Monday, October 5, 2015

Dr Seuss "Seussical the Musical" Live in Singapore! + Win Family Show Tickets

Direct from the UK, the fantastical, bombastical and songtastical world of Dr. Seuss, one of the most celebrated children's book authors, will be here live on stage through Seussical the Musical at the Esplanade Theatre from 6 to 8 November 2015!!

Lil Pumpkin just caught The Cat in the Hat production with her classmates last month on a school outing and is thrilled to know that a new Dr Seuss show is coming to town!

The broadway musical follows a unique story-line and actually features a spectacular compilation of whimsical elements, characters and delightful verses from some of Dr. Seuss classics – Horton Hears a Who, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat (♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Follow the adventures of Horton the Elephant who discovers a small world floating by on a tiny speck of dust. This small world is floating out of control through the universe and is the home of the Whos, including Jojo – a Who with “Things” that defy all description. Between them they must find a way to save Whos from a world of naysayers and dangers.

But Horton faces a double challenge, he’s been left alone to guard an abandoned egg, abandoned by none other than Mayzie La Bird! Caught between a dust speck and his incubating egg, Horton is truly alone in the universe, but while he faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and ends up on trial, little does he know the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him.

While the kind-hearted Horton tries to protect the speck of dust and the Whos who live on it, look out for Cat in the Hat, the zany narrator who peppers the musical with his endless tricks, and witty, thought-provoking commentary.

I'm sure the live show will be a hit with all those who love Dr Seuss books, and is a great introduction to his fantastical world for those who haven't got in touch with his magic yet. So let your toes tap, your fingers snap, and fire up your imagination in the world of Dr. Seuss with Seussical the Musical! (๑☆‿ ☆#)

Tickets are already on sale now with prices ranging from S$58 to S$108. You can book them at any SISTIC outlet or call the hotline 6348 5555. A 10% discount is applicable for group purchases or 10 tickets and more. For more information, check out the ABA Productions website or their Facebook page.

I know tickets have been selling fast but just for my special friends and readers, I have ONE Seussical the Musical Family Show Tickets Package {worth S$432} to give away!! It includes 4 x Category 1 tickets {best seats!!} to the show on Friday, 6 Nov 2015, 5pm at Esplanade Theatre.

This show is recommended for kids aged 5 and up, and running time is approx 75 minutes.

Giveaway Method: Random Draw

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* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Ends Sunday, 18 Oct 2015 2359hrs {Singapore time} 
* Incomplete or inappropriate entries will be deemed invalid and will not be included.
* Winners will be announced by Wednesday 21 Oct 2015 on this blog post and notified via email with further instructions on how to collect prize. Winners have 2 days to reply, or the prize will be redrawn.
* Tickets only valid for performance on Fri 6 Nov 2015, 5pm at Esplanade Theatre, 1 Esplanade Drive.
* No refunds or changes to show time or date.
* Prize tickets cannot be exchanged for cash value or resold.
* Everyone must have own ticket for admission, including infants in arms.
* Sakura Haruka is not responsible for any prizes lost, damaged or misplaced in delivery.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is Mabel Chua. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

* Disclosure: Seussical the Musical Family Show Tickets was provided by ABA Productions for giveaway. All opinions are my own. Unless otherwise stated, image credits to ABA Productions.



Anonymous said...

Let the kid familiarize with the canteen and school environment.
Fb: Adeline ada koo
Name for newsletter: Adeline koo

Tellmarcia2 said...

Teach kids to take responsibility by packing own bags check on homework
Fb name : tellmarcia 2
Marcia Too - newsletter

Mamamie said...

Advice for P1 kids:
Enjoy your honeymoon year in a new school!
FB: Amie Chen
Name for newsletter: Amie Chen

Anonymous said...

Train the kid to pack their school bag on their own according to time table every night before sleep.
Fb/newsletter: Khor Lee Ling

preciouz said...

Jaime Chan

have an open mind and make many friends

Mabel Chua said...

FB name: Mabel Chua
Name to newsletter: Mabel Chua
IG: @mascotlicious

My kids ain't in primary school yet but I simply love to read blog where Mummy's/ Daddy's bloggers shared their views and thoughts. Do share with us your advise for your girl!

Ever came across a Mummy's blogger sharing this ~ Build confidence & familiarize themselves with school! Felt that this is a very important point that we should take note.

Having self confidence is one of the key to success. Parents should hence help them build confidence by sharing positive experiences in school, how they will enjoy the accompany of the new friends and what they can expect in Primary one!

Bring your kids round the schools during the orientation; sharing with them some of the important places like the Classroom, Canteen, Bookshop, Library, Toilets, Teachers' Room and etc. Introducing them the people they will be meeting at school, for example the Principle, Vice Principals, Teachers and etc. This helps kids familiarize themselves with the school, so that they don't get panic on the first day of school.

Anonymous said...

Bring packed lunch n tag names on her things.. my gal has lost alot of stuff including uniform during PE lol
Lorna Tan

Carol Mei Mei said...

we are enrolling our firstborn into the on-site student care centre at his pri school in mid dec, to help him familarise with the new teachers and environment, before he starts P1 officially in Jan.

Carol Lim Mei Mei
IG: cmeilim

Unknown said...

Keep clam and chill. Make friends and enjoy school to the fullest. Dont sweat the small stuff.

FB name: Evelyn Hu

Jes-Genevieve said...

Taking things easy but at the same time learn to be responsible for own belongings & remember instructions or memos given by teachers. Being more independent as its a totally different environment compared to being in a childcare.

Jes-Genevieve said...

Sorry, fb name: Jeslyn Genevieve

blessedone said...

Label all stationeries, books and waterbottle! Teach the little one to learn to take care of her things . Ask if in doubt!

Theresa tay
Instagram: @ahger82

Anonymous said...

They should learn to be more ibdependent and start doing simple things by themselves before the end of K2 (e.g., buying drinks from a store).

FB name/ newsletter: Selena Quah

Suzzanna said...

Enjoy your primary schooling as much as possible! Once you reached secondary, no more play time! Primary school is fun and remember mummy and daddy will be there for you!

cherrie said...

Sleep early! School can be very tiring for new children starting P1.

FB: Gladys Tiyo
Newsletter: Gladys Tiyo
IG: gladystiyo

Mary H said...

I tell him to enjoy himself at school, and learn as much as he can.

FB name: Mary Heng
Newsletter: Mary H

Debra said...

Learning to buy his own food, a tall order for my shy son!

Debra Li

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway Sakura!

I normally train them 2 months beforehand by praying together, setting the routine (like waking up and sleeping early) in place, teach them how to talk to the teacher if they need help,how to buy meals with vege and limit junk food, independent checking of timetable to pack bag.

FB: Ang Angelia
E-mail subscription- Angie Yeow

Thanks again!

Robert Sim said...

Teach him how to buy food himself.

Robert Sim

nutcase said...

I will train my #1 to wake and prepare for P1 school routine as she usually has difficulty waking up in the morning.
FB: Juliana Lim
Email Subscription: Juliana Lim

ashmika said...


As it is a big transition for my girl, We started to get prepare few weeks back. She started to pack her own bag. We let her buy small things & pay for it. We try to help her to speak up for herself & convey teachers message to us in more proper way..

Personally I loved to put small surprise notes in her bag or purse, so she always feel us along with her in each & every step..

Txs for awesome giveaway..
FB Name.. Ashmika Jain
Subscriber name.. Ashmika Jain
IG.. @ashmika6

Keeping our fingers cross..

KarMie's blog said...

Just be herself n enjoy every moment of it!!!
While studying smart n play hard 😀

FB and email subscription: Jamie chaw

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh fun! I have always wanted to take my boys to see this.

Theresa Mahoney said...

This sounds like such a fun show! I don't think it's ever been in our area, but if it does, I'd like to go see it!

Stacy said...

Recommended for kids aged 5 and up.... yay I qualify! Haha this looks fab, Ai.

An Apel a Day said...

How fun! We saw it at a children's theater here. My kids loved it.

Vincent said...

Be friendly and make some new friends

Vincent said...

forgot to include my FB in the earlier comment
FB name Vincent Lee Wee Ping

Be friendly and make some new friends

Joanna Tan said...

My son is entering primary one next year! I think most importantly is to take things easy and don't stress the kiddos.

FB: Joanna Tan
Subscribe Joanna tan

Unknown said...

Let the child familiarize themselves in the new environment. Label all their items too

Andrew lim

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

love the Broadway indeed. We are planning to see Pan the broadway version :)...for sure it will be fun to see them performing one of the classics in kids' literature :)..

AILEEN chin said...

Just try your best. Listen to teacher and make new friends.
I believe that the kid needs to be adapted to the new environment before she can absorp fully the teaching in school.

Anonymous said...

Tell the child to go and have fun every day in school!
fb: Yee Long Teo
Teo Yee Long

Anonymous said...

Parents ourselves dun be kiasu and dun pressure the kiddo! Let him/her enjoy childhood and primary school. Remember how much fun we used to have? So stressed nowadays.
Joeanne Shim


Have fun, share with love & enjoy your primary school days!
Fb name- JoAn Loh

piggy12 said...

My boy is also entering p1 next year. For me it important they enjoy learning and look forward in everyway. Involve them in all the process such as buying the books, uniforms and stationery:)xiaohui

FB name: ke xiaohui
Subscription name: quah xiaohui

Ashley Tan said...

Don't be afraid to ask questions! If you can't find the classroom, toilets, food stall or anything, don't be afraid to ask! There's always people to help!

FB Name: Ashley Tan
Ashley Tan

Unknown said...

Visit the school together and ask to be shown the places that are really important to the kid and their settling in process such as the toilets, where to get snacks, the self-registration area, the coat racks etc.

Facebook Name: Hock Guan Koh
Instagram Handle: skohhg
Newsletter Subscribe Name: Hock Guan Koh

Jeslyn said...

Encourage the child more and remind the child to be independent and confident
Fb: ru jeslyn
Ig: mrsliow

Sweetheart Rachael said...

Label all the child's stuff and teach the child basic skills such as counting money, cleaning herself after eating.

Cynthia Lau

Jingxian said...

Train them the use of money before school commence.
Jingxian Liang