Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas 2013 | 10 Favourite Gift-Wrapping Ideas

I've been thinking of Christmas since October but now that it is officially December, I reckon it's perfectly fine to get into the Christmas mood and go full-speed ahead haha! Been collecting Christmas ideas, thinking of our Christmas dinner plans, decorations to put up, presents to get etc.. It really is my favourite time of the year :) A time to forget about all the troubles and wrongs in the past year, and just concentrate on God, family and love.

I think part of the joy in giving gifts is in wrapping them and building up the surprise for the recipient. It takes a bit of time, but I'm sure a thoughtfully-wrapped gift is very much appreciated! And the thing is, we needn't spend too much money to come out with beautiful, personalised gifts from the heart <3

Here are 10 of my favourite Christmas gift-wrapping ideas to get your creative juices going. Enjoy!

1. Brown paper and doilies are just so rustic and charming. The white doily backgrounds are perfect for writing little notes!

2. Cloth napkins with Christmas designs add a festive twist to furoshiki-wrapping. Best part is, the cloth can be re-used again! Furoshiki can be used to wrap any type of objects, even books or wine bottles. You can see some furoshiki ideas here.

3. Again, you can use cloths, towels or even burlap to wrap objects into cute Christmas characters. How adorable is this little reindeer!

4. Use the musical scores of your favourite Christmas songs to spread some cheer!

5. Foreign language newspapers seem so exotic and are great for wrapping too! I know Kinokuniya and the newstand in Holland Village has a wide selection. Of course, our local newspapers will work fine too haha

6. Take upcycling to the next level and recycle your old cereal boxes as gift bags!! Would be fun to give them to people who love to eat cereals ;)

7. Too many washi tapes at home? Put them to good use and personalise plain wrapping paper and tags with them. You can also decorate with vegetable stamps, kids fingerprints, kids drawings, stickers etc.

8. Tags are just as important as the actual wrapping. Love these white clay tags rolled over linen and stamped with black ink.

9. If you baked too many Christmas cookies {oops!} you can use them as tags too :)

10. Pine is quite hard to find in Singapore I reckon, but fresh rosemary should be easy to buy. Make little rosemary wreaths for a unique touch... and smell! :)

If you have other Christmas wrapping ideas to share, leave me a comment! ^^V Also check out the my 10 Kids Toys & Accessories Gift Ideas that are on discount now!


Stacy said...

All very very nice. Now pls pls do one for PRESENTS coz that's what I'm cracking my head over...

Theresa Mahoney said...

Those are all lovely wrapping ideas! I am always admiring the pretty wrappings on Pinterest. I just wish I had more time to devote to doing it myself. All of our birthdays are the week of Christmas, so with those on top of all the other holiday activities, I don't have any time left to put into extra wrapping :(

Ai Sakura said...

Stacy: haha I'll try!! ;p

Theresa: what a busy time during the Christmas season for you!! But so lovely with all the celebrations in the same week.. don't get stressed over it, I'm sure you'll do fine seeing how good at craft you are!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh I love these ideas! My favourites are the upcycling of cereal boxes and the use of rosemary! Thanks for sharing :)

An Apel a Day said...

You have some great ideas! I like anything that keeps stuff flat. Then the gifts stack better. This year I went with igloo wrapping paper. It goes with our holiday cards.

Unknown said...

Love the rosemary idea, have it growing in the herb garden!

Rina said...

All gorgeous! My fave is the newspaper, brilliant idea :)