Friday, January 24, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 | Finding Cheongsams in Singapore

You've seen Lil Pumpkin' Chinese New Year {CNY} outfits this year, now here's a sneak peek of what I'll be wearing :)

I've a love affair with cheongsams {or qipaos,  旗袍}, the traditional and stylish Chinese dress for women. Created in the 1920s Shanghai, my mother has told me that the best kind needs to be tailor-made so that it fits to your body perfectly like a glove, accentuating the beautiful curves of a woman's body. And yes, cheongsams are one of those clothes where it's best to actually have curves {thank God!} and wouldn't look good on waif supermodels like Kate Moss. Good for me because I'm chubby hahahaha

Unless you work in a Chinese restaurant, most of the time in Singapore, cheongsams are worn only for special occasions like during Chinese New Year or weddings. If I could, I'd like to wear cheongsams on a more regular basis. Find them so sexy and feminine. For the Singapore Blog Awards last year, I did a modern take on it. Since the theme was 1960s, I had a 上海滩 {Shanghai Bund} look inspired by the movie "In the Mood for Love {花樣年華}". This dress is not a cheongsam, but it kinda looks like with the length and cut :P

I've been looking for more functional cheongsams off-the-rack as getting tailor-made cheongsams can be quite expensive and not economical for daily wear. I came across these modern ones at Nichii and am rather pleased. Of course they don't fit as well as tailor-made cheongsams, but they are still well-made, chic and inexpensive. And are 100% cotton so very comfortable in our hot weather.

There was a large range of patterns but I chose these 2 to wear for CNY next week, and I don't think they would look too out-of-place for regular days either.

Love the mandarin collar and pretty knot button.

Got a pretty blue Mulberry leather clutch from London Heathrow to match this dress. So soft and actually rather roomy when you open it up...

And, I adore the latest Preita jellies from my fave shoe brand. The lace-like details of the bows are so dainty and sweet.. and available in my fave shade of red!!! Rather perfect for CNY :)

I'm still finding more contemporary, comfortable and stylish cheongsams that hopefully, won't break the wallet. If you are too, you can check out the following shops that sell cheongsams all year round, not just during CNY:

Brick-and-Mortar shops
Blum & Co - #01-73 Thomson Plaza,  #02-26B/C Tampines Mall, #02-31 Plaza Singapura
Cloth.ier - #B1-07 Tanglin Shopping Centre 19 Tanglin Road
Golden Scissor Cheongsam - #02-112 People's Park Centre
Hana - #03-23 The Arcade, 108 Towner Road Townerville
[ jí ] - #02-95 City Plaza 810 Geylang Road
Lady Xiang - #06-22 Orchard Central
Ong Shumanagan - #B1-36 Hong Leong Building 16 Raffles Quay
Mazzario - #03-06 Wheelock Place, #02-25 The Centre Point
Miz Apparels - #B2-13 Marina Bay Link Mall , #04-16/17 One Raffles Place

Tong Tong - #01-04/05 Shaw Towers
Shanghai Tang - #06-07 L3 Ngee Ann City, #01-28/29 Raffles City, #B1-12 Marina Bay Sands
The Cheongsam Shoppe - #02-19 Holland V Shopping Mall, #02-35 NEX
Yue Hwa - 70 Eu Tong Sen Street

Online shops
Cloth.ier - based in Singapore
Day Glow Vintage - based in Singapore
Happy Cheongsam - based in Singapore
Joli Pretty - based in Singapore
Our Bitsy Prints - based in Singapore
Lark & Peony - based in Singapore
Mama & Misse - based in Singapore
The Girl's Kaksh - based in Singapore
The Lady General - based in Singapore

Elegente - based in China & ships to Singapore
Sissae - based in Indonesia & ships to Singapore, pop-ups @ L2 Isetan Scotts, L2 Tangs Orchard

{Updated Jan 2018}

Do you like cheongsams? Where do you shop for them 
and what do you look out for?

*Note: This is not a sponsored or paid post. All views expressed are my own.

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An Apel a Day said...

I love the top photo! The complimentary colors are so beautiful together. It looks like you will be having a whole lot of fun!

Theresa Mahoney said...

The dress looks beautiful! And I simply adore those shoes!

Jean said...

I like the cheongsams from Dayglow Vintage and Lark and Peony. Modern and vintage fabrics, with contemporary cuts. :)

Unknown said...

So pretty Ai! Those red jellies are lovely!

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Just gorgeous Ai, you do have an eye for fashion - and you look so lovely in that photo with your hubby, not that you needed to just an observation! xx

Ai Sakura said...

Alissa: thanks! yup I'm pretty excited about CNY :)

Theresa: thank you!

Jean: Oh thanks for the tip! I'll check out Dayglow Vintage then add in the list

Steph: thank you! hope you have a good celebration too

Emily: thanks dear. have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Ooh I like the first design! Bought something very similar for K & B - will post photos when they wear it! :)

Grace said...

You know, I have a cheongsam that's in a beautiful deep purple. Haven't worn it in ages! Yours though, are spectacular!

mail4rosey said...

Shopping at Heathrow? I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not jealous... repeating it over and over so I believe it. :)

I bet it's going to be a great look!

Masshole Mommy said...

Very pretty indeed and the shoes are so cute. I love the look!!

iDreammart said...

Oh! What a pretty collection of Cheongsam you have. Love the top along with the accessory.

Prudent Mummy said...

I LOVE the second cheongsam! Such gorgeous colours! :)

Walking In May said...

Great selection indeed....and glad to see most of the online ones going from strength to strength! I can also vouch for quite a few of these online ones in terms of quality, as i have reviewed them. Looking forward to see your new Cheongsam for 2015!
May xx