Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Days Are Long, But the Years Are Short

My sis offered to help take some photos of Lil Pumpkin to commemorate her 5th birthday. She just moved to her new home recently and has a spare room to use as a mini atelier for her painting, photography and other design work.

The boy dropped us off before he went to work on Sunday morning and we had a leisure morning having breakfast {Sara Lee chocolate cake! just like old times}, shooting some pictures, then eating a yummy brunch of eggs, bacon and sausage cooked by her dear hubby. Ahhh bliss.

My sis even made 2 beautiful backdrops to use during the shoot! One was filled with the giant paper flowers she handmade herself for her ROM ceremony, and another was a serene painting of the ocean waves. 

It was nice to take a backseat and let someone else handle and take photos of Lil Pumpkin, for once haha. She takes to instructions pretty well, but is really, really energetic and goes off the wall sometimes.. which can make it a little difficult to capture on film, especially for photographers who have not interacted with her before. At least she grew up with and listens to my sister, so didn't need much of my prompting :P

As I was sitting there watching my sis shoot Lil Pumpkin, I wondered.. really, where did my baby go? Sitting in front of me is a gorgeous little 5-year-old girl walking, talking, laughing and making up her own imaginary stories even as someone else is holding a camera in front of her face. A far cry from the wee little baby that needed me every second of the day, and couldn't do much to help herself.

I remember her learning to catch the "butterflies" on her baby rocker, I remember how she loooved broccoli and avocado purée as her first solid food, I remember how elated we were when she started taking her first few steps {after buying her a new Hello Kitty pair of shoes heh}. She has grown so much since then.

At the end of every Sunday night, I always feel that the weekends are just too short to spend enough time with Lil Pumpkin. To watch her learn new things, and to learn new things together with her. The days are long, but the years are short. She will not stay a child forever. I'm capturing a lot of our memories on the blog but really, what I want is to be there with her more, and not only reflect back on them #workingmummyguilt

I talked to my HR lady last week and she informed me about our company's part-time working policy. Basically we have to clock either 21 or 28 hours a week.. which is about 2.5 or 3.5 work days per week. It is something I'm seriously considering, especially when Lil Pumpkin starts primary school in 1.5 years time as I want to be there to help her cope with this big milestone and our somewhat stressful education system.

Working part-time will allow me to pursue the satisfaction I get from having a career, as well as enjoy more family time. Of course, my pay and working benefits will be affected, but we can make some changes to our lifestyle to accomodate that. The boy is aware and is very encouraging. He'll probably take on more hours at the clinic if I choose to work part-time, which I'm very thankful for but also.. I'm feeling a little bad about because that would mean he has less time with Lil Pumpkin :/

Anyway, there's still time to dwell on this. If you're a full-time working mum that changed to be a part-time working mum, let me know how the transition went and how are you coping? What's your working schedule like?

P.S. Will share more of the photos from her birthday shoot soon!



Sweetday said...

Oh! It's great that your company has the option of transferring to a part time job! I do not have any experience working part time, can't really give a concrete advice. Do take time considering since it may affect your husband's working hours! I like to spend time with my family, so I can't do without any of them.

Masshole Mommy said...

I am still a stay at home mom even though technically my boys are in school all day from Sept - June. But it does go by WAY too fast.

Adrine said...

Can't wait to see the photos!

I will love it if I have a part time work option available at my current workplace. Being a SAHM will drive me half nuts and being a FTWM gives me the guilt feeling sometimes, so part time will be perfect. :-)

Unknown said...

Aww I'm always lamenting how time flies!! I still remember holding my baby in one arm (she was so tiny) and now I can't really carry her anymore. Time does fly too quickly xx

Ai Sakura said...

Sweetday: yup subject to discussion and approval from my boss first :P

Masshole Mommy: No doubt there's heaps to handle at home, whether they are in school or not!

Adrine: Yeah I think that would be a good option, although sometimes I think it would be hard to say leave work behind if the workload doesn't lessen, but the time at work does haha

Mandy: I know! Lil Pumpkin is nearly 20kg now. Getting too heavy for me to carry for long distances already!

Grace said...

The years are just too short. Your post has just proven that the challenges working Mamas face is universal. I'm sure with a bit of planning and thought, your gorgeous family will work through it x

Susan said...

Great to hear that your workplace has flexi - work arrangements. I'm also contemplating that when Sophie enters pri one because like you said their growing up too fast and I don't want to be absent from her growing up years. Can't wait to see the photos that your sister took and she's really artistic. Love that paper flower backdrop.

Kathy - yinyangmother said...

I work part-time (3 days in the office, one from home) - it's flexible but also a career compromise, but I've come to terms with that and am moving in new directions anyway. I really think the start of school is when you really want that flexibility to be able to do reading, activities, parent-help on excursions etc.

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Wow that rings true with me, long days short years. And even now I can't believe my baby boy will be 3 in September, life is such a blur. I wish I could work less, it's worth it while the kids are young. I'm sure you'll make the decision that works best for you all xx

Waiwai Leung said...

Ai, I have the same sentiment in consideration of changing a job or converting to part-time when my children go to Primary school.

Love the flowers background, looking forward to see the photos!

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

I think my comment got gobbled!! GRRR

Stacy said...

(Lil pumpkin looks just gorgeous in that first pic.)

I'd love to work part-time as well. Though if it WERE possible in my line but involving cuts in benefits, I'd probably put it off. Gotta make money to enjoy the good things in life.

Unknown said...

Wow exciting! It's a good option.

Btw your sis sure can paint!!

Unknown said...

Part-time is a great option if you can afford it. Go for it if you can.

Can't wait to see the pics!

EssentiallyJess said...

I saw that first picture of her and though 'oh wow! She is a real little girl now!' All her toddler chubbiness is disappearing!
If you can make part time work, I would go for it. We have gone without a lot for me to be at home with the kids, and I'm looking forward to going to work next year, but I'm so happy I've had this time with them. Nothing better.

Deb @ home life simplified said...

how big she has grown and into such a beauty - love the flower backdrop as well - a talented family. xx