Friday, September 6, 2013

Bub & Me: Teacher's Day 2013 | DIY Washi Tape Notebooks

Today is Teacher's Day in Singapore and we actually prepared these handmade gifts for Lil Pumpkin's teachers waaaaaay before haha. I knew I was going to be very busy in August so we crafted these DIY Washi Tape Notebooks back in July :P

Although all gifts are meaningful gifts, I thought giving them something they could use daily was more practical than say, tidbits {which I wasn't sure they would eat} or plants {which required more "work" for them}. Last year, we gave her teachers DIY Hand-stamped Tote Bags. This project took a little more time but it's such an easy craft! Loved making it with Lil Pumpkin as we got to use my beautiful stash of washi tapes *grins*

I helped to personalise each notebook with her teachers' names {it's so hard to find white colour stamp ink!} then decorated the plain covers with small triangular pieces of washi tape cut by Lil Pumpkin and me. Lil Pumpkin then drew their 'faces" and decorated the hair with washi tapes. We taught her to write out "I love you" too ^^V

These may not be the prettiest gifts, or the most expensive, but at least they are 100% made with love and appreciation :) Hope Lil Pumpkin's teachers will enjoy using them!

Wishing all teachers a Happy Teacher's Day 2013!

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An Apel a Day said...

That is really cute! I don't know if we have Washi tape here. I've never heard of it.

oomph. said...

these are amazing gifts. teachers love personalized items, especially handmade ones. good thinking to start these early! cute idea!

Unknown said...

What a great idea Ai!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Great job Ai and Lil Pumpkin! I am really getting into Washi tape lately. I don't think it was very big here in the states until recently. Now we have all kinds popping up!

Rhianna said...

They are great gift ideas. What a beautiful thing to do. And go you for being so organised!

Ai Sakura said...

Alissa: I'm pretty sure you they are available there! Check out your local craft or stationary stores :)

oomph: yeah I'm gonna start on Xmas gifts soon heh

Stephanie: thank you!

Theresa: Great! They are such fun and oh so pretty

Ashmika said...

wow..thanks for sharing nice project for school holiday :) Loved it

Grace said...

Teacher's Day is such a great idea! I haven't caught onto the washi tape fad yet...I have a feeling I will soon, though!

mail4rosey said...

This tape has become so popular! Your gift is great. :) Teachers totally deserve appreciation and gifts made from heart area always the best.

Unknown said...

so impressed with your forward planning!

Adrine said...

I love personalising stuff too! The notebooks are so lovely :-)