Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hisashi's Summer 2016 Visit

Our dear old friends from Japan visited over the weekend. We met them for dinner at Summer Pavilion, Ritz Carlton. Food and ambience was amazing by the way (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Every year, without fail, Hisashi-san and his family will come to Singapore during the summer holidays in Japan. I know other people who have annual holidays to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia too..

I never really got why some people liked to visit the same country all the time until I realised that every year or so, we head back to Japan and Thailand as well haha. I guess we have some kind of emotional attachment and crave the familiarity of the same places. It's like "coming home".. and doesn't mean that there's nothing new to discover with each visit.

Actually with each repeat visit you're able to dig deeper into the country and discover other areas you might have missed earlier.

Anyway I remember one of the first few conversations with Hisashi-san was about him teaching his son how to bike, and of his wife complaining about the summer heat since she was pregnant with his daughter (*≧▽≦)

Now, Takahiro is 15 years old and Kaorin is 9 years old!!

Oh goodness, you really have no idea how fast time has passed by until you realise how much the kids have grown.

As we get older, a lot of times we let friendships slip by to take care of our family, our work, our social commitments etc.

In the hierarchy of relationships, friendships are at the bottom. Our partners, parents, children... all these come first. When we are pressed for time, we'd usually choose to put aside meeting with friends than skip a family gathering or work trip.

How many times have we said "let's catch up" to our friends, only for a week.. a month.. a year {or 2??} to go by without seeing each other??!

I'm so guilty as charged but really glad that despite moving back to Singapore and being so far away from each other, we've still maintained our close friendship with the Hisashi family..

Heck, he was even one of the speakers at our wedding!!

We are blessed to have them as our family friends and find it totally awesome our little ones can grow up together as firm friends too ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

Do you always travel back to the same places for holidays?
How often do you meet up with your friends?



Unknown said...

Wow, I really have to respect you for keeping such a long distance friendship so well.
The kids will definitely continue their friendship just like the parents!!

Meeningfully said...

I am one of those who pay my yearly visits to Taiwan / Thailand too, and I agree that there's just so much to explore in each country that that one or 2 weeks we spend there each time is just not enough. Each time we just find out about news things that makes us want to go back again and again!

Priscilla said...

What a sweet post! :)

It is always nice to catch up with old friends especially if they are visiting from overseas.

You are right, I am also guilty of saying 'let's catch up' and then sit on the meet up plans till someone finally initiates. When we finally meet up, we actually realise how much we have missed out in each others' lives over the months (or years!). Maintaining friendships take alot of effort, hence, I am somehow glad that i have a small circle of really close friends.

Anonymous said...

You reminded me about friendship and relationship. I often find myself setting time apart to make time for overseas friends who travel to SG. For friends in SG, seem like busy-ness is the reason why there never seem to be time left for them. Many times, my friends mentioned wanna meet but ended up cancel it. Family commitment is one reason why as well. And for travelling, my family seldom go back same country. My husband prefer to go to a new place.

Stacy said...

Good to have close friends like this!

I'm also starting to like going back to the same places. Looking forward to what I know I like adds on to the pleasure and with kids, it helps in the planning and packing.

Singapore Piano Teacher said...

It is true, most of us nowadays are so busy that we actually spend more time with colleagues and the computer than our loved ones. We need to all spend more time and cherish our loved ones more!

mail4rosey said...

It is wonderful when we get to catch up. You can really see the time flying when you look at pictures with kids, you're right. No doubt about it. :)

Young Smarties said...

Is really nice to have long distance friendship! I always keep in contact with mine too and we visit each other when free and of cos when we have the budget to travel xp

I love the connections when we actually meet just like how you did with your friends :)

Cascia Talbert said...

That is beautiful! So glad you were able to connect with your friends. I find it so difficult to maintain adult friendships, especially while my kids are still young and need more of my attention.

Shub said...

It is so nice to meet old friends in your city. True friendships like this are to be treasured for sure.

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's wonderful that you never lost touch with your dear friends. I only stay in contact with one, but it's a 20 year friendship that I think will last a lifetime. The rest I touch base with from time to time on Facebook or text messages, but rarely do we see each other face to face.

I don't explore the same place more than once usually. I want to soak in as much of the world that I can from my travels, I'd rather take in something new with this short time we have in our lives.

--andy-- said...

Always comforting to find like-minded friends, how many can we get in our life time :)

cheers, Andy

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Such a great moment to share with your loved ones, Ai. We have been meeting so many old friends from home here in NYC as well. Those dinner plates look wonderful, by the way :)

Unknown said...

This post took me by surprise. It was not about the place or the food but about friendship! How heartwarming! In these days of social media, we seldom have ‘real’ friends - ones that make attempts to meet, to share, to laugh and sometimes…to cry and support each other. A good post. Hope you can keep this unique friendship even to the kids’ generation.

Geraldine Guo said...

Must have been a great catch up for you and the kids! Yup it's true, you don't realised time pass so fast until you see how much they have grown!

anna said...

That is beautiful so glad you were able to connect with your friends

An Apel a Day said...

Those dishes at the top are so pretty!