Friday, December 28, 2012

Kids Pink Chalkboard Table + Care Tips

Lil Pumpkin loves to doodle. She doodles on walls and floors {as kids do} less now thankfully, but sometimes, she still doodles off the paper onto the table! My poor Hello Kitty table we lugged back from Korea has "suffered" from this :(

I've been thinking of making her a kids chalkboard table because I'm kind of obsessed with chalkboard paint nowadays. Even had a whole Pinterest board of ideas to prove it. Chalkboard tables are so fun for creative minds, and practical to hide any unwanted drawings or mess on the tables.

Chalkboard paint is readily available in most art supplies stores, and painting small items like jars or bottles are easy, but customising big furnitures like a chalkboard table can be quite tedious! I read that you have to sand the surfaces, prime it, then paint with a minimum of 3-4 layers. Errrrrr....

As luck would have it, Chalk'let, a new online shop specialising in chalkboards was set up recently in November and they decided to gift Lil Pumpkin a customised chalkboard table for her new room. Yay!! Even the legs are painted in pink chalkboard paint so technically, she is free to draw on the whole table!! :P

The table turned out better than I imagined it to be. The surfaces are very smooth and we all {yes, even the adults!} have tonnes of fun drawing on the table.  From drawing little towns for her dolls, to setting up a tea party, to teaching her how to count/spell or even just random doodling, it does provide hours of entertainment and learning for us. I love it!!! Wish I had one while growing up!

Chalk'let is set up by Clarence and his wife. The idea arose while he and his wife were planning to decorate their new apartment. They wanted to use chalkboard in the decor, but had trouble finding places that sold what they wanted. A problem I'm sure a lot of people face when looking for unique chalkboard items in Singapore. Chalk'let adds new items to their shops every 2 weeks, and does customisation work too.

Bespoke products, even a framed board, are made from scratch. Clarence takes great care to ensure that even the simplest products turn out well by preparing the intended chalkboard surface with protective coatings before applying the chalkboard paint, and applying a minimum of 4-6 layers of chalkboard paint on all their items. 

Do check out their website and Facebook page for the wide range of chalkboard products they sell. Their most popular items are actually message chalkboards that people use to express themselves on different occasions. They've had boyfriends use them for proposals, couples for wedding photo-booths and families for their homes.

Chalkboard Care Tips

1. It is best to prepare a new chalkboard before use. To do so, lay a new piece of chalk flat on its side and use it to rub over the entire surface of the chalkboard. Next, use a dry cloth to erase the residual chalk dust from the board. This will leave a residual layer of chalk dust which will act as a dry lubricant, preventing permanent etchings being made on the chalkboard's surface.

2. When erasing chalk markings, use a soft cloth to wipe the chalkboard surface to prevent scratching.

3. Use a damp cloth to clean the chalkboard surface regularly. This is especially important for people who are allergic or sensitive to dust. For a better cleaning effect, you could also try adding some vinegar into a bucket of warm water, and wet your cloth in it before cleaning the chalkboard surface.

4. Liquid chalk tends to be harder to clean off, especially if the markings have been on the chalkboard for a long period of time. A good way to clean liquid chalk marks off a chalkboard is to use an ammonia-based liquid cleaner {most glass surface cleaners contain ammonia}.

* Disclosure: Kids Pink Chalkboard Table was provided by Chalk'let for review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.




Stacy said...

Hmm I keep thinking about chalk dust from blackboards back at school... won't there be a lot?

Theresa Mahoney said...

That is the cutest table I have ever seen! Love the pink and black combo! I bet she is in love with her new table!

Grace said...

Great idea! The twinlets mainly use chalk outside on the driveway but I love this. Perfect for random doodling!

Chalk'let said...

Hi Stacy

Dustless chalk which is available nowadays greatly reduces chalk dust.

Even better, liquid chalk markers which are also widely available in stores, and which can be used on such surfaces, are completely dust free:)

Ai Sakura said...

Stacy: exactly what Chalklet said haha. but we do a wipedown each time after play to minimise the dust around the room

Theresa: she is! and me too ;p

Grace: Isn't it? So great for indoors when the weather is bad!