Monday, March 7, 2016

Snoopy Run Singapore in April 2016!

So after our My Little Pony Run 2016 I wondered what other themed family runs were coming up next and I was told that hey, there's going to be a Snoopy Run Singapore next month!!

Woohoo!! Who doesn't love Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang??! They were so popular when I was growing up~ (^▽^)

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and their friends will be at the Singapore Sports Hub for Singapore’s first ever fun-filled Snoopy Run on 24 April 2016 to commemorate the 65th birthday of the Peanuts cartoon.

There will only be one 5km Fun Run that is open to everyone aged 5 years and above.

They're expecting over 10,000 participants at Snoopy Run Singapore so I guess it won't be too comfortable {or safe??} for young toddlers and babies to be in the huge crowd. I'm not sure but I'm guessing strollers are not allowed during the run too.

Anyway, all participants get a unique runner’s pack that includes A) an exclusive Snoopy Run T-shirt, B) Peanuts Gang number tag, C) a black Snoopy beagle's nose, D) Snoopy special edition postcard collection, E) Linus’ Famous Blue towel {the highlight of the kit for me haha} and F) Charlie Brown Iconic bag.

Lil Pumpkin will be so tickled to wear the black beagle nose during the race I reckon...

There's also an exclusive Snoopy finisher’s medal! How cute is this?? Would make a nice addition to our family fun run race medals collection (*^▽^)/

I read that in September 2015, Snoopy Run was held in Taiwan and it was such a hit! The participants especially loved the giant blown up Snoopy and Lucy's iconic lemonade stand that had free lemonade and I'm glad that both will be featured in Singapore's version too #yay #morephotoops

Tickets were apparently sold out within the first day in Taiwan but lucky for us, tickets are still available for Snoopy Run Singapore at an early bird price of S$58 {U.P. S$68}.

I really enjoy all these cartoon novelty runs they bring back such happy childhood memories and give us a great opportunity to get fit and exercise together as a family in a fun, care-free atmosphere. No stress or pressure.. just us getting active, exploring different parts of Singapore on foot, and going as fast or slow as we want. Also, I love all the run collectibles too haha.

This time, I'll try to "train" with Lil Pumpkin every week or so to improve her running technique and endurance. I know she has it in her to last through 5km all by her own effort {she did it for the DC Justice League Superheroes Run} but I'd love for her to learn how to do it more efficiently, and effectively! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

If you're interested to join this too, register for Snoopy Run Singapore here. Early bird promo ends on 16 Mar 2016, and registration closes on 22 Mar 2016.

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mail4rosey said...

My son was just noting he wanted to become a better, faster runner. I guess he's the slowest in his class, lol and it is driving him bonkers. ;) We're working on it. A Snoopy Run sounds fun!

Stacy said...

Wow oh wow! I would so join this.

I thought there weren't such events in KL but apparently there was a Hello Kitty one last weekend. Must keep antenna open for the next one.

An Apel a Day said...

WOW that's so much fun! I love Snoopy. I have a co-worker that likes The Peanuts a lot. She has a Snoopy thing she sets out in the front at work. I know by pressing the button on it, it's bound to annoy some of my fellow workers. Ha! What's not to love about Snoopy and Charlie Brown though?

True story: Charles Schulz applied to Disney, and got rejected. He was heart broken. He went on to make The Peanuts, and did very well for himself.

Ai Sakura said...

Mail4rosey: I think Lil Pumpkin is pretty fast but wastes a lot of energy when she does. I think she can run even faster if she knows how to do it "properly" haha

Stacy: Ya KL is such a big city! I'm sure there are such runs! :)

Alissa: Oh I didn't know that about Charles Schulz. Thanks for sharing!

Cascia Talbert said...

My kids love Charlie Brown and the Peanuts characters. That sounds like a lot of fun!

Theresa Mahoney said...

How fun is this! Who doesn't love the Peanuts Gang!? The noses look so fun, as does that medal!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Snoopy...super cute indeed and I bet it will be fun and hilarious..