Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kids Aerial Yoga Workshop @ Trium Fitness, Aperia Mall

This June holidays, unless most school holidays, we decided to stay put in Singapore and not go traveling. Well, unless you count that one time we took a day trip into Johor Bahru, Malaysia to bring Lil Pumpkin to Angry Birds Activity Park hehe..

With no more school rush, our days lightened up a bit {although we were both still working} and we made use of our time to relax as a family, clean up our home and also explore some of our local kids' attractions and activities. For the first time, Lil Pumpkin went to Amazonia indoor playground, KidsStop at Science Centre, learnt how to do simple coding and also experienced an exciting 3-days Kids Aerial Yoga Workshop at Trium Fitness in Aperia Mall, near Lavender MRT station.

As the boy's shoulder is currently injured, he has stopped CrossFit for a while too and now concentrates more on his own strength training and yoga. Yup, he's been taking yoga classes regularly to help with his mobility and rehabilitation.

For the past 2 months or so, he's been using the GuavaPass to try out different types of yoga classes at different yoga studios. Although it's not available on GuavaPass, one class he's been going to is the Adults Aerial Yoga class at Trium Fitness.

According to Trium Fitness, Aerial Yoga is described as "suspended off the ground in Cirque Du Soleil style, students in this class will enjoy the benefits of spinal decompression, pain relief and ease in inversions among other physical benefits. Combining yoga and aerial acrobatics with the use of a silk hammock, many poses include added benefits of lengthening and anti-aging."

The boy likes the teacher & class so when he found out that the studio was hosting a workshop for the kids {7-12 years old} too, he immediately signed Lil Pumpkin up!

It was the first time Lil Pumpkin tried any type of yoga o((*^▽^*))o

During the 1.5hrs workshop, the kids were taught how to explore aerial yoga in a fun and relaxed environment. Taught by Ming, who teaches the boy during his adult Aerial Yoga class, and another lady, the workshop was also designed to increase the children's flexibility, strength, stamina, self-confidence, and coordination to promote self-discipline, concentration, and teamwork.

Parents aren't allowed inside the workshop so I can't really review how the classes went, but judging from the photos taken by Trium Fitness and from what Lil Pumpkin says, it seems very hands-on. Lil Pumpkin had a really good time & was literally feeling "uplifted" by the experience! (/^▽^)/ Each day after the workshop, she couldn't wait to tell us what she learnt haha..

And I must say that once again, I am sooooo impressed by Lil Pumpkin's boldness. She isn't scared at all of being suspended off the ground or even flipping upside down, despite not trying anything like this at all before.

I find that as we grow up, we let our past experiences and knowledge of the world limit our ability to try new things. And sometimes, the fear of the unknown or of failure cripples us so that we are afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Most children are like Lil Pumpkin, however. They are naturally curious and fearless.. and aren't afraid to push boundaries to see what they can do and achieve. Of course, fear serves a purpose; it’s a natural human emotion to warn us of possible harm – a call for us to protect ourselves. If this fearlessness is not coupled with common sense, it might prove detrimental to their well-being, but overall I think it's a good thing to be fearless {to a certain extent...}.

As her parents, I hope that we will be able to cultivate and nurture Lil Pumpkin's fearlessness to help her be bold and confident in her pursuits... to be able to to face the world head-on and make the most of every opportunity.   

I hope that if she dares to dream it, she will dare to achieve it ₊·*◟(˶╹̆ꇴ╹̆˵)◜‧*・

Anyway, the boy's going to check if Trium Fitness holds regular Kids Aerial Yoga classes or if she can join his adult class. If so, Lil Pumpkin might continue on in this and it will be a fun daddy-daughter activity for the both of them to do together ♥

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I'm not sure if they will continue to hold regular kids yoga holiday workshops in the future, but you can check their website for more information. 

Kids Aerial Yoga 3-Day Workshop
Trium Fitness, 12 Kallang Ave, Aperia Mall #03-01/02
Open 7am - 9am {Mon - Fri}, 9am - 5pm {Sat & Sun}, closed PHs
Cost: S$160/kid {includes 1 x complimentary 1hr adult yoga class}
Tel: 8782-8633

*Note: This is not a paid review or advertorial. Photos taken by Trium Fitness.


Theresa Mahoney said...

This looks like an awesome place to get kids interested in yoga! I tried taking Allison to our yoga for kids classes at our local gym and it was nowhere near as cool as this. She ended up hating it and never went back :(

Unknown said...

Wow she makes it look so effortless! I saw some adults doing aerial exercises (not sure whether it was yoga or acrobatics) but they were heaving, huffing and puffing and it looked extremely difficult and painful! I suppose kids are also lighter and perhaps it is not so strenuous. :)

Phoebe said...

Wow. This looks like a great way for kids to work out in a fun and exciting manner. It looks so easy from your photos but am sure it takes a lot more effort. Kudos to lil pumpkin


Stacy said...

She looks like she's having a blast!

I'd rather my kids have a 'kiasi' attitude. Safer la...

Michelle said...

I've always wanted to do this as an adult! It would be fun if they have parent-child aerial yoga classes!

Pooja Kawatra said...

This looks very good form of exercise for kids and I personally like doing yoga.

Unknown said...

I love doing aerial yoga myself! Was gonna bring my bubba for this but so busy at work!

Susan said...

This seriously looks fun for kids and adults. I pass by Aperia Mall every weekend and always wanted to drop by for a trial. But I bet it's a test of one's strength and flexibility.

Unknown said...

Aerial yoga looks very relaxing! I bet the kids love it.

--andy-- said...

Cirque Du Soleil style 😁, I love the description. Carefree, freedom, energy . Agree 100% with you that kids are naturally less fearful than parents, and I am always happy when they step out of their comfort box.

Cheers, Andy

An Apel a Day said...

I want to play! It looks like so much fun!

Shub said...

Yoga is a way of life and can help kids too immensely. Thanks for sharing about it with us.

Unknown said...

This looks so interesting...I think I know a young girl who would be thrilled to do this ;) Thanks for sharing!