Friday, June 30, 2017

New Family Market from honestbee - Daily Best Value Prices for the Household + {Promo}

Recently, honestbee has just launched a brand new store called Family Market that focuses on all your family's everyday needs.

Their products range from food, health and beauty essentials, to babycare products and household goods.

I love going grocery shopping. If grocery shopping is considered a hobby, I'd probably list it as one of mine haha.

Even when traveling overseas, I love going to the markets and grocery stores to check out what's new and available {Chicken in a Bisket is back in Singapore by the way!! woot woot}, suss out the daily deals, compare quality and prices for the things I need between different brands, and just basically amble down the aisles...

This is, of course, based on the notion that I have time to spare. For most working parents like me, time is of the essence and just spending more than 30 minutes out grocery shopping is probably considered a luxury.

It's all usually just a grab-and-go, and you probably don't want to be caught wasting time queuing to pay, hustling with the after-work/ weekend crowd or running after your kids after a hard's day of work making sure they don't wander off and knock down a display of toilet paper or something (/。\)

I guess that why most parents I know like the convenience of online grocery shopping.

You can just sit in the comfort of your home to choose the items you need from a website, click to pay and get them delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy. Easy peasy.

And now at Family Market, it makes things even easier and more streamlined for online family shopping as they have identified all the basic essentials used by families in Singapore and grouped them together into 7 simple categories under one roof - Babies, Drinks, Food Cupboard, Health & Beauty, Home, Household & Cleaning and Snacks & Sweets.

Within these categories, they stock the bestselling products with the best prices negotiated daily from their partner stores, without a mark-up. A quick comparison check I did showed that a lot of the items we use at home are about 10-30% cheaper than other online grocery stores. I know because I like to compare prices and get the best value-for-money deals haha... and it's so much easier {and faster!} when it's done online (。^‿^。)

For example, a staple at my home, Quaker Instant Oatmeal Smooth & Creamy 1kg refill, costs S$4.40 in Family Market, but S$5.10 at FairPrice online and S$4.80 at RedMart. Or even a bottle of Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash 1L costs S$9.30 in Family Mart, and S$9.75 at both FairPrice and RedMart. Prices correct as of yesterday, Thu 29 Jun 2017.

There are currently around 500 products in this new Family Mart, and they are adding new products to it daily based on market research and customer demand.

Browse through their offerings on the Family Mart website and use my promo link for extra savings! Spend a minimum of S$50 for free delivery and a concierge fee of S$3.99 applies.

Family Market is a part of honestbee, an online grocery store where you can get your shopping from different stores in one order, on the same day AND within an hour #woah

While other online stores available in Singapore can only deliver from one store or inventory, honestbee does not stockpile goods in a warehouse. Instead, their trained shoppers go to stores near you and hand pick every item when you place an order to ensure the widest possible choice of fresh, great quality items. You can even leave very specific instructions for them to follow "e.g. please ask the butcher to chop my meat & separate into 200g packs"!

I like that they have a customer service centre that's open from 9am - 10pm daily. If you want to change your 1-hour delivery time slot or have a question about your order, you can easily speak to someone about it. If your item is out-of-stock or changes need to be made to the order, they will always contact you first for your approval too.

Their partner stores include FairPrice, Emporium Shokuhin {Japanese gourmet grocer}, Le Petit Depot {French supermarket - has Carrefour value-for-money stuff!}, Jones the Grocer, Amazin' Graze, Gastronomia, The Providore and even farm-to-table wholesalers like Fresh Direct {fruits & vegetable from farms around the world} and Foodsterr {health & organic food from US & Australia}.

You'd definitely be spoilt for choice when shopping here *grins*

Promo: Use this link to sign up & get S$10 OFF S$50 at honestbee online concierge and delivery services. Valid for one month from date of your successful account activation.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for honestbee. All opinions are my own.


An Apel a Day said...

I love reviewing food things, or grocery stores. This sounds like a wonderful store. It seems like their prices are great!

Stacy said...

(Ahem) Of course you could also order groceries while in the office... just remember to look busy!

mail4rosey said...

That's awesome that they are aligning it to the customers needs so nicely. I laughed that you opened with 'loving to grocery shop.' My youngest son despises it and yesterday I asked him, 'Who hates to grocery shop?' I just can't fathom it, lol!

--andy-- said...

Family market would really save busy parents some time.
My Mrs love online shopping too, part of the fun is comparing the service/price between retailers (online and in supermarket)


Unknown said...

Grocery shopping is also one of my hobbies! Haha! I've been a Honest Bee customers and it's great to know there are even more savings now with Family Market! Is there a minimum check out price and can you bundle with the purchases from other retailers on Honest Bee?

Michelle @ The Chill Mom

Theresa Mahoney said...

It does sound like a great service. We are slowly getting these kinds of services in our area too, but I haven't used them yet. Soon, though. Very soon!

Unknown said...

Me too! I love grocery shopping! It's so therapeutic!!
Whenever I travel, I end up lugging a lot of groceries from the local super market.

Zia said...

wow nice article about online grocery