Saturday, July 17, 2021

Hello, It's Been A While...

About half a year has passed since my last blog post.. So sorry about that! The blog is still alive!! Just barely breathing haha... 

Well, I haven't been updating much mainly because I went for my eye Lasik surgery which didn't go as well as I planned so needed a longer recovery, then all the ups and downs of the Covid pandemic made me feel like taking things very slowly and simplifying my life even more so even less blog engagements and upkeeping of this space... and of course, Lil Pumpkin's upcoming PSLE prep and examinations kept me rather stressed and busy.

I do still love writing though... I've been writing a lot more for my job.. but at the back of my mind, I miss writing here for myself {and whoever is still around to read this}.

So this is my first post back in a while and I do hope to update more often *fingers crossed*

After all, I am the memory-keeper of the family, right? 

P.S. Come by my Instagram or Facebook page if you can too xox

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