Friday, August 7, 2015

Singapore National Day 2015 | National Day Parade! #NDP2015

Majulah Singapura! I reckon there's nothing that makes me feel more Singaporean than watching our National Day Parade {NDP} live. Even if it was just for one of the full-dressed rehearsals (^∀^)・:*

I was soooo pleased when Daddy managed to get us tickets to watch NDP2015 NE3 at the Padang!!

For the past few months, I was hoping to get NDP tickets somehow {even tried balloting} and was really eager as it will be our grandest yet to celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee. After we saw the fireworks display during our Fullerton Hotel staycation, I was even more excited to go.

More than double the number of fireworks will be set off at this year's NDP compared to last year's, including those that spell "SG50" and form hearts, crescent moons, stars and a rainbow arc over the Marina Bay.

But other than the amazing fireworks display, this year's parade will have many firsts.

It will be the first time NDP is hosted over two stages {the Padang & The Float@Marina Bay}, the first time a Singapore Airlines plane will take part in the flypast, the first time 20 Republic of Singapore Air Force {RSAF} F-16s form the number '50' in the sky, the first time we have a Vintage Parade reenacting images of Singapore in her early days of independence {loved this!!!}, the first time 1,200 performers will form a giant mosiac Singapore flag etc.

It was definitely a show I didn't want to miss with Lil Pumpkin and the boy!!

Although we may have grumbles and grievances over our daily lives sometimes, there was never a time I didn't feel blessed to live and grow up here, especially after spending some years living overseas. You come to realise that the grass is not always greener at the other side.

I don't have to worry about being discriminated at work just because I'm a woman and mother, I don't have to constantly look over my shoulders at night to check that no one is stalking me, I don't have to be frustrated about shops closing at 5pm, I'm not scared that someone will suddenly pull a gun and shoot me, I don't fear that my bank will suddenly shut down & lock my money and I don't doubt that Lil Pumpkin will be able a world-class education. 

Singapore may not be perfect, but it's all these little things that matter.

Watching NDP 2015 live wasn't just about enjoying a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime show.

I wanted Lil Pumpkin to feel the atmosphere, to soak in what it's like to be among her fellow happy, exuberant Singaporeans that have come together as one people, one nation to celebrate the contributions of our forefathers, our multi-cultural roots and unique identity... something she may not have the chance to do in our everyday life.

The positive energy at any NDP is just unbelievable. 

I wanted her to know that yes, although we may hear negativity and complains all around us from time to time, Singaporeans do love our country and are proud of it. I wanted her to learn why too.

Why are we making such a big fuss of turning 50 when other countries are already hundreds of years old?? What makes a Singaporean, "Singaporean"? What were the struggles we had that made us unite together? What can she do to help Singapore become stronger and better?

This year's NDP narrative of "Our Singapore Story" showed just that.

In six chapters, it tells of how Singaporeans can trace our Beginnings from our forefathers who came from different lands to sink their roots; how the sacrifices and unwavering spirit of the pioneering generation laid the foundation for our current Progress and Strength; and how Singaporeans, standing in Unity, and having forged a unique Identity, can feel proud and confident to drive Onwards towards a brighter future.

It was easy for Lil Pumpkin to follow and understand, and seeing her wave her flag madly & sing her heart out with gusto at all the parade songs made me so happy, and so grateful at the chance of being there with my family.

I want to hold on to this memory forever, and bring it out during all those times I feel upset about how things are done in Singapore #bethankfulalways

If you do happen to have tickets to the actual NDP2015 this Sunday, enjoy!!! Here are some tips which I hope you'll find helpful:
  • Go dressed in our national colours - red and white!!
  • There's a cap, some drinks and snacks inside the Fun Pack, but remember to bring sunblock, fan, camera, sunglasses, extra food to keep comfy etc. There are many fast food stores & a supermarket at Raffles Place.
  • Don't bring your prams/ strollers as there will not be space for you to store it at the seating arena. You'll have to leave them at the arena entry points.
  • Wear flat shoes i.e. no high heels, as you'll have to walk on grass and there are many steps to climb up to the spectator stand. 
  • There are plenty of portable toilets outside the seating arena, but probably best to go at Raffles Place or the other nearby public toilets first.
  • There will be massive road closures. If possible, take the public transport {ALL bus and train rides are FREE on National Day anyway!}
  • Seating will be assigned by the ushers, and they will try to seat groups together according to availability so arrive early. Spectator entry points open at 3.30pm.
  • Be seated latest by 5pm.
  • Refrain from bringing large bags and umbrellas. 
  • The planes / jets will be coming in from the East side {directly opposite National Gallery Singapore}, so get your cameras ready! 
  • Fireworks will shoot out of seven high-rise buildings - Adelphi, Swissotel, Suntec Tower 1, Pan Pacific Singapore, UOB Plaza 1, Republic Plaza and the Maybank Tower - National Gallery Singapore, as well as the fireworks barges afloat in Marina Bay. They will be fired throughout all six chapters of the NDP performance, starting from the prologue through to the grand finale.
  • The “SG50" fireworks set piece will be fired from the Padang immediately after the National Anthem.

I'm contented to have gone to at least the rehearsal this year, and will be watching NDP2015 live on TV in the comfort of our home with a big bowl of popcorn (。◕‿◕。) dressed in our special #SG50 t-shirts {yes, I specially bought them hahaha}. Friends overseas can also watch NDP2015 live online at the official NDP website or Toggle.

No matter where we may be, let's all take a stand to say our National Pledge at 2015hrs {Singapore time} to pledge ourselves anew as one united people! Majulah Singapura~!

Happy 50th birthday, Singapore!!
And to all my fellow Singaporeans, Happy National Day! ♥


Jiahui said...

I'm going tomorrow!! so looking forward to it esp after seeing all your pictures and reading about your experience! :)

Cynthia said...

How I wished I had tickets too! That photo of Lil Pumpkin… awwww….. And yes, proud to be Singaporeans! Have a good weekend!

Phoebe said...

Really envy !! We did not have any tickets and havent been to the parade ground to view the NDP. Hopefully will have chance next year or so. Happy Holidays!

Sarah Tan said...

How I wish we had managed to get the tickets this year. Going to try to get a vantage view to see the fireworks without the loud noise.

SengkangBabies said...

YEAH! we feel this is one of the best NDP parades too!
Does not matter whether we are watching rehearsal or the real NDP, or whether you are at Padang, Floating-platform or even just nearby Marina Bay. The atmosphere is superb! The kids will not know the difference. Most importantly, families get an opportunity to sing patriotic songs and pledge together :)

cheers, Andy

Stacy said...

Looks like a big celebration coming!

With all the shenanigans in the high places in MY country, nobody is thinking about celebrating. Sigh.

Unknown said...

I love Singapore & being privileged to be born a citizen too !! Where did u get that merlion cookie? So cute!!

Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

Waiwai Leung said...

We had been trying to get the tickets for years, but we always did not have the luck! Looking forward to watch the parade!

Fit Mother Hubbard said...

What a beautiful celebration. I'd pay for a ticket to go just to see it. Looks like you had an amazing time.

Bumble Bee Mum said...

Like Waiwai, I never managed to get tickets and can only go green with envy reading about people's experiences watching NDP (or rehearsals) live. Hope there comes a day where I will get to watch one live!

And I took a double-take when I saw that merlion biscuit (or is it a chocolate or what?). I can't help it. I'm naturally attracted to food.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

happy national daaay and what a festivity! Love to see all those red flags in the stadium :). Indonesians will celebrate it soon, August 17 :)

Ai Sakura said...

Jiahui: You mean Sun, right? :) Have a great time!

Cynthia: thanks you too!

Phoebe: Good luck to you next year. Happy long weekend!

Sarah: You probably can find someplace less noisier but I doubt there's one to see it live without loud noise of any kind?

Andy: The songs are the best bits I feel! Never mind you don't know all the lyrics... all have "feels" hahahah

Stacy: We've been celebrating for a few months already! All ready for a big bang on Sunday :)

Shirley: It was in the Fun Pack!

Waiwai: It'll be a blast! Don't miss it!

Fit Mother Hubbard: Yeah luckily it's all free for Singaporeans! ;)

Bumble Bee Mum: How is it you girls never eat it before?? It's a local snack I've had since young!!

Indah: Thanks! Have a good celebration too!

An Apel a Day said...

Lots of people! I love it! My favorite color is red. It's actually red-orange, but red works. How fun!

Unknown said...

So nice to be able to attend this year's NDP even if it is a preview! Wow! Your little Princess must have enjoyed herself!

And yes, I do agree that we are so blessed to be living in Singapore! We have so much but few of us stop to count our blessings and be thankful for what we have. I hope we can teach our little ones to see the blessings and be content.

Thanks for sharing your fun day!


Audrey @ SAys Happy Mums

Masshole Mommy said...

Woah, what an event. Sadly, for me, the crowds would deter me from going, but it looks amazing.

Theresa Mahoney said...

It looks like everyone really is so full of the Singapore spirit! A beautiful event to share with Lil Pumpkin!

Ela said...

What a beautiful celebration !! Great photos !!

mail4rosey said...

I love how much you love living where you do. These kinds of events are exciting. Huge brownie points to your husband for scoring the tickets. :)

Rose world said...

Happy National Day to Singapore. So happening in the stadium.