Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bub & Me: Singapore's First Garfield Run!

Singapore's first ever Garfield Run was held last Saturday and we were there for our family's second fun run this year!

Unlike the Safari Zoo Run, this run was held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay so instead of running through a natural jungle, we got to run through the concrete jungle hahaha. It was a very fun and interesting experience, and we caught glimpses of the National Day Parade rehearsal too!

The race pack was quite simple, and included a really cute Runners T-Shirt {the boy cut his into a muscle tee!!!} and draw-string haversack. The shipment for the limited edition Garfield Run plushie arrived late due to bad weather so we're only collecting it tomorrow. To make up for this, the organisers will throw in an extra Garfield Run notebook for each participant too :P 

We were quite worried that parking would be difficult but there were many available car-parks near the venue and even though we arrived just one hour before flag-off, we managed to get a lot easily at One Raffles Quay building.  

First thing I saw when I reached the venue was the Milo van *squeals in joy* so obviously I made sure that was our first stop haha. As expected, it was super crowded and the Milo van uncle already closed up one side of the van since the Milo was finished on that side. Why is the Milo from Milo vans sooooo yummy???! I really wonder what's their secret ingredient :P

After that we explored more of the Garfield Run Carnival and saw that there were tents for free ice-cream, Nestlé treats {they were one of the event sponsors}, instagram-printing etc.

This was our run route {orange colour loop}. Since we took part in the 3km Garfield Fun Run, we decided not to use a stroller for Lil Pumpkin since she could probably complete it on her own most of the way.

Which she did!! *clap clap clap* I think for the 3km, she asked us to carry her only 20% of the way.. so not that bad heh. We would still bring her stroller if it was for a 5km fun run though #justsaying

Apparently over 8,000 runners participated in Garfield Run 2014! Unlike many other running events, the it did not include the usual 10km or half marathon distances, but focused on shorter distances to encourage more fun and family bonding.

Like most of the participants in the Fun Run, we took a nice stroll along the Marina Reservoir, taking in the city skyline and enjoying the nice evening breeze. It was really good weather for the run, and thank goodness it didn't rain!!

Do you spot our giant Singapore flag in the photo above? :)

Mandatory shots with all the distance markers (^^)V

We actually started in the second wave of the run {about 6.40pm}, 10 minutes after the first wave started at 6.30pm. Someone in our wave told me that the fast runners in the first wave had already crossed the finish line when we were starting!!

I didn't time us but I think we finished our 3km in about 1 hours time haha. Our timing didn't matter to us, but I'm really proud of Lil Pumpkin for finishing her first long distance Fun Run without a stroller!! She even made a final dash through the finish line and definitely earned her Finisher's medal *grins*

Here's a short video of our Garfield Run 2014 experience. Take a look on this YouTube link if the video isn't working. I do hope that they bring back the run next year! Would love to take part in it again, and I know Lil Pumpkin would too :)

There are various categories like the 3KM Garfield Fun Run we did, 5KM Garfield & Arlene Couple Run {competitive}, 2.2km Garfield Kids Dash {competitive} and 1.5km Garfield Run for Kids {competitive}. Prices start from S$28/person. Stalk Garfield Run's website for updates if you're interested to take part next year too!

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Indah Nuria Savitri said...

wow..Garfield Run..looks like loads of fun..Bravo for lil pumpkin for finishing it triumphantly :)..

Masshole Mommy said...

That is just awesome. I want them to do one here in Boston!!!

Ai Sakura said...

Indah: Yeah it was really fun, thank you!

Masshole Mommy: Hope they do! :)

mail4rosey said...

That is awesome! I like taking pictures of flags in the background to when I'm out and about.

Congrats to your daughter. Being carried onlyi 20% of the time is HUGE. :)

oomph. said...

oh how fun...i love the garfield theme! i hope to get my son involved with me and my runs eventually!!

Jolin said...

The run sure looks fun! I also love the milo from the milo van..superb!