Monday, July 20, 2015

Keeping Fit Needs Brawn and Brains | Operation 健康アップ Week 3

I kept up with my 4 workouts for the third week too and most days I kept below/around my 1,200 calorie count. I haven't lost any weight but I do feel stronger, and some areas, especially my thighs and butt area, more toned.

Gym Workouts
Since Friday was a public holiday {Hari Raya Puasa} last week, I went for my gym workouts on Monday and Thursday. Had to take the train down after work on Thursday and walk from Eunos MRT station to Genesis Gym but got lost!! Ooops. My sense of direction is so poor to the point of being ridiculous and what makes it worse is that I take forever to read a map. Thank goodness I'm not shy to ask for help or directions from strangers haha

For both Sessions, Jen {found out he's my JC mate!} and this other trainer we shall call Superman, because he reminds me of Clark Kent with his glasses & Superman's cute signature hairstyle and I don't know his name, took me through my training. There was the usual focus on getting the right form but now it seems to come easier with more practice. Right now, the most problematic exercises in getting my right form is the Catabell Romanian Deadlift and Flat Dumb-bell Bench Press {Twist}.

It's so technical and sometimes I really wonder why, why is it that important for the right form as long as I'm working out. Of course I know the answer and I also think back to the times where I'm trying hard to get Lil Pumpkin to swim properly to remind myself why and to just persevere. It's like if she doesn't swim with the right form i.e. keep her body straight, buttocks up, fingers and toes closed & pointed, head not wobbly, knees not to bent etc. she's not getting the most out of her strokes and may injure herself.

Since starting my personal training sessions, I've realised that gym exercises isn't just all brawn... you have to use your brains too! I mean, you can't just go to the gym and tune out. You've got to think about keeping the right form, count the tempo, count the reps, record your weights etc. Sometimes I get a little confused and blur so I really appreciate my trainers there to help and guide me.

This is my latest gym workout plan with weights I'm using:

A1. Dumb-bell Split Squats, 4 sets, 12 reps - 7kg
A2. Dumb-bell Chest Supported Row to Chest {Neutral}, 4 sets, 12 reps - 9.5+8kg
B2. Catabell Romanian Deadlift, 4 sets, 12 reps - 22.5kg
B3, Bench Dumb-bell Shoulder Press {Twist}, 4 sets, 12 reps - 8kg
C1. Crunches, 3 sets, 15 reps
C2. Battling Ropes, 3 sets, 60s - Double ropes

I really like it when I can finish C1 & C2 strong and panting to the point of failure. Makes my whole workout feel worthwhile ;)

Home workouts
Completed both sessions on Wednesday and Sunday again.. although this week took a lot more effort. I had half a mind to just skip the session on Sunday as I was feeling rather tired {ok, maybe lazy} but luckily I didn't. I did bring Lil Pumpkin to swimming again on Sunday morning to practice her strokes so yay for an extra workout session!

This is my latest gym workout plan with weights I'm using:

A1. Dumbell Lunges, 4 sets, 12 reps - body weight
A2. Dumb-bell Chest Supported Row to Chest {Neutral}, 4 sets, 12 reps - 6.5kg
B2. Dumbell Romanian Deadlift, 4 sets, 8 reps - 13kg
B3, Standing Dumbell Shoulder Press {Neutral}, 4 sets, 12 reps - 6.5kg
C1. Side Bridges, 3 sets, 60s
C2. Burpees, 3 sets, 60s- about 20 reps

The weights I'm using at home are much lighter than what I'm doing at the gym as the dumbell system we're using is more complicated to change the weights so I just don't and use the same weights for all the exercises.

I realise that I'm not working out to the best of my ability like this so I'll make more effort to change the weights accordingly for each exercise from Week 4.

Food Nutrition
Most days for the past week I'm below/ around 1,200 calories. Every morning the boy will make me a cup of Whey Protein and chia seeds to get me started on hitting my protein and fiber count. Still have some problem hitting those most days but at least it's slightly better than Week 2.

For Week 4, I'd try to add a fruit after every dinner and really try to cut down on sugar especially when I drink my fave iced coffee or milk tea. Less Milo too I guess and I must work harder on preparing for meals at home!! So far I only did it once oops.

Thoughts for the week
Still a long way to go but I can see some progress in my workouts and healthy lifestyle. It's not as fast as I want to but I'm trying to take it one workout at a time.

I'm definitely recovering better between sets and don't ache as much as during Week 1. Also, I really look forward to my workouts and want to improve on the weights I carry each time. It's very satisfying to lift harder and heavier each time!!

I know some girls are worried of getting too bulky or "manly" from lifting weights but you really won't become like a man, unless you take drugs and steroids. Weight-lifting helps your body to burn fat during and after training, improves sleep quality, combat loss of bone mass and decrease risk of osteoporosis. Give it a try and you might find yourself liking the boost of energy and satisfaction it gives you too ;)

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Madeline Heng said...

Wah less than 1200 calories! Respect! Jiayou! I'm finding it hard to continue my weightloss even though I'm still going for pilates regularly. Jiayou together!

An Apel a Day said...

Keep it up girl! You're looking great! The salad looks wonderful.

You do need protein. I add protein powder in all my baked good. I just add a scoop per any recipe. A scoop isn't a lot, but I find that if I add too much it starts to taste chalky. My boys are always hungry!

Sorry for my lack of comment. I went out of town.

Stacy said...

Go go go!