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For little girls: Pediped Shoes for Healthy Foot Development + {Giveaway & Promo Code}

If you're a parent, I'm sure you've heard of Pediped Footwear, which is well-known for shoes that are specifically engineered to promote healthy foot development from baby to 8 year olds. They are officially recognised by the American Podiatric Medical Association {APMA} as being beneficial for children's growing feet.

I'm ok with Lil Pumpkin wearing slippers or sandals for short distances, but when she goes for long walks e.g. during travel, we make sure that she wears well-cushioned, "proper shoes" that support her feet comfortably for healthy foot development. Bonus if they are stylish as well :P

Lil Pumpkin in Luna Sangria Pink
Pediped has a pretty comprehensive footwear system for their shoes to suit every kid's need at every age. Since Lil Pumpkin is going to be 5 years old soon, she wears shoes from the Pediped Flex range. These are catered for kids aged 1 - 8 years old and each pair comes with cushioned arch support and a soft rubber sole which provides excellent flexibility, maximises shock resistance and promotes healthy foot development. Great for kids like Lil Pumpkin that loooooove to run and jump all over the place! 

If your kids are aged 0 - 24 months, I think Originals would be the range to look at as they feature 2 layers of soft, flexible leather soles and roomy toe-boxes so the little feet can move, grip and feel the floor while learning to walk. This is actually recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists because they allow kids to closely mimic barefoot walking. It's also made to resemble the natural shape of the feet and are very comfy for the little ones. Once they start to walk, the toddlers move on to Grip 'n' Go which include a soft rubber sole that are great for indoor and outdoor wear.

Lil Pumpkin, not surprisingly, chose this very pink pair of athletic shoes. She needed a new one as her other pair was getting a little small. Despite looking a tad bulky as athletic shoes do, it is super light! It also has a heel cushion that protects against impact and breathable mesh uppers for better airflow. Best part is... it is machine-washable! *grins* All we have to do is to simply remove all insoles and place shoes in the washing machine in cold water, on gentle cycle with regular detergent.Then, air-dry away from sunlight.

This pair, like most in the Flex range, also came with additional Flex Fit System insoles that can be inserted for a more snug fit, then removed for room as the kid's feet grows. She's actually wearing one size up as these insoles can reduce shoe size by almost half a size. Having these also mean that the life of the shoe is extended since the kids won't outgrow them as fast, which in turn means you can save a little money :P

Lil Pumpkin in Amazon Pink Adventure Sandal
She also picked out this pair of sporty sandal. For some reason, she likes to wear sandals to preschool now. Guess she finds it easier, and faster to wear and run out to play with friends! haha

Unlike most sandals we've seen, the hardy Adventure Sandal comes with protective toe caps. Everybody knows what a pain it is to knock your toes into tables or something so we love this feature! Wearing these to class also means that Lil Pumpkin wears these on most days, almost all day, and it's fantastic that these are also machine-washable so that they can be kept fresh and clean. This pair of sandals does not come with the Flex Fit System insoles though so she's wearing her current size.

Pediped sells a wide range of comfortable and trendy shoes in major retailers like Bata, Mothercare & OG. Prices start from S$64.

Promo:  For Pediped regular priced items, quote "SAKURA15" for 15% discount in Pediped Singapore online store only. Valid until 13 Apr 2014.

Just for my blog readers and friends, I have ONE Pediped Shoes of Choice to give away! From their Originals, Grip 'n' Go or Flex collections, you can pick one pair of shoes for your son or daughter. ANYTHING OF YOUR CHOICE! 1 winner will be chosen!

Giveaway Method: Random Draw

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4. Leave me a blog comment telling me your best tip for choosing kids shoes + name of your FB account that you used to like the page + email add. For those unsure of how to comment, choose "Name/URL" option then add your name and comment. If you prefer to send me your email add privately, leave a comment for the other answers then contact me at sakuraharuka {at} live {dot} com.

ONE random winner will be chosen. Just complete all 4 simple steps!

* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Ends Thursday, 3 Apr 2014 2359hrs {Singapore time} 
* Incomplete or inappropriate entries will be deemed invalid and will not be included.
* Winner will be announced by Sunday, 6 Apr 2014 on this blog post and notified via email. Winners have 3 days to reply, or the prize will be redrawn.
* Sakura Haruka is not responsible for any prizes lost, damaged or misplaced in the mail.
* Chosen items are subject to stock availability.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is Xgg Chan. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

* Disclosure: Pediped Singapore provided the shoes for review and giveaway. All other accessories belong to me. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.



Unknown said...


Thanks for awesome Giveaway..

While choosing the footwear I make sure it should be comfortable,neither be too big or too small..Must be light weight made up of breathable material...


facebook id..Ashmika Jain

Unknown said...

When comes to buying shoes, I always get a huge headache as my kids are fussy. Not comfy? They don't wear. Not nice? They reject! So the only way to get shoes for them is to bring them along. Get the best fit and they choose the design!

CuTeFlower said...

Good reviews by fellow mommies is the best tip ever!

Mabel said...

The best tip I ever got wasn't exactly something someone told me, but more of something I witness for myself.

A girl from Blake's school wore pretty flats on their school excursion and ended up with blisters all over her feet halfway through the excursion! It made me realize that it is very important to get proper shoes with good cushioning and can protect the child's feet for long walks. Looking awesome is secondary, but a definite bonus!

Another thing I look out for is the weight of the shoes. If it's going to make them plonk their feet down, it's out. It needs to be light enough for them to walk properly without feeling overly tired from the lifting of their feet+shoes while walking.

FB: Mabel

Unknown said...

Shoes must be comfortable, of the right size and best if the shoes are stylish too! Thanks for the giveaway!

Fb name: Ruby Lee
Email add:

Joanna Heng said...

Ill make sure that there is a finger space at the back after my kid wears it. This will make sure not too tight or too loose. Also shoe sole must be good material to give good support to foot sole. Material of the overall shoe must be good and comfortable and light

Facebook name cherry joanna

Irene Fock said...

I'll make sure that my boy is comfortable in the shoes and it should be lightweight. Thanks for the giveaway!

Facebook name: Irene Fock

Adeline @ GrowingwiththeTans said...

My best tip is to bring Noah along, so that I can see if the shoes can accommodate his wide feet! It's been so hard to find him shoes!
Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Ai! :)

Shirley said...

Aside from arch & heel support, I go for airy shoes and definitely must have closed toe protection.

Thanks for hosting another awesome giveaway :)

Shirley Yong
shirley@yong sg

Unknown said...

For me, the most important factor is it must be comfortable for my son, easy to put on and remove by himself. I usually get him to try on the shoe and walk a few rounds around the shop and buy a slightly bigger size so there is room for growth and thicker socks.

FB: Xgg Chan

Lu Siu Ching said...

Just like adults, I'll try to do shoe shopping in the afternoon or evening, since feet swell over the course of the day. Also I'll ensure there is 1/2 inch between the edge of the shoe toe and the edge of my child's toes.

qi qi said...

I will check the fit. Have my child try on the shoes and stand up. There should be just enough room to squeeze my pinky between my child's heel and the heel of the shoe, and a full thumb-width between the end of my child's longest toe and the front of the shoe. :)

FB Name: huiqi yap

prectitude said...

Check parental blogs for reviews n bringing my princess to choose e perfect fit that she likes n feels comfortable..

MagY said...

Bring the kid along to try and see if she can walk, run and jump comfortably!
Name: Magdalene Yeow
Email: mail2magy(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Unknown said...

I'll ask my daughter to wear the shoes to walk. The shoes must be comfortable, well-cushioned and light.
Yee Long Teo

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

Hi Ai!

I usually squeeze and bend the shoes to see if the soles are flexible or hard. Usually hard base shoes will be quite uncomfortable for children, so i would avoid that. Apart from that, i will also pull the shoes wide apart to see how stretchable it is because most of the time, we hurt our kids while wearing shoes for them cuz they are so stiff to wriggle their feet in!

Facebook name: Jacqualine Chan

tanmcjanette said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

My little girl’s feet are fleshy so I’d pick shoes with wider and roomier cut to accommodate her feet better. Other factors that I’d look into when choosing her shoes are cushioning and flexibility but I would let her choose the color so that she feels participated in the process and will be happy wearing her shoes.

FB: Plain Jane (

Arsheitha said...

When choosing a shoe for my daughter, I will always check the size and the material of the shoe.I will also make sure , we can clean the shoes regularly as I feel cleanliness is there in the way you wear your shoes too.I will surely look for a shoe that can be washable and that doesn't have too much glittering, sparkling things in it as I have known that they fade off easily when contacted with water, or when it is being washed plus, Singapore being unsure when it rain, I don't want my kid's shoe to get disfigured/faded off quickly.

Facebook name:Arsheitha Ganesan

Ser said...

I like to bring my daughter to try out the shoes before going as she has wide feet. Some shoes are too narrow on her, thus making it uncomfortable for her to walk. I put my finger into the back of her heel to allow some allowance as usually in air con places. The feet contracts a little.

Ser said...

Sorry miss out my details:
FB Name: Ace Serene
Email address:

Thank you for organizing this giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Let d child try n walk/run ard d store a bit n ask how d kid feel wif those shoes on.. too loose too tight n look at them walking in tat pair.. wld indicate if they r a pair of comfy fit :) Lorna Tan

preciouz said...

I only buy tried and tested brands like pediped and seekairun for my kids. This is especially important for first walkers so that the foundation is set right.
FB Name: jaime chan

Cherie Lim said...

Hi, my tip in choosing kid's shoes is feeling the insides with the back of my fingers to ensure that there isn't any part of the shoes that could potentially hurt the feet and checking that there is sufficient cushion for support!

FB name: Cherie Lim

Mamamie said...

Tips for me is to choose a light, spacious and comfy shoes for the children.

FB account: Amie Chen

Stacy said...

Oo love both pairs that lil pumpkin chose. Pink rules!

Carol Mei Mei said...

I make sure the shoes have wide toe bones to allow the toes to wriggle freely.

Carol Lim Mei Mei

Unknown said...

I will bring along my daughter to try up the shoes as She loves to chose her own shoes by herself and also make me easy and no stress at all.

FB: Seline Bong

CHIN OI LIN said...

awesome. hope to win

An Apel a Day said...

They are so cute!

I got Isaak Spider-Man shoes through them a year ago. It's all he wants to wear.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Lil Pumpkin looks so cute in her new pink shoes! I can't decide which pair I like better. They are both adorable!

Jingxian said...

Make sure there is enough allowance between the toe and the tip of the shoe. Their feet grow fast!


Robert Sim said...

I look for shoes with wide toe bozes and flexible soles. Preferably machine washable ones as well because i have boys, they are so active and they get their shoes dirty so easily!

Robert Sim

Meiyun said...

when it comes to choosing footwear for my girl, I would always ensure that I choose a brand which advocates on the importance and never compromises on the growth and development of my child's feet.

If the particular brand even offers Pretty & sweet designs , the would of course be an additional BONUS!! Well most importantly , it boils down to functionality and wellness because the growth of their feet would ultimately affect the entire body alignment .

Hoping to hear from you and winning a pair of useful beautiful shoe for my 3 year old :)

Email add sent privately.

Jean Goh said...

hihi Sakura haruka,

thanks for organising this event !

best tip for choosing kids shoes :
I will have my little one’s feet measured and fitted with comfortable, breathable and flexible shoes every 3 to 4 months. as shoes that do not fit properly during her childhood times can contribute to poor foot development, which may leads to bone, back and muscle problems later in life

hope I can win a pair of Pediped shoes for my lil princess who will be 18m soon !

emailed privately.

Joanne Ho said...

I will look for shoes that are light and comfortable, and get my son to try them on to ensure that they fit his feet well. The shoes must not be too hard so that he can move with ease.


Evelyn Lim said...

I will make sure the shoes have more space in front so that the toes are not squashed !

Evelyn Lim

Anonymous said...

broad front and light weight

Cynthia Lau

mail4rosey said...

My son had a pair of Pediped shoes the summer before last and we all loved them!

Susan said...

Comfort over design is my number one rule. second is to always make sure that my daughter tries them to ensure the right fit.

Christine Lim said...

Hi Ai,

Thanks for the Giveaway Promo :)

I know how uncomfortable it must be for an adult to walk with bad shoes, you suffer with blisters.

I recon that for a small kid and unable to tell what is blisters they would just walk and walk the whole day without even telling you. So I start searching for good shoes when my #1 is ready for walking shoes. I fould Pediped. Its very expensive pair of shes for little feets... but I stick with it till today for my girl.. we visited the PD and she comment we have given her very good shoes and am very please with that.

Now that my #2 is starting to walk I would also love him to have the pair of Pediped. Hopefully I get the chance to win the pair for him.


FB: Christine Lim

Anonymous said...

We buy shoes for our girls that have sufficient space for her toes to move.
Joeanne Shim

Ning said...

hi Sakuraharuka,

I had liked and shared with other, i hope it shows up on your end.

Best tip for choosing Kids' shoes, to make sure that it's slightly loose when purchasing and that your child is happy walking around in it. That's the first check.

The 2nd check is to ensure that the sole of the shoes is non-slippery and that it's wide not sharp at the front.

The last check for me is to get the colour of the shoes that is slightly off white, for some strange reason, my kids has the capability to dirty their shoes quite fast, so even though i like white, I won't buy white colour for them.

emailed separately

Angeline said...

Best tip for choosing kids shoes:
Have the child you are buying it for wear it and try walking in it. If he/ she is able to walk confidently and steadily in it and the shoes have enough allowance (not too tight), it is a good fit. Lastly, the child must like the shoes =)

Personally I feel the shoes of the shoes are very important, also the material. Sometimes investing in something a little more costly will save my child have unneccessary nicks and mishaps.

Name of FB account: angelineng.aki (Angeline Ng)

Sharon said...

best way to buy shoes is to bring them to try and jump ard in it :)

FB name: sharon manting

Unknown said...

Tip: safety of the shoes and they must be comfortable.

Fb name: Phyllis Tan

Debs G @ Owls Well said...

I like getting my kids to walk over a marble or smooth surface so that I can see how the shoe grips the ground!

Name of FB account: Deborah Gifford
Shared on Owl Fly Away
email 4owlswell at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Name of FB Account : Audrey Soo

I always pick shoes with good ventilation, wide fit, not oversized and always making sure the soles have good grip.

Thanks for this giveaway, hope to win!

CuTeFlower said...

Missed out on my details..

Facebook id : Jerelyn Tan
Email :


Gan Say Bin said...

The shoes must look nice and be functional!

Fb: Gan Say Bin

tanjboy said...

Make sure my boy puts on the shoes to ensure a comfy fit ..... making sure it isn't too big.

Thanks for this great give away ... hope to win!!

FB: Tan Jeng Beng

Ker Min said...

Ensure sufficient Cushioning, soft breatheable material, and grip on the sole. Best to bring the child along to try.

FB: Ker Min

Cª+he®iNe said...

Allow sufficient, but not too much, allowance for the child's feet.

While it's tempting to buy shoes that are much bigger, shoes that are ill-fitted cause a child to trip and develop foot problems.

FB: Catherine Ng

JingRong said...

the shoes must be soft, not too heavy for the little growing feet.
FB: JingRong Loh

Steffi Tan said...

The shoes must be comfort, good cushioning and I prefer closed toe shoes for younger toddlers.


Lilium Day said...

I look out for shoes that are comfy,1 finger space from toe to the front of shoe. The opening of the shoe where the child slip her foot in must be soft so as to prevent cuts.


Anonymous said...

Comfortable and lightweight.
Tan Choon Chai

Unknown said...

Children keeps running about, so cushioning is important. Must let them try the shoes themselves.

Anonymous said...

the shoes must fit comfortably and with some allowance for growth.
Han Choo Teo

Debra said...

I always choose shoes that are pliable and can allow children's feet to grow naturally. It's a bonus if they can be washed too. Have tried many brands but our fave is Pedipeds!

My Facebook name is Thanks, Ai!

Debra said...

Sorry forgot to leave my email add:

Thanks babe :)

SP said...

It must be comfortable and with good cushioning. Like the idea of the flex fit system insoles as their feet grows too fast.
Fb: siew pheng

Anonymous said...

Tip: Must be easy for little feet to slip in and wide enough for normal growth of their feet and flexible in material for stretch for little girls.

FB: Sim Jan

Kaye Wong said...

Hi, thanks for the giveaway :-)

When choosing the shoes for my girl, will bring her to try the shoes and ask her to walk few rounds. The shoes must also have good grip, sufficient cushioning and breathable material.

Facebook: Kaye Wong

Estella said...

Hi Ai!

I learnt from a speciality shoe shop that children's shoe should be light but have adequate cushioning to support them. For sizing, I ask Joy to tap her feet in front when wearing the shoe so that I can check if there's a bout a finger space behind. Also, I feel the insides of the shoes with my finder to see if it's likely to be comfortable. If a brand has the shoe in my size as well, i'll wear it for a feel of how it'll be like for Joy.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Estella said...

Oops! Forgot to add, my fb name is Estella Goh.

Anonymous said...

I will let my child to try both shoes on and not getting larger size of shoe. Watch them to walk and make sure that the heels don't slip out.

Facebook : Koh Jess

Nancy Cheng said...

I usually push their toes all the way in and ensure that there is about 1.5cm of space allowance at the heel. I will also get them to walk, run and jump to ensure that they are comfortable and they should be able to put on and take off the shoes by themselves easily.
FB Name: Nancy Cheng

Dian said...

Hi Thanks for the awesome giveaway =)
My girl has been wearing pediped since 11 mo.
The few important thing in choosing shoes is it must be comfortable, has arch support and lightweight.
washable is a bonus though =)
Name : Bona Dian

Unknown said...

I had motivated from a specialty shoe shop that children's shoe should be light but have adequate cushioning to support them comfortable.I had bought Pediped Shoes of Choice by using coupon from free shipping at Toms in discount prize and really have nice quality as compare to market. .My four years old baby doll feels more relaxing and comfortable with new pediped shoes now.