Monday, January 11, 2021

P6 Parenting | First Week of School

First week of Lil Pumpkin's primary 6 school year is over! ( ᐛ )و

Lil Pumpkin was happy to be back at school #thankGod and woke up pretty cheerful every day. She is not a morning person, you see, so can be such a grouch sometimes haha.. 

This is going to be a short school year for her with PSLE starting in August for oral and the main papers in end September... and as usual, I'm pretty sure time will just fly by without us knowing it!

Nothing really spectacular happened in the first week of school. Surprisingly, her form teachers changed {usually P5 and P6 teachers are the same} but she remained with the same class as last year. 

The past week, we were just getting accustomed to the routine of her going back to school routine with some after-school enrichment activities {CCA hasn't started yet though}, and me back to work in the office full-time. No more work-from-home arrangement for me since we started Phase 3. 

Although, this being such an important time for her academically, I'd like to dedicate more personal time at home to give her not just physical support, but moral too. 

The PSLE is the first national-level exam a child takes. Naturally, there will be some form of stress and even if I can't help her that much in terms of teaching {my head still spins from what they are being taught nowadays, especially for maths!}... I'd like to be there more to take care of Lil Pumpkin, help her balance life with books, and make sure that she eats well and still exercises somewhat to stay strong physically and mentally. To be there to "mother" her.  

Even though the Covid-19 restrictions during the circuit breaker, Phase 1 and 2 really took away a lot of freedom, I honestly enjoyed my work-from-home experience as I got to keep my job, yet spend so much more time with my family and especially my little girl. 

Being a full-time-working mum for the past decade or so, you come to realise that yes, quality time matters, even if we can't give our family the quantity of our time. However, no matter what, the #mummyguilt never goes away and I do love the luxury of just doing mindless things leisurely and enjoying the little things too, instead of rushing around just getting the pertinent things done.  

Hopefully I can work something out with my boss to help me achieve this, at least until PSLE is over anyway *fingers crossed* 

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