Friday, September 12, 2014

20 Food Ideas for Kids | from parents for parents

Lil Pumpkin is pretty adventurous with food and will always try anything at least once. It wasn't always like this though! :P I told her that if she wants to travel and explore the world with us, she has to be open to trying new tastes outside her comfort zone as what she likes to eat, may not be available. So far, she has surprised us by liking to eat frogs legs, {non-spicy} curry, turtle soup etc.!

I like to cook at home but sometimes run out of ideas. I know cooking the same food will bore her and would love to try other dishes to keep up with Lil Pumpkin's adventurous taste-buds. I wanted to hear what other parents liked to feed their kids so asked them to share with me their wisdom and experience {thank you!}. Hope you'll find it useful too, and find more cooking inspiration in 20 Food Ideas for Kids from the parents, for other parents!


1. Vegetable & meat patty. My kids don't like greens so I will cut it into small pieces, mix with meat then fry the patties for them. They super likes to eat if I cook it this way! - Mummy Celyn

2. Spaghetti bolognese is a sure win.. the kids will polish their plates in record time. - Mummy Jaime

3. My kids love pumpkin rice with prawns, Chinese sausage and green beans. - Mummy Kathy

4. The way to attract kids to love what they are eating is how we present our food. The best kids meal to me is when it comes with cartoon characters that the kids love. On top of that, we must make sure that the food does not look dull. While preparing the meals, we must make sure that the food is not cooked too hard so that the kids can chew and swallow the food easily - Daddy Teck Huat

5.  It should consist of a well-balanced diet with fish/chicken meat, some veg and some soup. Best if it can be served with pretty cutlery and plates that will attract kid - Mummy Shirley

6. Noodle soup with greens and pork slices. Its a healthy and easy to made 1 dish meal.- Mummy Serene

7. Prepare a salmon bento meal with kids and have them decorate their own food. It will be fun and at the same time healthy for them. - Daddy Eddy

8. My favourite kid's meal idea is steamed eggs! It's easy to make, nutritious and my kids love it so much!- Mummy Cherie

9. We have delicious and healthy home-style claypot chicken rice. - Mummy Diana

10. My best idea for  kids meal will be oven baked mashed potato, fish and green vegetable with cheese - Mummy Suwanti

11. Steamed red brown rice served with their favourite dishes like stir-fried baby spinach, crispy-outside-tender-inside air fried salmon, and slow steamed silky chawanmushi. - Mummy Wendy

12. ABC soup - nutritious and easy on the palate. - Mummy Grace

13. My three kids' favourite has to be oxtail stew as it has sauce, veggies and meat..a complete meal by itself. - Mummy Han Choo

14. All food groups represented to them, and an empty plate returned to me. So something like grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli, with fruit for dessert :) - Mummy Adora

15. My homecooked sweet potato & scallop porridge, with miso cod and sesame chicken! Nutritious for my kids. - Daddy Robert

16. Grilled cheese sandwiches and milk! - Mummy Dorothea

17. I love to make vegetable samosas for kids as they're chockful of healthy veges. - Mummy Jane

18. Crepes with baked apples and fresh berry sauce! - Mummy Wendy

19. Tomato omelette with cherry tomatoes and ketchup. Simple and delicious! - Mummy Peng

20. Okonomiyaki with layers of veggies, meat fused together with pancake mix and drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce. - Mummy Jovinne 

What else do you like to cook for the kids?



Stacy said...

That pic... she's dressed in pink and green and eating a pink and green slice. Is somebody going overboard on matchy-matchy, hmmm? :p

I make meals which are balanced too. No vegetarian options for now since I believe in meat protein is better for my kids as they don't eat much food. And no chilli in meals for now, sigh.

Unknown said...

My girls love pumpkin soup which is great for getting veggies into them. Now that it's cooler they will eat more fruit and yoghurt.

Masshole Mommy said...

There are so many great ideas here. My kids are so darn picky, though.

An Apel a Day said...

My kids have always been pretty good eaters. I don't have to beg them to eat their veggies. That's a great thing.

Theresa Mahoney said...

My kids are super picky. They like thinks like plain pasta and anything with peanut butter lol.

EssentiallyJess said...

My problem is that I'm the fussy one! Which my kids are learning as well which is not ideal. I need to branch out a little more.

mail4rosey said...

There's so many good ideas here! I want to try more than half of them!