Monday, March 16, 2015

Swimming without Floats!!

It's been about 5 months since Lil Pumpkin started her swim lessons. She was promoted to the next level {Starfish Level 2} with Coach Ronnie in Jan this year and is supposed to be taking her swim test for this level end of the month but since we'll be traveling, she'll miss the test this round and probably take it next month. Will ask Coach Ronnie about it.

Lil Pumpkin needs the following skills to progress to the next level-

Water Confidence:
1. Jumping entry, turning and exit
2. Object recovery shallow water
3. Side wall crawling, bobbing, front and back fall

Fitness Conditioning:
1. Flutter kicks for 5m
2. Kicking and paddling for 5m
3. Kicking and paddling, with consistent side roll and breathing on back for 10m

Motor Skills:
1. Rainbow arms coordination {Alternate arms}
2. Rainbow arms and kicking coordination
3. Cannonball dive and swim front-crawl without breathing for 5m

I've no doubt that she'll be able to pass that test, even now. Truth be told, I actually wanted to pull her out of swim classes and just teach her myself because I wasn't too happy about how her previous class was run {too much time wasted sitting on the pool ledge waiting for her turn, not much practice of new skills etc.} but I'm happy she's now in Coach Ronnie's class.

There's still about 5-6 kids in her swim class each week, but the pace is faster and Coach Ronnie takes the time to look at each kid and make sure they are doing right thing. About 1 month back, Lil Pumpkin started swimming without floats!!

I wasn't expecting it so soon but that day, Coach Ronnie told Lil Pumpkin to put away her noodles and try to swim by herself, with him guiding her, of course. She wasn't scared at all and gamely tried. So proud of our little water baby!!! *grins*

Managed to catch a video of her first few tries that day. Since then, she's been practising and is getting better week by week. If it isn't working, watch it on YouTube here.

When she has her swims with me, I try to get her to remember the smaller details like keeping her head still, closing her fingers and pointing her toes with she swims too. Right now Coach Ronnie is prob just concerned about making sure the kids can kick, float and paddle but it's these little details that will help Lil Pumpkin to swim more effectively and efficiently :)

Some friends has asked if I want to train her to be a competitive swimmer too haha. Well, I'm not thinking that far yet as it's not only tough on the child, but being the parent of a competitive swimmer {or any competitive athlete actually!} is reeeeeally hard work too :P

Not sure what I mean? Watch the video above and you'll get it. I thought this P&G commercial hit the mark pretty well. I'm very thankful to my own mum for waking up those early mornings, chauffeuring me around for school and trainings {sometimes twice a day}, cooking the most nutritious food for me, cheering me on during swim meets etc. not to mention dealing with my bad days and resentment for missing out on "fun things" because of training... all the while managing 3 kids and a home. 

We'll just play by ear for now and see how far she wants to go. If the interest deepens and if she shows good potential, I'll send her to one of my old coaches' swim schools for proper competitive swimming training :)  

More on Lil Pumpkin's swimming classes & progress:



An Apel a Day said...

Isaak was pretty good with swimming, but we took a break, and never went back. I just didn't like how it was ran. One would bump him up, and another would say he was too little to go up, and bump him down. Then he was bumped up to a level that he really wasn't ready for. I was done for awhile.

I'm glad you like where little pumpkin is heading.

Swimming is fun!

Unknown said...

So proud if Lil Pumpkin!! Such amazing progress! Your heart must be bursting with pride! Yay that you both enjoy swimming; another idea for a mum-daughter date!

That pool looks really nice btw and the coach sounds great! I think coaches make all the difference.

Madeline Heng said...

Oh I understand what you mean n the pride you feel! And yes, I really hate it when my girl spends too much time waiting for her turn and was so tempted to teach her myself too hahahah. But it is really better for them to have a proper teacher lol

Masshole Mommy said...

Way to go!! She is doing such a great job!!

Stacy said...

Then again... her mom was a competitive swimmer. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Way to go Lil Pumpkin! That's a big step!