Monday, October 19, 2015

Swim Progress: Moving on to Sailor 2!

Woahhhh the last time I updated on Lil Pumpkin's swim class was 6 months ago! Goodness. Sorry darling. Well she started on her Sailor 1 {aka SwimSafer Stage 1 class} in May and passed the test to level up to Sailor 2 in end August.

Coach Ronnie was still taking her Sailor 1 class in the beginning but about half-way through, Coach Bonn took over. I was kind of disappointed but can't help it since Coach Ronnie's more into managing the swim programs and coaching the lower levels now.

Coach Bonn is a nice guy, but kind of inexperienced. There's many glaring problems with Lil Pumpkin's strokes e.g. she turns too much on her side to breathe for freestyle, which I know Coach Ronnie would have been able to pick up and correct, but Coach Bonn hasn't been able to.

Although I try to point them out to her and get her to understand/change, if the coach isn't making sure she does it during her practice, it's very hard for her to commit and improve.

But whatever it is, she still learnt new things in her swim class like how to swim backstroke (*´∀`*)

After her last swim test, only Lil Pumpkin and one other boy in her class progressed on to the next level. Since there were not enough Sailor 2 kids to form a separate class, Sailor 1 and Sailor 2 classes combined into one under Coach Bonn.

As there are more Sailor 1 kids in the class, what Coach Bonn covered was more inclined towards their swim ability. Coach Ronnie recognised that it'd be best if Lil Pumpkin swam more with kids in her level of swim proficiency so that she can improve faster and suggested that I move her to another class. I took a while to think about it as her Saturday morning class timing suit us best, and she liked her classmates a lot.

But after seeing how she really wasn't progressing much under Coach Bonn, I decided to let her try out a new class on Sunday morning with Coach Nithiyaa.

I was a little surprised to see that her class was conducted in the deep end of the pool, but after one lesson, I was sold.

Coach Nithiyaa's class has a faster pace and is definitely more demanding, but that's what I liked and wanted for Lil Pumpkin. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows from there. I am confident that Lil Pumpkin is up for the challenge and this will push her to develop her swim skills better.

After that first lesson, I checked with Lil Pumpkin if she wanted to join this new class too and she said yes! I guess she likes to challenge herself too (๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ #thatsmygirl

So now, we have her weekly swim lesson every Sunday morning, and she especially likes the part where she gets to dive off the starting blocks haha.

This is what she'll be learning in Sailor 2 {aka SwimSafer Stage 2}:

1. Step in entry
2. Vertical sculling and treading water for 1 min
3. Recover object from shallow water
4. 15m Backstroke
5. 25m Front crawl and Breaststroke
6. 15m swim with clothes, scull and float for 1 min
7. Wear Personal Floating Device {PFD}, jump in water, swim 5m and exit from wall

I'm very proud of how far she has come since she first started her swim classes 1 year ago, and most importantly, she still enjoys her lessons. Keep up the good work darling!! ❤

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Masshole Mommy said...

Both of my boys are self taught. They just jumped in and swam one day.

Adrine said...

Wow, good job lil pumpkin!! I like the part about challenging herself. That's a wonderful spirit!

Yup, a good coach is def important. Elyssa still couldn't swim after two months of classes. (i stopped after that)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm glad she found a more challenging class. You are right, not much comes from sticking to what's comfortable. To see progress, you really need to push yourself and that's great Lil Pumpkin is willing to do that!

An Apel a Day said...

We had problems with inconsistencies with coaches at the Y to. There I was paying a monthly payment + for lessons. I'm thinking next summer I'll start the kids in lessons again, but we'll try a local pool verses a gym this time around.

Cascia Talbert said...

Congratulations to your daughter! You must be really proud. My kids took swimming lessons a few years ago, but when we moved to Chicago we learned that sports out here are too expensive, so we can't afford to sign our kids up for swimming lessons out here. Have a great week.

Vivien said...

How old was she at her first lesson?

Angie said...

Wow! She's fast!

Paula said...

Way to go Lil Pumpkin! You might be an Olympic swimmer one day :-)
Now I know what to look forward to, with regards to my children's swimming lessons. I am anticipating a slow paced lesson since I have to wait until the third one finishes his Sailor 1. I want the three of them in one class, to avoid conflict of schedules. Thank you for sharing this post :-)

Waiwai Leung said...

My firstborn just started swimming lesson. Can totally identity the happiness to see the child improving in swimming!

June said...

Good on her to accept the challenge! Well done Pumpkin!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

it reminds me of my childhood..I went to the club three times a week and enjoyed it! Most of my family members are great swimmers..and divers too :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Such a structured approach to water confidence for kids.

Unknown said...

Well done Lil Pumpkin on attaining level 2! Dana's coach is a freelance coach and he doesn't follow any syllabus...wonder whether we should switch...

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

Super great job, pumpkin!!

My hubby coaches little kids to swim too and I think one of the most amazing things is to see them from being super afraid of water to becoming a really good swimmer!

Unknown said...

So nice that your little one loves a challenge and is making gd progress in the pool! I do hope one day my boy can overcome his fears and swim well... Started him early but probably with the wrong coach. :(

~ Audrey @ SAys! Happy Mums