Friday, May 9, 2014

How to Work the Matchy-Matchy Mini-Me Fashion Trend | RazorTV Video Interview Feature

A while back RazorTV, an online television service under Singapore Press Holdings {SPH}, contacted me to talk about my experience of dressing matchy-matchy with Lil Pumpkin. Apparently it's quite the "fashion trend" for mums and kids to go matchy-matchy nowadays :P Think Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Madonna etc.

However, for us, it was never about being trendy. I love fashion but dressing in matching or coordinated outfits with Lil Pumpkin since she was a baby started because I found it real cute to have my own little mini-me haha. I'm bonding with her and relishing in the moment while she actually likes to be like me, and want to wear the same things that I do. This may change when she grows up.

In case you're wondering, the boy also likes it too and sometimes, will dress matchy-matchy with Lil Pumpkin too hahaha

It used to be a little difficult finding matchy-matchy stuff for Lil Pumpkin locally and we had to buy online or get them when we traveled overseas to places like Korea or Japan, where it seemed to be more popular there.

However, there seems to be more brick-and-mortar shops in Singapore now that "specialise" in matchy-matchy outfits for mother and child. One of them is Glitter Glam {that's already a very popular store for working ladies} and its child apparel spin-off, Mary Had A Little Lamb, which started just last year.

I met Glitter Glam's owner, Mary, while filming for RazorTV and love how she embodies Glitter Glam's vision and mission. As a working mother herself {with a cutie daughter!}, she creates clothes with strong character, excellent fit and great comfort not just for successful career women, but also for mummies who, let's face it, have one of the toughest jobs in the world, and deserve to celebrate themselves in style. Remember, there's still Me in Motherhood!

Mary Had A Little Lamb is basically a mini-sized version of Glitter Glam collection... because what's good enough for mummy, is good enough for our little girls, right? :)

Both these brands have a wide selection of dresses and tunics that's perfect for casual chic day outings, to more formal night events. Nothing too gaudy, sexy or childish for mothers and daughters, which is kind of how I like to work the matchy-matchy mini-me fashion heh.

In 2014, Mary Had A Little Lamb also released their new boy collections, so mums with sons need not fret!! :P

The 3 outfits I'm featuring in this post are what I'd wear to the playground, afternoon teas or picnics in the park with Lil Pumpkin. Or even just on my own to work. One thing that really drew me to their clothes was how good the materials were! Thick yet soft and strong enough for any tumble and play. Even after a few washes, it holds its shape very well and barely needs any ironing... which is good for lazy busy me hehe.

And oh yes, I adore the interesting prints {hello monograms & geometric patterns!} and cuts too.

Promo: Spend S$100 and receive a S$30 gift voucher at their boutique store in Harbourfront Centre. Valid until 30 June 2014. See more of our Glitter Glam x Mary Had A Little Lamb matchy-matchy dresses here.

This was the interview I did with RazorTV. Some of the tips I mentioned are,
  • to find something that's comfortable for the both of you and to suit both of your styles
  • it doesn't have to be full-on 100% matching but a matchy-matchy outfit will still work
  • look out for similar colours, accessories, patterns, cuts, trims etc.
  • check out brands with adult and kids collections for matching outfits as they tend to have both versions for the same design
  • indulge in the fun and experience! You're bound to get "looks" but don't feel embarrassed!
One thing's for sure though.. she's not just my mini-me, but the best part of me :)
What do you think about dressing matchy-matchy with your kids? Yay or Nay?      
Glitter Glam / Mary Had A Little Lamb 1 Maritime Square #02-110 Harbourfront Centre Sun - Thu: 11am - 10pm Fri & Sat: 10.30am - 10pm Tel: 6271 1153     Website:     * Also available at all Isetan Singapore stores      
Disclosure: Glitter Glam & Mary Had A Little Lamb provided the dresses for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.      


Masshole Mommy said...

You guys are too cute!! I love all your matching outfits!

Mum's calling said...

yay! I love it!

themishmashmess said...

Love love love!!! but why don't they allow us to buy online! Grrrrr

Stacy said...

Oh I don't know... After I shower and change the kids, pack snacks/ diapers/change of clothes, put the stroller in the car, bring along baby food in a heated Thermos, I only have the energy to throw on a clean T-shirt! I do love your outfits though. Esp the first set, love the colour.

Unknown said...

Totally YAY! The yellow one is so cute!

I think it'll be especially nice if they use the same print but have it in different cuts!

Off to check out the site now.

oomph. said...

too cute. i never did the matchy matchy thing with my daughter...she always had a different style than me. i used to buy her all these pretty dresses, but she only wanted to wear t-shirt, shorts, and slippers, lol!

mummybean said...

Both of you are really too cute! I only have one matching outfit with Meips and we don't even always wear it on the same day. Oops. The dresses featured are really nice!

Unknown said...

Love this! I would never even consider to dress my daughter up to look like me. I might just have to try now!

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

I totally say YAY Ai but then again you guys look great in everything you wear!

EssentiallyJess said...

Cute! I've never really done the intentional matchy thing, but often the kids will recreate my outfit with their own similar clothes. It's a bit cute :)

Grace said...

Ooooh! You 2 look adorable!! I had a few matchy matchy outfits with my mum (around Lil Pumpkin's age too!) I loved it.
And you're right: you might as well enjoy it while she wants to be like you…there definitely might be a time where she won't.

An Apel a Day said...

All the photos are so cute! I match my boys together sometimes.

Jamie said...

Wish they have it online! Love the yellow dresses :)