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Malaysia 2014 | 12 Family-Friendly Things to Do @ Resorts World Genting {云顶马来西亚娱乐城}

We went on a short getaway to Resorts World Genting {RW Genting} last week and boy, was I amazed at how much there was to do as a family there! When people think of Genting Highlands, casinos and gambling usually come to mind but that's a common misconception. Genting is so much more than that and we did not even enter the casino once while we were there. All the family fun and food are under one roof, and 3 days was definitely too short to experience it all! We'll probably have to make a trip back haha..

It's a good thing that it's so easy to get there :P The boy isn't very confident or comfortable driving into Malaysia, so we left early morning from Golden Mile Complex in Transtar Travel's First Class Solitaire coach! It was reeeeaaaally luxurious and made the 6 hours journey there that much more comfortable.

The cocoon seat reclines almost fully at the touch of the button, and the extra space was a godsend in keeping our legs stretched and relaxed. The boy actually loaded some movies for Lil Pumpkin to watch on his tablet on the way there but it wasn't needed at all since each seat comes with an entertainment unit and screen like on the planes :) Hot beverages and meals were also served on board too. One thing though, I wished that there was a toilet on board but the boy reckons most coaches don't have that facility anymore since it's hard to upkeep. Is that true??

Anyway, the hotel people also recommended this coach travel company because they are the only one that drops passengers off just a short walk away from Resorts World Genting. Other coaches drop passengers off at the Mushroom Farm Bus Terminal, and you'll have to take a shuttle bus transfer service to the resort hotels.

If you want to take advantage of the good exchange rate too and plan a visit to Genting, here are, in no particular order, 12 Family-Friendly Must-Dos at Resorts World Genting! It doesn't matter which of the 5 hotels {Genting Grand, Maxims, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel & First World Hotel} you stay at in RW Genting, as they are all inter-connected and easy to walk to.

1. Watch a Show at Genting International Showroom
This multimedia entertainment venue is located opposite Genting Palace, Genting Grand and can sit up to 1,700 people. Family entertainment performances are held all year and while we were there, we got to watch popular Sesame Street Live - Elmo Makes Music show!

It's a lively Broadway-style musical where Elmo and friends sung Sesame Street classics like 'C Is for Cookie', 'The Alphabet Song' while trying to form their own music band. It was very entertaining and Lil Pumpkin couldn't help but sing and dance along! Ok, ok.. me too ;) I grew up watching Sesame Street and it really appealed to me too as it brought back fond childhood memories.

There are meet-and-greet sessions during the intermission, and at the end of the show with Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert and Ernie. An official photographer will take your photographer, and you can get it printed for RM35. Keep your ticket stubs if you have VIP or PS1 category tickets too, as you will get special discounts for the merchandise. We bought Lil Pumpkin an 8-piece figurine set and she hasn't stopped playing with it since we returned!

The 1.5 hours Sesame Street Live - Elmo Makes Music show is on now until 3 Jan 2015. Both Genting Rewards and CIMB bank card holders will be given exclusive discounts on the tickets. Ticket price starts from RM88 onwards and check for more upcoming events here

2. Go Behind-the-Scenes Tour
This guided tour explores a side of the resort that few has ever seen and is very educational and engaging for the kids to understand how the hotel industry works. During our tour, we had a sneak peek of the state-of-the-art sound & lighting system that Genting International Showroom used and it was truly impressive. Kinda mind-blowing as well since just the night before, we watched the Sesame Street Live show and was wondering how they did all those special effects?? heh

We also saw some of their daily operations and met with the hotel chefs to have an interactive DIY cupcake and sushi-making session. Lil Pumpkin loved this hands-on experience, and of course, eating her yummilious chocolate cupcake she made herself!

The tour costs RM20/person and is organised usually on the weekends, 2.15pm - 5pm. Reservation is recommended by email to themepark.info@rwgenting.com {at least 3 days before the tour date} or call 03-61011118 ext.55678. For walk-in guest, please sign up at First World Indoor Theme Park Wristband Tagging Counter or the registration counter at Vision City Video Games Park

3. Feast to Your Delight
There is just too much good food at RW Genting for the whole family! We feasted at every meal for the whole 3 days and surprisingly, for resort food, it really wasn't that expensive for the quantity and quality. For example, a buffet dinner of local and international delicacies at Coffee Terrace costs just RM79/adult nett and RM40/child nett for weekdays!

I'd recommend the below dishes at some of the other restaurants we tried,
  • Bubbles & Bites - Seafood Aglio Olio, Lamb Shank, T-bone Steak, Mac & Cheese
  • Resort Seafood - Butter Lobster, Hot Stone Prawns, Fried Soft Shell Crab
  • Genting Palace - Ginger Chicken, Deep-Fried Soon Hock Fish, Sweet & Sour Prawns
  • Bakery - Salmon Quiche, Fresh Butter Croissants, Tuna & Cheese Sandwich
4. Throw Snowballs at Snow World
I think coming from tropical countries like Singapore, we are really, really deprived when it comes to winter and snow :P Even though Snow World at First World Plaza isn't as big as Macau's Ice World, it is just as fun and thrilling, especially when you're racing down on the ice slide! I thought Lil Pumpkin would be too small to ride that on her own, but she was allowed to and even went on it at least 5 times haha

Featuring a winter downtown and World Heritage concept, it's pretty breath-taking especially when you look down from the castle on the third floor. You're not allowed to bring in your own camera & mobile {at -6°C, it's too cold to anyway!!} but professional photographers are around to take your pictures and you can purchase them at a fee. Don't worry about bringing any winter wear as thick jackets, gloves & boots are provided, but do wear your own socks!

Admission costs RM 30/adult and RM 25/child. Open daily until late.

5. See the Unbelievable at Ripley's Believe It or Not
While we were walking around First World Plaza to ride the attractions at the Indoor Theme Park, Lil Pumpkin noticed Ripley's Believe It or Not museum and was really captivated by some of the exhibits at the entrance!

From the outside, it doesn't look that big but once you enter, you'll see lots of one-of-a-kind exhibits collected by Ripley during his travels around the globe. It might be kinda scary for some kids {there was a section on torture tools} but Lil Pumpkin was more fascinated than freaked out :P We spent about 1 hour inside.

Admission costs RM 22/adult and RM 18/child. Open daily until 10pm.

6. Catch Toys at Vision City
Vision City at Maxims Genting has the widest variety of traditional video games, redemption machines, skilled games, and many more. The boy brought Lil Pumpkin here for about 2 hours while I had a relaxing massage at M Spa {more on that below} and they had lots of fun throwing hoops, shooting zombies, catching UFO toys and playing race cars!

Unfortunately, they didn't win any prizes but the memory of them having a fun father-daughter date together will surely last a lifetime :) It's easy to play the various games with the EZiCash card where you can just tap and pay with your prepaid credits. Open daily until late.

7. Escape from a Night at the Museum
With the upcoming Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb movie set to open in cinemas later this week on Christmas Day, Resorts World Genting made the movie magic come alive with an exciting Escape-Room kind of magical challenge right in the middle of First World Plaza. There was always a long queue outside whenever we passed by!

The aim of the game is to find the Golden Tablet of Akhmenrah in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the puzzles were too difficult for Lil Pumpkin to play, but I'm sure older kids will like the challenge and excitement of cracking hidden codes. Characters from the movie - Attila the Hun, Sacagawea and Octavius - will also be roaming Universal Walk, First World Plaza daily at 12pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.

This attraction is open now until 18 Jan 2015 only for SnowWorld ticket holders, Genting Rewards card members with 500 Rewards Points, and visitors who spend RM30 at First World Cineplex.

8. Ride the Cable Car
To really admire how high Genting Highlands is, you need to sit on the Skyway cable car! One of the longest, and fastest gondola lifts in South-east Asia {even longer than the one in we took in Hong Kong!}, we rode this relaxing and scenic ride up and down the mountain just to admire the breath-taking view of lush rainforest.

If Lil Pumpkin wasn't chattering the whole way, everything would have been so peaceful and surreal, especially with the mountain fog surrounding us :P The whole return journey took just about 25 minutes, and if we had extra time, I wouldn't mind going again!

Admission costs RM 6/pax {one-way} or RM 12/pax {return}. Opens daily 7.30am - 12 midnight daily.

9. Shop until You Drop
There are so many other things to do that surprise, surprise.. I didn't actually shop much while at Genting. However, if you do want to shop until you drop, there are over 40 retail and 25 F&B outlets at First World Plaza! You can find well-known brands like Body Shop, Diesel, Tangs, Cotton On, Adidas etc.

Look out for the opening of Genting Premium Outlets for more shopping delights in the future! 

10. Have a Relaxing Massage & Spa
The M Spa at Genting Grand provides therapeutic massages to relief the stress away from our bodies, especially after a whole day of play and running around after Lil Pumpkin. The boy and I took turns to look after her at night while having treatments at the spa. Yup, his therapist was gentle enough to handle and avoid the surgical wounds on his body. 

He had the Signature M Spa Treatment to improve blood circulation, reduce water retention and boost your lymphatic system, while I had the Balinese Massage to to relieve muscular strain, headaches and frayed nerves. So soothing and I love massages with deep, strong pressure.

Kids aren't left out as they have a Kids Spa specially created for children aged 5 - 14 years old providing treatments such as massages, facials, pedicures and manicures. See the whole range of M Spa treatments here.

Spa services start from RM 30. Open daily until 1am, and until 2pm on Fri & Sat.

11. Play at Indoor Theme Park
One of the main family attractions at Genting, the Indoor Theme Park has an open concept with rides & attractions at various places within First World Plaza, and even Maxims Genting {Safari Jeep & classic Merry-Go-Round rides}. It appeals more towards family with young children, so it's perfect for Lil Pumpkin at 5 years old.

Most of the thrill rides like the roller coasters are currently unavailable due to development works, but we rode on Rio Float {which gave a really good overview of First World Plaza from the top!}, the festive Reindeer Cruiser, Mini Train etc. Simple, fuss-free rides that young kiddos love! 

First World Indoor Theme Park 1-Day Unlimited Ride Pass is currently only available for children {below 12 year olds, height 90cm and above} at RM 30/child, while the Pay-Per-Ride Pass is RM 8/person per ride. See here for more ticket information. For kids below 112cm, an adult will have to accompany them on some rides. Open daily until late.

12. Go Wild at the World's 1st FOX Outdoors Theme Park
Ok, maybe I shouldn't include this in the list since it's not opened YET but the news is too good not to share! The reason why some of the rides at the Indoor Theme Park are closed, and the old Outdoor Theme Park demolished is because RW Genting is currently building the world's first-ever Twentieth Century Fox World.

As a family of theme park fanatics, we are really, really excited and can't wait for it to open in 2016! The new theme park will feature more than 25 {!!!} rides and attractions. Visitors to Twentieth Century Fox World will be enthralled by some of the attractions that include action, adventure, animation and sci-fi genres and incorporate spectacular special effects from top movies such as Ice Age, Rio, Night at the Museum and Alien vs Predator to name a few. Can everyone just shout "wooohoooo"!!!

Here’s a video of our fun family holiday at RW Genting! If it’s not working, watch it on my YouTube channel here. Let me know if you have anything else to add to this list! :)

* Disclosure: This is a sponsored advertorial for Resorts World Genting. All opinions are my own.


Stacy said...

Good post! So nicely researched and photographed. :)

I was there for Sesame St too but didn't bother forking out RM35 for a pic. Hmm but when I was there, it was only Elmo... might have gone for it if Cookie monster had been there as well!

Rina said...

My husband couldn't get enough doing number 12. He was like a little boy on the loose and I was just following him with a camera X_X'

I think it's time for us to revisit Genting again looking at a lot of things you featured wasn't there when we visited the place almost 6 years ago...OMG 6 years ago!!

Masshole Mommy said...

It's one of my dreams to visit that part of the world someday. There is SO much to do there.

Unknown said...

How fun! When the little one is older, I so want to do this! 2.5 years old, 6 hour bus ride.... Um, I'll need an extra strong Panadol!