Friday, May 11, 2018

Chic, Gender-Neutral Personalised Baby & Toddler Gifts

When I saw My Baby Gift's new gender-neutral white & black collection, I screamed with delight and immediately thought of my sister and niece #auntylovesyou

Let's be honest. Not every parent like the traditional pink or blue for their little girls/ boys because it may seem too "loud" or too stereotypical. My sister is one of them and prefers muted, cool neutrals like white and grey when shopping for my niece.

I'm usually more of a "vibrant colours" kinda person but I must admit that a neutral palette makes everything seem more stylish, chic and contemporary. Plus, when you do add bright colours as accents, it makes the colour more dramatic & pop even more!

Unfortunately though, when searching for newborn or baby gifts, a lot of them come in those colours.

Even My Baby Gift started out with personalised newborn & baby gift hampers for girls and boys in pink and blue, which we did get for Baby J {girl} and Baby R {boy} previously to welcome them to the world, but I'm glad they've added this new white & black unisex collection to their online boutique.

It will certainly appeal to parents like my sister, or even to those that wish to gift a hamper to would-be parents who do not know the gender of their kids yet!

Oh, Alissa told me that sometimes she personalises baby gifts with the family name, rather than the name of the child, so that it may be kept as a family heirloom and future siblings can use it too. I think it's a brilliant idea and would certainly work well with this classic, gender-neutral white & black collection!

Lil J isn't a newborn or a baby {although she always will be to my sister like how Lil Pumpkin is to me?! heh} but a cute little toddler coming to 3 years of age.

She will be attending preschool childcare full-time soon and I reckon that getting her some personalised gifts with her name from My Baby Gift will come in handy because of, you know, lost prevention... hahaha (⌒▽⌒ゞ

Every parent knows to label their child's personal items once they start going to school. Stick-on labels can get torn off or drop off after some time, and even permanent ink smudges or fade, but with My Baby Gift personalised items, the child's name {maximum 10 characters} is carefully embroidered on the gifts, and not just "printed" or "embossed" on as some personalised gifts are... which in turn makes them more long-lasting especially after multiple washes.

Note: The default embroidery thread colour for the gender-neutral collection is black. However, if you'd like to have the child's name embroidered in another colour, it is possible at no extra charge.  

Her specially-curated hamper came with the award-winning personalised Multi-Stars Blanket, a matching personalised Multi-Stars Pillow, a personalised Towel Bib, and another of their best seller - the Birthday Bunny with Lil J's name and birth date!

Yes, the Birthday Bunny now comes in chic white & grey as well to match the gender-neutral collection. I hope that this sweet, fluffy friend will keep my niece company and provide comfort for her in the new environment

If you remember, Lil Pumpkin has one as well and was quick to snuggle up to Lil J's bunny when I opened to check the hamper. The bright girl was also quick to point out that this new bunny's ears didn't squeak when pressed like the earlier version she has. Didn't notice until she mentioned hehe.. 

My Baby Gift personalised blankets, pillow, towels are big enough for toddlers aged 3-4 years old too!  Since Lil J usually wears long pants and socks at her childcare due to her eczema, she doesn't need a very thick blanket... but something lightweight and compact to pack in her sleeping bag daily.

The 100%  cotton Multi-Stars Blanket really is made of a beautiful quality - breathable, light and soft. Very gentle and suitable for Lil J's sensitive skin. I can see why Harper Bazaar raved about it to be super-soft and even gave it an award!

I like that the grey colour will not show dirt or stains easily too. Same goes for her pillow which has a 100% cotton cover that's easy to remove and wash.

This is the 3rd time we've gotten stuff from My Baby's Gift and as usual, I'm pleased and amazed at their fast and efficient service. Just 2 working days from order to delivery of lovely, personalised gifts! 

However, if you require next-day, same-day or weekend deliveries, that is possible too with extra charge.  They also deliver overseas via TNT and that takes about 1-2 working days. Find out more information about their personlised gifts and hampers from My Baby Gift website. Be sure to check out their sale page for a good deal!! You can use the flash promo code below for extra discounts too.

They just revamped their website to make it more user-friendly, and added new items like personalised jumpsuits, body suits with pants sets, burp cloths etc. to their shop. My Baby Gift really is one of my go-to places when I need to get something unique and memorable for family and friend's dear newborns, babies and toddlers. I just wish I knew of them while Lil Pumpkin was still a wee bub herself!! (*^▽^*)

Promo: Quote "NEWSHOP" for S$10 OFF any purchase from My Baby Gift to celebrate the launch of their new website. Valid even for sale items, until 31 May 2018 only.  


Small Kucing said...

Thanks. A personalised gift. Sure it will make the gift more memorable

Theresa Mahoney said...

These are really lovely! We don't have any new babies on the horizon, but I always love to give personalized gifts when I go to a baby shower.

An Apel a Day said...

Those baby clothes are so cute! I wish there was another baby in our family somewhere. I think my niece will be the next one to have one.

I like how a lot of their line is grey and black. Babies can't see color right away. I never understood bright colors for baby blankets and toys.

Vimal said...

Well, kids are always special and bestowing them with interesting gifts is a nice way to convey the love to them. A cute smile on their face is what everyone looks for in return.