Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trust Your Parenting Instincts

Something absolutely fantastic happened over the weekend that got me very emotional... in a good way. I want to scream and shout it out to the world {in case people didn't already know} but first, I want to touch on something that happened over the weekend that got me very emotional.. in a bad way.

It was reported that last Friday a child at a local preschool fractured his leg and the school told the parents it was because he fell. The parents didn't believe because he's a very active child, and even at home would jump here and there but still be fine. In any case, they got suspicious and demanded to view the CCTV footage. When they viewed the footage, they saw that his teacher had mishandled the child terribly, terribly roughly and forced him to get up and walk even after it was evident his leg hurt. I saw the video that went viral online and it really made my heart sink. Like probably all parents who saw it, it made me think.. what if that was my child?? I'm not going to post it but if you want, you can view it here. Be warned though, it's not a pretty sight.

There's a lot of noise and feelings going around what happened, and a few more parents have stepped out to make police reports against the school for suspected childcare abuse. I don't want to add fuel to fire or say what "should be done". This post is not about putting blame or even shift the focus for those involved by saying what a strong track record they have {according to their press release} or how this is a one in a million case, but really, to just remind us parents to always trust our instincts. I'm glad the boy's parents trusted their gut feeling to get to the bottom of the matter. It might have stopped something more sinister from happening.

Violence is never ok. Bullying is never ok. No matter how angry, how tired, or just how irritated we are, it is never, never all right to take it out on someone else. Much less to someone so small and defenseless. It may not be as obvious as this case whereby a physical injury was sustained, but the child may be emotionally or mentally harmed as well, and in those cases, it would be of course harder to detect. However, if something doesn't feel right with your child, it probably isn't.

And nobody knows your child better than you.

Ever had a time where your parenting instincts proved you right?

P.S. Read about the happy news we received here :)



Aroha @ Colours of Sunset said...

I hope the something fantastic, which you failed to tell us, is what I am thinking/hoping it is for you? As for the child and teacher and the school, that is just disgusting and terrifying. That poor, poor child! :( x Aroha

Miss Cinders said...

One of my worst fears when my kids were very young, was that type of thing happening to them. It's one of the reasons why I never sent them to daycare, only to preschool once they had the ability to communicate with me properly.

Trusting your gut where your kids are concerned is one of the things I always tell new parents. A parents intuition is one of the most powerful things we possess.

I'm hoping your bursting t share news is what I think it is too :D That would be super awesome!!

Have a great day hun!

MC x

Mrs Holsby said...

It's the scary thing about trusting your child to the care of someone else. We must begin to let go, but knowing what happens when we're not there is impossible.
Instinct is all we have....oh, and CCTV footage apparently.

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

I couldn't agree more Ai - that is so sad, and I don't want to watch the video - I take your word for it. How sad :( But I think we all need to trust our guts more than we do!
Love your work xx Em

Grace said...

Great post, Ai! And so true!
I've had a few instances where I've been spot on with my instincts. But so many external factors can cause me to self doubt.
I'm learning to stay strong and listen to my own voice.
So sad to hear about this incident.

An Apel a Day said...

I worry about things like that going on at school. My oldest does very well in school, but what about the kids that do not? One of my friends has a child with Asperger syndrome. He really has trouble in school, and often acts out. I just fear that someday, someone might get frustrated with a child like that. That frustration can lead to other things.

In the news lately there was a family who abused their child who has special needs. I cried when I read it. I have a nephew that has special needs. I just can't imagine him going through what they put their child through. They put spoons on the stove and burned his private parts, had him chained up in the garage, he had to pee in a bucket and he was give a choice of things for them to use to hurt him. :( He ran away. Someone found him, and thought he was homeless. He stayed in a shelter for days. Finally he was telling people in charge what kind of things happened to him. His burns matched his story. In the house they found everything he was talking about; including a spoon on the stove with burned skin on it. I was in tears a lot after hearing that story.

Kim@spiritedmama said...

Hi Ai wow how shocking for the family and everyone involved. Trusting your instincts is a funny one because i don't think i've really had to do it very much with my daughter. I just parent ... and somehow, thankfully by the grace of God, nothing has ever happened where I've needed to be alert. On the other hand I have really been feeling very heavily burdened that i don't spend enough time with my daughter. We spoke about it this morning - possibly it is instinctual - not the noticing that i don't spend enough time - but that it's quietly but insidiously affecting her. Before I know it she'll be a teenager so I need to listen to that little voice now. Kim x