Tuesday, November 23, 2021

P6 Parenting | T-1 PSLE Results Release Day

It's finally here! Tomorrow {Wed 24 Nov 2021}, Lil Pumpkin receives the results for her first major academic exam in her life. Sounds pretty important, yes?

I thought I would feel more anxious and stressed about it, but to be honest, I'm actually feeling relatively chill haha... after all, what's done is done. All the fussing and worrying isn't going to help anything.  

Perhaps it's due to the long lull period between PSLE and the release of the results. For the past two months, we've enjoyed doing basically... nothing *grins* 

No rush to finish her homework, no pressure in going to enrichment classes, no tension in making sure she keeps to her schedules and "studies hard". 

We took it really, reeeeally easy and Lil Pumpkin's days were spent basically just lazing around watching shows, reading, playing games, going for walks, hanging with friends, and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. Pure bliss. 

Oh yes, she still went to school for fun post-PSLE activities with her school friends...

and even took up crocheting with her friend hehe. Kawaiiiii~!

We actually haven't even looked at the "Choosing your Secondary School" booklet as I figure why bother when we don't even know the results yet? Yes, it is good to plan ahead but there's no point in all the planning when there's nothing concrete to base it on. She may do worst or even better than expected... no need to worry about that just yet. 

As the release of PSLE results loomed closer, I've made extra effort in telling Lil Pumpkin we love her no matter what and not to worry about her results. It does not define her as a person nor determine how her life will turn out. If she does well and get into the school of her choice that's just fantastic, if not, we will just try harder to do better at her next major exams.

I know she has tried her best for PSLE but like I told her before, sh*t happens. Am I giving her a reason to cop out or not having faith in her ability? No, I don't reckon so. 

I'm just reassuring Lil Pumpkin that her worth is not based on her PSLE score. She is so much more than that, and means so much more to us than that 

I don't know if tomorrow will end in tears of sorrow or shouts of jubilation. What I do know is that we will take the day to spend together as a family celebrating the culmination of her primary school years and the combined effort we took to achieve Lil Pumpkin's PSLE score. 

All the best for tomorrow my little darling! 

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