Monday, August 31, 2015

Bub & Me: Singapore's First DC Justice League Superheroes Run!

It seemed as if a whole galaxy of superheroes landed in Singapore yesterday at our country's first ever DC Justice League Run!!

Every other month {week??} there's a fun and exciting run happening in Singapore and it makes me so delighted to know that there's such interesting options available to get the whole family together to run and stay healthy together. Last year the boy had no qualms joining me in the meccha kawaii Hello Kitty Run last year, so even though I'm not really a comic superhero fan, I was excited to sign up with him for the DC Justice League Run too!

But I mean, who can resist dressing up as a Superhero and strutting around with some "super powers"??!

There were 5 DC Comics Superhero teams to choose from, and each runner's race kit will include a special gear based on the Superhero you want to represent {in addition to a draw-string haversack bag, race tank-top and some vouchers}.

Runners can be a part of Team Superman, taking the Last Son of Krypton to greater heights than ever, or strike fear into their competition like the Dark Knight and run for Team Batman. They can also join Diana, the Amazon Princess, and take on the run as part of Team Wonder Woman or have the willpower to complete the race and join the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps as part of Team Green Lantern. Lastly, they could also join Team Flash to perhaps end the age old debate of who is the fastest!

I'm not a particular fan of any but I wanted Superman's cape so I joined Team Superman, while the boy chose Team Green Lantern and Lil Pumpkin wanted to be in Team Flash because of the red mask hahahaha. Yeah.. she's as practical as I am (●→‿ฺ←●)

Unlike most runs we've attended where all runners receive the same event T-shirt, the complimentary race tank top of the DC Justice League Run matches the team you represent too. Very nice!!

Kids aged 3-12 receive a cute T-shirt with a picture of all the Superheroes in action and are unable to choose these tank tops.

This is the 5km race route around Sentosa island, which started near Beach Station. You can click here to see a bigger picture.

We ran around Sentosa for the first time last year for the Hello Kitty Run but this time it was soooo much more enjoyable since it wasn't raining!! Absolutely gorgeous weather to be on our State of Fun! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Flag-off time was 8am so we decided to park at Beach Station. We could get free entry into Sentosa by flashing our race bibs at the gantry {usual price S$7/car weekends} and we arrived about 6.45am.

I was quite worried that we were too late and there won't be any parking lots left!! Luckily there was about 40 lots available when we arrived. Phew!! We left about 9.45am and paid S$7 for parking.

Since we arrived early, we had time to walk the Carnival ground first and take photos with the many cool backgrounds!! Very insta-worthy hahaha. It wasn't that crowded so early before the event either so didn't have to wait long for each photo booth...

I think for our future family runs, we'd arrive earlier to check out the Carnival grounds before the runs start too since since usually, by the time we finish our runs, the Carnival grounds are extremely packed and it's so hard to take photos there!

About 7.30am we made our way to the start line. Apparently there were more than 5,000 Superhero runners at the event! I loved seeing everyone being so sporting and dressing up in their team's colours and gears. Some even went all the way out and put on costume make-up and the full body-suits!

Massive, massive crowd but everyone waited patiently for their turn. After waiting for about 30 mins, we could finally see the start line!! Heard the DJ say we were in the 3rd wave.

Yay managed to snap a quick shot with the DC Superheroes at the start line hehe (*´꒳`*)

Lil Pumpkin was raring to go and started to run as soon as the boy put her down!!

We started joining family runs when Lil Pumpkin was about 3-4 years old {our first one was at Safari Zoo Run 2013} and for us, it's not so much as competing to be the fastest, but more about having fun and spending quality time together while exercising.

We would normally bring along her stroller mainly because we don't expect her to walk/run the whole way and it would be even more tiring/ stressful if we had to carry her. Also, we have a lot of barang barang like snacks, extra water, ponchos etc. that's just more convenient to dump under her stroller and in case of inclement weather {this has happened a few times before!}, it's much easier to keep her safe and dry inside while the boy and I continue with our route since we don't mind walking/running in the rain.

However, Lil Pumpkin showed some of her own super powers and this run was the first time that Lil Pumpkin completed the 5km all by herself!! #achievementunlocked Oh my oh my!! She ran and walked all by herself without sitting in her stroller or asking to be carried even once and this race route was not an easy one for a young child. There were many uphills and turns which left even us adults huffing and puffing from exhaustion.

The boy and I are extremely proud of her tenacity and strength. It's a huge progress but I should have seen it coming though as for the past few runs, she has been walking/running more and more. Her weekly swimming classes have also probably helped develop her strength and endurance too. 

I guess this means we won't need to bring her stroller for future fun runs anymore ☆d(^U^d)

Our family tradition - taking photos with all the route markers haha...

Nearly missed the 4km marker that was on the opposite side of the road of the race route, near the second water station.

There were only 2 water stations in this run and although this is manageable, I think they should have had more, especially since it's a family fun run with so many young kids and older folks taking part. It was really hot and easy to get dehydrated. If I'm not wrong, I remember there's usually around 3-4 in a 5km fun run.

What I really enjoyed about the run though was the opportunity to see a different side of Sentosa because how often do you get to be there so early in the morning??

We also got to explore some trails that we've never been on before and discover new sights and beauty of the island. Made me feel so grateful once again to be able to live in such a peaceful, clean and breath-taking country with my family.

Finally finished our 5km Fun Run in about 1 hours time!!! Lil Pumpkin ran ahead of us so couldn't get her in this shot (^‿^✿)

Happy with our exclusive finisher's medals!! You definitely earned this one Lil Pumpkin!! #proudmama

Have a quick look at our run in this short clip! If it isn't showing properly, watch the video on my YouTube channel here.

I'm not sure if the DC Justice League Run will be back again next year, but do keep updated via the DC Justice League Run Singapore website and Facebook page. It was very well-coordinated and everything was a breeze from start to end. Hassle-free FUN for the whole family.. which is what we parents always look for, right?? :P

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An Apel a Day said...

My kids would love this set up! I bet you all had a great time! I love all the superhero cut outs.

Theresa Mahoney said...

So, I hate running. Just hate it. However, I do love superheros and would totally run this one just for the opportunity to dress up in costume hehehe!

Jiahui said...

whaahah you guys look so good even at the end of the run! :) Looks incredibly fun!

Madeline Heng said...

Wah not bad eh! Looks fun! They should have a marvel one, I'll definitely join! Hehe

oomph. said...

This is great. we had our first one here this year, but i missed it. wanted to take my son as well. congrats lil pumpkin.

May said...

I totally agree that swimming build stamina for the run. I used to represent my school for long distance and I credit it all to swimming. I love love love the tshirts and props! When I saw everyone posting pictures of this run, I wished I was there too!

Serene Seah said...

Super love all the tees and the props and three cheers for lil' Pumpkim for completing her first 5km!!

Ai Sakura said...

Alissa: Yeah it was all so super fun!

Theresa: Themed runs like this definitely makes running much more fun hahahaha

Jiahui: It was! Ya.. we didn't run the whole way so did not perspire that much :P

Madeline: There is such a thing at runDisney in the US!! But dunno if they will bring it in to Singapore haha

Oomph: thank you :)

May: My House used to make me run long distance too at our House meets because I was a swimmer :P

Serene: thank you!

Collin said...

Looks really fun.. I think more like the kids will enjoy it.. Prob when my boy is bigger will start to sign him up for all these kids run stuff.. GOOD parent child bonding free activity!!

~Summer~ said...

Well done, Lil Pumpkin!! 5km is a long distance and you were awesome to run even faster than Daddy and Mummy! Haha. I agree that it's about having fun and enjoying the process more than anything, love that they have different superheroes themes for you to choose from and it sounds awesome to be running with a crowd all dressed as in capes, masks and superheros getups! =) Glad you had a great day out, Ai! =)

Unknown said...

hahaha I think it's awesome that your hubby picked 'Green Lantern'! Most guys I know would have gone for The Batman.

Phoebe said...

Love the outfit and props.. its a pity we can't join in with the psle around the corner... Hopefully it will be hosted again .

Masshole Mommy said...

Ok, that is all kinds of cool! I want to do a run like that.

Unknown said...

I can see your weekly training regime paying off. You look so energetic at the end of the 5KM run! :) I love the Superheroes tank tops and capes too. What a fun way to bond as a family!

Cherie said...

The DC Justice League Superheroes Run looked really cool and fun! Hopefully I can join the race next year!

Stacy said...

This is such a fun idea! So where IS that red mask?

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

supeeer fun indeeed... love the costumes you guys wearing..I'll go with any super hero wearing purple hehehehe