to the pot.
* Disclosure: Panasonic SR-MG182 rice cooker was provided by Panasonic Singapore as part of a series for Singapore Blog Awards Best Cooking Blog category. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


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Looks good! I'm so copying this recipe. :)

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ooo this looks good. what a homely dish :)

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Oh. My! My mouth is salivating!!! Love hakusai and this dish looks so simple! I need to get a new rice cooker soon though. We go through A LOT of rice in our house!

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Oh yum!! This looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I bet my hubby would LOVE it!

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Looks so good, but I don't have a rice cooker. I have seriously been thinking of buying one, but am still debating if I have the room for it in my kitchen. If it would get used a lot, I would jump on it, but I'm still just not sure :(

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It looks so good! I love trying new things that I've never had before.

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What a gorgeous food post, and this looks much nicer than the simple banana I just had for lunch!

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Wow yummo, I know my hubby wished I could cook like this - LOVELY - Emx