Friday, September 4, 2015

Bub & Me: Teacher's Day 2015 | Easy "You're Sweet & Tea-rrific!" Obentos

This year we started on Lil Pumpkin's Teacher's Day presents reaaaaaally late. Because, Life.

It has been a hectic few months for us and every weeknight after school and work, we have a fixed enrichment class or workout. Weekends are times for us to run simple errands, finish household chores, catch up on sleep and spend quality family time too.

But whatever it is, I wanted to make sure that we still take some time out of our busy schedule to put something together to show our appreciation to her teachers. Yes, it is a present not just from Lil Pumpkin, but from me as her mother too.

Giving her teachers a gift for Teacher's Day was never about trying to "bribe" them or competing with other mums to see who baked, bought or crafted the best gift. Ours may not be the most elaborate or expensive, but it is a token of our appreciation to say "Thank You" for giving their lives to help nurture her potential and mould her into a useful citizen of the world.

I can see Lil Pumpkin growing and learning so much under their tutelage, and for that I am grateful. Thank you for being the "mummy" in class for her, even though she's not your own flesh and blood. Sometimes I may not agree with your actions or the way you handle things, but I still appreciate your dedication to nurturing my child, and many others.

When giving gifts, no matter to who or for what occasion, I always think about what I would like to receive if I was that person. If it's not something that I'd personally like or use, I won't give it to others as well. That's my golden rule for gift-giving.

This is the first time we're not having handmade gifts. In the past, we've given out Rainbow Loom bracelets/ key chains, washi tape notebooks, and hand-stamped tote bags.

This year, we put together a little snack obento for her teachers filled with flavoured lozenges {soothing for their throats since they have to talk so much!} and plum tea bags {effective in overcoming fatigue, preventing food poisoning and is used as a remedy for upset stomachs} since they are so "sweet" and "tea-riffic"!!

I think most people prefer practical gifts so rather than just packing the lozenges and tea bags inside a decorative gift bag/ box, I got the teachers these kawaii mini obento boxes from Daiso instead. They can use them again for their own kids or to pack their own snacks again in the future. Actually I liked them so much I went back to get more for myself Lil Pumpkin too :)

Lil Pumpkin chose the designs for each of her teachers. On top of giving something to her preschool class teachers, she wanted to give something to her Maths enrichment class teacher too. Someone she really, really adores.

Oh, a few of you have asked me which Maths enrichment class she's attending now ever since I posted on a comparison of popular Maths Enrichment classes in Singapore. It's not a secret {and no, we are not sponsored lessons} but I want to write a proper review on her classes so will update on that later.

She also divided the individually-wrapped lozenges and tea-bags evenly and put them into the obento boxes for them.

The "thank you" cards were meant to go inside the obento boxes so are kinda small. A good size if her teachers wanted to put it inside their wallets too :P

I wanted to write "You're So Sweet & Tea-rrific!" but there was only space for "You're So Sweet!" heh. At the back of the card, Lil Pumpkin drew each of her teachers and then I laminated the cards. I love her cute drawings!!

Ta-dah! A simple diy gift that took less than an hour to put together {excluding shopping time} but still filled with so much love, respect and appreciation from us.

Lil Pumpkin is pretty pleased with the gift too, and I reminded her that the most important thing that can make a teacher happy, is to see her students working hard and making themselves into a useful person of society.

Wishing all educators a Happy Teacher's Day 2015!

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Anonymous said...

Bookmarking this so that Bubba can do something similar for her teachers next time! I just went out and bought a present for them.. But this is more meaningful.

Lady J

Masshole Mommy said...

What a nice way to celebrate Teacher's Day!! Love it.

An Apel a Day said...

They are so cute. There's an official Teachers Day in the US, but I never remember when it is. I just act on it when I get the letter from school wanting things to be donated to give them a meal. Then I give them something for Christmas. This would be a great idea for Christmas time! I could put a little gift card in there to.

mail4rosey said...

Sweet and 'tea-riffic' is a great theme for the teachers. I think these are a great idea. :)

Phoebe said...

I love those little bento boxes too. Nice ideas you have there . Too bad my older children are too shy to give presents to teachers now. Esp my boy

Theresa Mahoney said...

That is such a fantastic idea to give the teachers cool bento boxes like that! I'm swiping the idea for their Christmas gifts this year :)

Geraldine said...

If I were her teachers, I will love it too. What a thoughtful gift :)

Unknown said...

They are so tiny and cute!!

May said...

Haha I love the bento idea! I'm gonna steal it and improvise for next year. If I still remember!

Bumble Bee Mum said...

Awww... This is so SWEET! I'm like the boring mummy who asks my boy to just draw a card. I mean, not that I'm unappreciative and all, but I was once a teacher and I have never been sure what to do with all the teacher's day gifts I received. And the most practical items that I have managed to keep for years and years are cards. Period. Coz they take up the least storage space.

Small Kucing said...

That's very cute idea for Teacher's day

Stacy said...

These are cute! Very nice as a package.

Unknown said...

So nice!!! Full of efforts from Lil Pumpkin ♡


Grace said...

What great ideas! And I love the little personal cards are a cute addition x

Unknown said...

Giving a small bento box as a teachers' day gift is very apt and thoughtful. I love the handwritten card by Lil Pumpkin too! :D

Littlelambrachel said...

I like the idea of plum tea, never hear or seen satchel before. Mountain tortoise me..

Theresa Mahoney said...

What a sweet gift! Teachers feel unappreciated sometimes, I am sure any teacher would think this is a great reminder that they are valued and loved.