Thursday, May 30, 2013

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 | How to Vote in Main & Special Categories #OMYSBA2013

Well, if you haven't heard yet, the Singapore Blog Awards {SBA} is here again. I'm extremely thankful {to say the least} that we are one of the Top 10 Finalists again in the Best Family Blog category, and for the first time in the Best Cooking Blog category.

Just to give you some background, the SBA is a very prestigious annual blog awards organised by, a bilingual news & interactive web portal by Singapore Press Holdings {SPH}. It honours bloggers who devote much time and energy to regularly maintain informative and interesting blogs. There are many different categories to enter in like Family, Lifestyle, Food, Fashion etc.

Being part of SBA 2012 was a blessing in helping me connect more with other bloggers, and letting my blog to grow further. It meant more opportunities for my family to take part in amazing experiences, explore new places and share our memories with my friends and readers. It was also a wonderful encouragement to keep on going, knowing that others appreciate what I share here.

This year, it is again such an honour to be among the other finalists. After starting Sakura Haruka for about 2 years and attending more blog events, I know most of them personally, and they are really great people both on, and off their blogs. We may not all have the same parenting styles and philosophies, but we all agree on one thing - to be the best parents we can to our kids.

Sakura Haruka shares insights and ideas about parenting and lifestyle in Singapore. I hope to show that individuality does not end after motherhood, and we can still continue our passions in a family setting. Passions such as travel, photography, fashion and yes... food. To me, an important part of family life is spending time in the warmth of your home and forming memories over meals at the family table, so I like to encourage my readers to do the same, and that's why I'm happy to be recognised as a finalist in both categories.

My blog is the true story of a mother trying to impart this beautiful love for life to her daughter. If you appreciate this value, you are welcome to stay with us on our journey and support by voting.


Initially I didn't really think this was necessary, but I received some questions on how to vote on the SBA website. I then realised that it might be confusing to those who don't blog, or usually take part in online competitions so here's a really simple dummy guide to voting for us in the main and special category that redirects you to Panasonic Singapore's Facebook Page {sponsor for that category}.Oh, you stand to win prizes too by voting!

How to Vote in Main Categories - E.g Family

1. Go to the Best Family Blog category page.

2. Click on the our photo {Ai Sakura, Sakura Haruka}

3. Create a new account {if you haven't} by filling out the fields like so. All are mandatory, and non-Singaporeans can vote too!! You'll receive an email to confirm your account, so check your email inbox {or spam folder}. Don't worry, you'll only need to register the first time you vote.

4. A pop-up box will confirm your voting choice. Click "Yes".

5. A blue "Voted" box should appear over our photo. Only after you see this is your vote confirmed.

6. Come back every day to show support! You can vote once a day, per category.

How to Vote in Special Categories - E.g. Cooking

1. Go to the Best Cooking Blog category page.

2.  Click on the collage of bloggers photos. This will lead you to Panasonic Singapore Facebook Page's Vote & Win app.

3. Follow the instructions to "Like" that page to continue.

4. Create a new account {if you haven't} by filling out the fields like so. All are mandatory, and only Singaporeans can vote. You only need to register the first time you vote.

5. Click on the "Vote" button for our photo {Ai Sakura, Sakura Haruka}

6. The number of votes should increase by 1, and the box will change to "Voted". Only after you see this is your vote confirmed.

7. Share your vote on Facebook to garner more support! :)

8. Click on the Vote and Win app tab in the left-hand column of your FB account to enter again every day! You can vote once a day, per catergory.

Much appreciation for your support in the SBA, but most importantly, thank you for reading Sakura Haruka and joining us on our life journeys. 

Update: Thanks so much once again! We won the Best Family Blog 2013 award!



Lam Chun See said...

You have my support. 加油!

Caroline L. said...

I'll be supporting you too!

Ai Sakura said...

Thanks Chun See and Caroline :)