Friday, May 29, 2015

Birthday Shopping @ Motherswork, Great World City

After Lil Pumpkin's 6th birthday party with her classmates {more on that later!}, we brought her down to Motherswork at Great World City to get her birthday present!! :)

Motherswork is a pretty well-known as a one-stop boutique for all the baby products you'd ever need - diapers, cribs, bedding, skincare, toys, clothes, accessories etc. Everything you need as a parent or parent-to-be, you can find it there.

They have one of the largest selection 7of the popular Bugaboo baby strollers! So many designs  for so many different functions, parents would be spoilt for choice with all their offerings!

They even sell the latest Vincent van Gogh collaboration piece - Almond Blossoms. Like a piece of art and really one of the prettiest baby strollers I've seen. Not just saying that because there's Sakura prints on it haha.

However,  Motherswork is more than just a babies store and offers a wide selection of products for older kids like Lil Pumpkin too.

The Moll Tables from Germany caught my eye since Lil Pumpkin is starting Primary 1 next year and probably needs a bigger, more ergonomic table than the chalk table she's currently using. It's kinda getting too small for her now :P

They are supposed to grow with the kids and allow great flexibility and variation. With the Moll Champion, one part of the desktop can be tilted and used for drawing, writing or reading – while the rest of it remains fixed in place as a practical storage surface and working space. Pretty unique!

Made from durable wood, each Moll table comes with an adjustable desktop that can be tilted just by lifting up to 18°, a book holder, a bag hook, and adjustable table legs. You can even customise the table colour {orange, red, pink, blue, green etc.}!

We had a look around the store for her birthday gift and found that there are also beautiful clothes...


Havaianas and Converse shoes..

Backpacks and bags..


Soft toys {OMG so many Jellycat plushies!!}...

Edutainment toys...

So-cute-until-I-die adorable toys (⌒▽⌒)☆ ...

And loads and loads of craft materials, books and games!

Basically everything a child needs to enjoy an active lifestyle, explore the world through books and play while cultivating a curious mind.

Actually Motherswork has stuff for mums too and I couldn't help but admire the quirky RICE home ware and accessories. Comes in melamine and my fave enamel! Such funky colours and bold patterns.. I likey.

Those lemon and watermelon designs make me think of summer pool parties! Perfect for our hot tropical climate (*^▽^*)

And these super kawaii Hello Kitty paper cups and plates are great for parties too!! Oh be still my Hello Kitty-loving heart (*^ワ^*)

Lil Pumpkin decided on getting one of the award-winning Micro Scooters that Motherswork carries. I knew that she has had her eye on a kick-scooter for quite some time already,  but I had my reservations about getting it for her when she was younger.

Firstly, safe kick-scooter riding is limited to smooth, flat surfaces like sidewalks and well-paved roads. When younger, Lil Pumpkin may not be able to manouver over bumps or cracks safely and fall over easily. Secondly, I was afraid she'd be over-reliant on one leg as she uses it for "kicking" off the ground. Thirdly, she was learning how to bike and I didn't want to rush and confuse her.

I like stores that allow kids to touch and play with toys before purchase. There used to be this stuck-up toys store in Takashimaya that didn't allow kids to touch anything. I mean, it's a kids' store!! The least you can do is to be welcoming to the little ones and provide some toy displays, rather than signs of "do not touch".

I'm sure most kids are supervised by their parents/ guardians to make sure they treat the toys with respect. Why would you expect the kids to just browse your toys {I'm talking about stuffed toys, model trains etc. not the collectible kind} and not want to try them out? As a parent, I'd like to know that my kids are interested enough in the product first or see how it works before spending money to bring it home.

Motherswork allows the customers to touch and try out their products, even scooters, before purchase and from there, I could see that Lil Pumpkin is old enough to understand how to control the scooter and learn how to use both legs to kick-off, and felt that ok, she was ready for a kick-scooter :)

Lil Pumpkin chose the pink {no surprise there!} Maxi Micro Scooter that's suitable for kids aged 6-12 years old. The T-bar is extendable to "grow" with the child and it can take up to 50kg. The boy likes that it has 3 wheels to offer better stability. 

I realised that Motherswork takes their value of selling products that have been tested for kids safety very seriously.

Obviously Lil Pumpkin wanted a pink helmet as well, but I was told by their shop assistants that although they do sell pink helmets, the latest batch was returned to the manufacturer as they found that the buckles were not up to their store's safety standard. Wow. I think for a lesser shop, they wouldn't even bother to test after the products arrived in-store and just sell them to unknowing parents!

Anyway if we wanted a pink helmet, we would have to wait for the next shipment to arrive so I convinced Lil Pumpkin to take the yellow helmet. Still pretty cute!! *(*´∀`*)☆ The store assistant even helped us to adjust the helmet to fit her head snugly.

Lil Pumpkin was so excited and happy with her gift and has been asking us to let her scoot around almost every day! She got the hang of it pretty fast and loves to zoom at the playgrounds, parks, void decks etc. Basically anywhere she can!

Happy 6th birthday Lil Pumpkin! May you always have a curious mind and enjoy zooming around to discover more of our beautiful world d=(´▽`)=b

Made a little video of our shopping experience at Motherswork. Check it out to see what else they have in-store and if the video isn't working, watch it out on my YouTube channel here.

Promo: Motherswork is celebrating their 17th anniversary with a store-wide sale {includes brands like Avent, Stokke, Musela, California Baby etc.} now until 29 June 2015. Toys are up to 20% off, bedding up to 20% off, maternity wear up to 50% off, kids apparel & shoes up to 20% off, feeding tools up to 20% off and body-care up to 30% off. 

Motherswork Singapore
#02-16, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City
Open 10am - 9pm daily
*Also available at Tanglin Mall, Marina Bay Sands and 112 Katong

* Disclosure: This is review for Motherswork Singapore. All opinions are my own.



Adeline said...

I love Motherswork! So many pretty things! Wish I can buy them ALL. Haha.

Unknown said...

What an awesome store - I could get lost in there all day long and probably end up spending a small fortune. #FYBF

Masshole Mommy said...

She picked out a cool present! What kid wouldn't love that?

An Apel a Day said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love the color she picked.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I looks so fun and colorful there! I could spend hours shopping at Motherswork and not get bored!

Ai Sakura said...

Adeline: Haha me too!

Malinda: I know what you mean :P

Alissa: Yup pink is her fave colour :)

Theresa: I agree with that!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

looks like I won't be out of the store if I were you, many great things in there :)