Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tips from a Busy Working Mama | 5 Office Fashion Must-Haves

I've been working for about 4 years and I love observing what other ladies wear in the office. Lunch times are my favourite when I can just sit there, sip on my bubble tea and people watch. I think that there's actually a few fashion pieces that should be in every working lady's wardrobe and here are 5 of my office must-haves. Of course, you can give it your own style and personality to suit your individuality.

1. Jackets {blazers or cardigans}
Basically, something that you can throw on to make your outfit seem more formal during the day, and take off after-hours for a fun look. You don't need to go for boring black jackets, but maybe try something cropped {like a bolero} or chic nautical stripes. Keep a formal one in the office for those impromptu business meetings with big bosses and clients.

2. Knee length skirts
Really, I don't care what Ally McBeal says but mini skirts don't belong in the office, unless you work in a bar. If you don't like skirts, you can always go for tapered pants.

3. Flat shoes
Sure, high heels can instantly dress-up an outfit, but seriously, can your feet take the beating 5 days a week? You might be at your desk a lot, but remember to factor in meetings, site visits, lunch hours, walking around the office etc. Flat doesn't mean lazy and there are a lot of comfortable, pretty flats out there to match all types of office wear. However, make sure you get properly soled flats with arch support. I prefer to invest in quality leather flats that are stylish, yet comfortable and last a long time.

4. Statement pieces
 Like a stylish watch, or a vintage brooch, or a bright quilted handbag, or that simple silver cuff bracelet... have statement pieces that will make your officewear pop. You don't need many; remember quality over quantity.

5. Little black dresses
To digress a little, funerals in Singapore are not quite informal. As long as you wear mourning colours like white, black or blue... you are set. In Japan however, you are expected to dress formally in suits or dresses {if you aren't in the funeral kimonos}. I bought my first black working dress in Japan when I started work just in case I needed to attend a funeral. Not joking. Black dresses are easy to wear, and style with different accessories. Choose those with interesting cuts, details and texture.

What office fashion must-haves do you recommend?

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