Friday, August 17, 2018

Fitness Diary :: Strong IS Beautiful 💪

The girl on the left is me. The girl on the right is also me. When I took my latest progress pics {see results of my recent fitness challenge - lowest body fat composition so far!!}, Superman joked that I shouldn’t post the pics because my arms looked “pumped” since I just did my arms workout and no girls will want to train with him anymore because I look “too muscular” 🙄

Oh please.. Not that I think I’m very muscular {still have pouches of fat here and there!!} but if you want to get a PT and hit the gym, then you SHOULD want to pack on more muscles!! There’s a lot of misconceptions about girls who weight-train but unless you take extra “juice”, it’s really not that easy to be big like Arnie even if you lift weights and train. Not even many guys with natural testosterone can do that...

I reckon girls should gym & want to build on more lean muscle mass to offset the chances of osteoporosis later on in life, help us function more easily in our day-to-day activities, and yes, even to help create that nice “toned” appearance that many think just doing plenty of dieting/ cardio / yoga will achieve. Even if you do end up looking a little more muscular like me, so what?

I’d rather go for strong than skinny. Strong is beautiful too. Strong represents the grit, hard work & effort I’ve put into my training to be the healthiest and happiest me. Strong shows Lil Pumpkin that she can break barriers & achieve what her mind believes. Strong proves that we are not limited by any societal norms for ladies.

I can still be a little “bulkier” AND wear pretty dresses. My body doesn’t define who I am. But who I am defines my body and I’m proud of what it has achieved and will achieve.

Sure, I do get unnecessary comments {even from my dad} like "wah, your arms so big" or "careful, don't train too much or you will look like a guy" but then I also feel happy when others, even strangers, tell me how inspired or impressed they are by my fitness journey.

Anyway, stay tuned as I continue to share more on how I'm moulding my body to become what I want it to be I post slightly more on Instagram and Facebook so do follow my progress there if interested..


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An Apel a Day said...

You do look great! I'm going to start lifting weights with Mica. He's 13, so old enough for smaller weights.

An Apel a Day said...

Too muscular - I think you look great! I've seen body builder women that do have a bit too much on the muscle side for my taste, but you're body is wonderful. I think you're doing great. The ones I'm mentioning may have too much visually just because they oil themselves all over. It accents the muscles more. Great for show, but not needed for me. Ha! Oil free. LOL

Anonymous said...

Incredible quest there. What occurred after?
Take care!

Anonymous said...

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Theresa Mahoney said...

You look great! I've packed on some muscle this past year, but it's still hidden under my pockets of chub lol. I need to up my cardio to burn off the fat so we can see my muscles too.