Friday, April 6, 2012

Tips from a Busy Working Mama | 1 Watch, 5 Workwear Fashion Styles

With different types of work environment, you need various styles of workwear. Even in the same office, different occasions require you to dress differently. Workwear covers a large spectrum - corporate, business casual, casual, creative chic etc. Thankfully for us office ladies, the Casio Sheen SHE-5020D-7A watch matches all types of office-appropriate dressing! :)

Monday All-Blacks
Seriously, every girl needs that little black dress. Black dresses are easy to wear, and style with different accessories. Choose those with interesting cuts, details and texture. On a Monday morning where you still have the Monday blues, a little black dress with black opaque stockings & heels is all you need to look chic and elegant with little effort. The SHE-5020D-7A watch adds an extra sophistication to this outfit for meeting senior management or clients.

Tuesday Power Suits
If you work in a conservative corporate environment, power suits are all the rage. Personally, I prefer pants suits as it makes me seem taller and leaner ;p You can go for the "safe" colours like black, white, or gray but how about trying out patterned suits for a more fashionable, yet classy, take? I love the stripes and sheen in my brown suit that makes me stand out from the rest. Suits are still somewhat masculine, but adding an inside top with flower details gives it a feminine touch. The timeless SHE-5020D-7A fits right in the corporate world where dressing up is highly regarded to represent the company or respect the important client you are meeting.

Wednesday Colour Burst
It is mid-week and you need a burst of energy! Or maybe you work in a creative field whereby you can have more fun with colours. Just like the more monotone colours above, the SHE-5020D-7A works well with the bright colours. A dress like above is something I would wear to meet clients or to an office social event. The structured cut still makes it look formal & professional, and a classic pair of vivid red heels adds to the colour pop.

Thursday Outdoors
Some days I need to go out of the office for site visits, so I like to wear something that is easy to move about and keeps me cool. A linen shirt dress, cinched at the waist for shape, and cotton capris pants is just perfect for time outside in the hot Singapore weather. Since I will be walking a lot, I will wear comfortable footwear like flats or wedges, instead of high heels. The SHE-5020D-7A adds sparkle to an otherwise pastel business casual look, and is comfortable to wear all day outdoors too.

Friday Wind-Downs
Most workplaces have "Casual Fridays", but it really does not mean that you should go to the office in shorts & flip-flops. Personally, I don't think that you should be too casual as you are still trying to impress somebody important in the office - your boss! I like something chic like a pink blazer with a over a whimsical floral dress. Perfect for the current Spring season! The blazer instantly dresses up an outfit, and you can take it off after work for drinks with your colleagues. The versatile SHE-5020D-7A easily takes the outfit from day to night for all-day style.

Whats your current workwear style? Do you have tips for dressing in your work environment?

This post is part of my Casio Sheen Shining Journey series. You can view photos from all the shining moments here!

* Disclosure: Casio Sheen SHE-5020D-7A was provided by Casio Singapore for the blogging campaign, thanks to All other clothes & accesories belong to me. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


DancingMommy said...

You look great in all outfits, Ai. Love the Friday outfit. :)

BouncyBrittonie said...

The Monday Corporate, and the Friday Wind down outfits are my favorite!

I envy people who can wear nice big watches. I can not STAND to have any heavy weight on my wrists!

Unknown said...

Looks great with any attire! Amazes me how you can dress it up or dress it down. You really are a natural at modelling it :) Geat job so far on the Casio Blogging Campaign :)


EssentiallyJess said...

Well aren't you a little fashionista! The Many styles of Ai is far mor glamorous than the many styles of Jess!

Ai Sakura said...

DancingMommy: that's my fave too! :)

Brittonie: I know what you mean.. This watch I'm wearing is surprisingly light though. Hardly feel it's there esp with the smooth mesh strap haha

Brandi: thanks dear. Nah.. It's always fun playing dress up heh

Jess: Nawww *blushes* You are too kind!

Lou Lou said...

Wednesday colour burst! Just loved it although I'm 25 weeks pregnant and may have to forgo the vivid red heels!

Theresa Mahoney said...

You look great in all the photos. Makes me miss working and dressing up!

mf said...

The mid-week colour burst is a great idea! Something to keep in mind when I return to work...

Faythe said...

snappy dresser! I esp like Wednesday brights and Fridays soft pinks & the contrast between the too. ~Faythe @ GMT~
( I am a bit late for WW link up, allergies season fogging my brain!)

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

Love your fashion sense. Autumn is her and winter I coming so it's probably going to be pants and jackets for me with scarves for the outdoors. I will make an effort to do skirts and dresses with boots too. I just need a bit more colour!