Friday, November 4, 2016

Fitness Diary :: Halloweeen WOD @ CrossFit Mobilus

One thing I really like about CrossFit is the community. The camaraderie CrossFit instills and celebrates amongst its members is amazing. It's a very inclusive community and everyone seems to feel welcome and part of the #fitfam ( ᐛ )و

And that makes the exhilarating, challenging workouts even more fun! I love the friendly competitions and enthusiastic spirit when doing the WODs and my fave kind of WODs are when they are done in teams.

Monday was Halloween and our box asked people to come in costumes to do the workouts that day. I was super excited!!! It's easy for kids to dress up as their favourite characters whenever they like but since I came back to Singapore I haven't really had much chance to cosplay anywhere so I was happy to find back my old Japanese maid {メイドさん} costume and wear it hahahaha.

CrossFit style, of course (*^▽^*) ... had my long sports socks and Reebok nano shoes on heh.

Lil Pumpkin dressed up as Sleeping Beauty too. Her Disney Princess dress is actually reversible and there's Snow White on the other side. When I bought it in Shanghai for her last year it was actually a little big.. now it fits her perfectly.

The boy thought of dressing up to but couldn't find a wig and gave up. Ah well..

We went in for the 5.30pm session and thank goodness that we were doing deadlifts! Wooohoo!! I wouldn't want to do cleans or front squats in case it destroyed my dress hahaha. This was our partner workout:

i. 10 x banded Hip Thrusters
ii. 10 x barbell Good Morning

i. Find 1RM Deadlift for the day {13mins cap} - 205lb / 93kg
ii. 5x4 @ 80% 1RM Deadlift - 180lb / 80kg

WOD {10mins cap, RDL @ 30% 1RM Deadlift - 65lb / 29.5kg}
i. 100m row + 5 RDL
ii. 200m row + 10 RDL
iii. 300m row + 15 RDL
iv. 400m row + 20 RDL

I partnered Dephne that day.. she's strong and hit her Deadlift PR that day!!

It has been a loooooong time since I lifted heavy so I was really happy to hit my Conventional Deadlift PR too! {although I did feel bad for not listening to Superman to rest my back.. #oops}

I usually do Hybrid Deadlifts and this was the first time I did so heavy for my Conventional... in my メイドさん costume no less, yay!!

Actually not many people came in costumes which was a bit disappointing, but I still had fun nonetheless.

I think word got out too late plus maybe not many people are into it especially if they have to come in after work haha.

I hope for the Christmas holiday workout more people will dress up though!! But..whatever should I wear??! hahaha

Ever dressed up in costumes for your exercises?


hai fang said...

omg! you are too cute to be scary!

Adrine said...

Nice outfit! Sure does "spice up" the normal wo routine!

Theresa Mahoney said...

How cute and so fun they asked you to come in costume! Sure makes the workouts a little more fun!

Stacy said...

Luckily SOME people did come in costume. Otherwise you'd be feeling odd!

Unknown said...

You guys have upped your game again! Not only are you staying fit are having fun doing it and involving your daughter in it! What a great way to instil a healthy lifestyle! Kudos! What an inspiration!

coffeeandtoastmama said...

Wow your outfit is so cute! Definitely not scary. It's refreshing to see everyone working out in Halloween costumes.

Sanjeet Veen said...

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Young Smarties said...

Saw your video and I was like "OMG!!" I don't think I can even lift a single inch!
Nonetheless, love your outfit! Is too cute to miss ;)

Cascia Talbert said...

You look fantastic! Congratulations on your fitness progress. I love your Halloween costume.

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

Really too cool! It wouldn't even come to my mind to think about dressing up while working out, haha! I hope the costume isn't too stinky after that :p :p

An Apel a Day said...

How fun! I was a maid costume a long time ago. You look great!