Friday, June 29, 2012

He Writes: Reflections of Fatherhood

So last week Lil Pumpkin's preschool re-opened from the closure due to high cases of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease {HFMD} there and they DID do something for the daddies for Father's Day!! Lil Pumpkin came back with a handmade bookmark for her daddy.... aww the boy was so delighted :)

On Father's Day itself a few weeks back, I asked him about his thoughts on fatherhood. Instinctively, he said that fathers were unappreciated :( Ok, that wasn't exactly the answer I was expecting. Isn't it amazing, fulfilling, a dream come true??!

But come to think of it, he is correct. Dads take a lot of crap too. I know a lot of mums feel unappreciated because we seem to work 24/7, whether at the office or home {seriously there is no such thing as a non-working mother!!}, but even dads that do their part take the brunt of our frustration as well. If they do something good, it's expected. If you don't do something well, all hell breaks loose because of the stress mums handle from kids and chores. And now we have to clean up the mess from our husbands too. Sounds familiar??

But however hard parenting is to a mum or dad, I wanted the boy to dig deeper. This is what he wrote about fatherhood.
  1. It feels like Inferno mode Diablo 3 {for gaming dads only...}
  2. It unleashes latent potentials that you never knew existed. I CAN multi-task. Sorta.
  3. We are both mediators and negotiators during arguments with the kids. Though, not very good at either.
  4. Had a bad day? No worries, just thinking of my little one makes everything fine again :)
  5. I'm probably not alone in this one, but tucking the kid in bed is a great excuse for leaving a party early!
  6. Embarrassed is not in my vocab anymore. I'm not shy to do silly things with my girl.
  7. I can take more shit than before... good training to deal with difficult customers.
  8. Now it's no longer about the dog eating my homework. Something happened? Blame it on my girl :P
  9. What learning curve? It's like Mt Everest with zero experience on the first day!
  10. It's not that I gave in. I just love my girl a lot #disciplinefail
Have you asked your hubbies or fathers about their thoughts on fatherhood before?

Read the other things my hubby wrote.


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Yvette Bowyer said...

oh beautiful card!! :)

Husband doesn't talk much about 'being a father'.. though I think he is happy he has 2 children and a pigeon pair :) One of each :)

He is a dotting daddy and loves his children so much!!

Hope you are doing ok :) xx

Grace said...

Mr Surfer doesn't need to say much, it's all in his actions and his amazing parenting skills.
Like all dad's he gets tired, frustrated. But the love is palpable. He has an amazing connection with his little boys.

Stacy said...

Your hubby is such a dear. :) Mine would absolutely refuse to dig deep like that.

Penny said...

Nawwww Point ten is so darn adorable. What a lovely Daddy!

How good of you to listen to him and let him express his feelings. Us mummies need to do that more often. You've inspired me to ask hubby his thought on kids. Great post honey!

Evelyn said...

I asked my hubby to think about his role as a dad too, on Father's day! :)


Theresa Mahoney said...

What a sweet little bookmark! I bet your hubby will use it quite often!

And I totally appreciate his sense of humor! Especially #7. Customers are no match for us after putting up with the crap our kids fling at us daily! LOL