Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Boy's obsessions: BAPE X Transformers

As soon as news was out about a month ago that A Bathing Ape (BAPE) was releasing an Optimus Prime toy and apparel collection in time for the next Transformers movie, the boy pre-ordered and secured a piece of that special collector's item toy. BAPE is a Japanese clothing and lifestyle brand.

It was officially released a few days ago. The toy, a BAPE X Transformers ABC Convoy, consists of a truck robot that can morph into Optimus Prime, and a trailer. Both have the distinctive BAPE camouflage pattern all over. Mind you, it is the original BAPE camouflage pattern, not the subsequent variations from the past few years.

4 different formations for the trailer.

BAPE Optimus Prime & trailer.

The boy loves the original BAPE camouflage pattern, and if it's in the form of a special collaboration with another well-known brand of another of his interest, he is happier still :) Above are 3 of his fave collaboration pieces to date. BAPE X Bearbrick toy {400%, 1st gen}, BAPE X Sinn watch {1 of 50 pcs}, and of course the latest BAPE X Transformers toy.

SG BAPE brought in the BAPE X Transformers toy too but they only had 8 pieces. And you had to queue up for it. Yes, we used to be crazy enough to line up for gentei new releases in Sanjyo, Kyoto (nearest BAPE store from where I lived) but that was during our pre-pumpkin days. Nowadays, we have a little toddler to bring along everywhere so no, ain't gonna happen haha.

The boy's been a fan of BAPE for almost a decade, even before it started to become "mainstream'. Through him, I've kinda gained some knowledge on the brand too. I'm not a fan, although I do think that the BAPE Kids collection are kawaii!! Kinda pricey though.. Don't really like to buy expensive clothes for the pumpkin when she grows out of them so fast! So all I allowed us to get for her are just things she can use again and again, despite her age and size. Like lunchboxes, bags or mufflers. Sanrio has a regular collection of Baby Milo items now, and those are pretty affordable. However, I haven't seen it in Singapore yet.

We've been to most of the BAPE stores in Japan during our kokunai travels, and we're going to the 2 stores in Korea in Oct. Over the years, he's amassed a decent collection of BAPE things, although he's slowed down a lot now. Especially since the little pumpkin arrived. Our attention and money are concentrated on her.

But also, I think it is important that we do not lose sight of our own individuality and things that really interest us. That's why I don't mind that the boy spends a little me-time too going to the gym, having hobbies, meeting his mates etc. If being a parent is all that matters now {I'm talking about the extreme parents who keep their hawk eye on their kids every min of the day}, what happens when our kids grow up and fly the coop? We will be suddenly caught off-guard and have a hole in our life where our kids used to be. Must not forget who we are as a person first :)

Maybe one day I will do an inventory of the BAPE stuff the boy has. It will take some time though heh

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