Friday, November 13, 2015

China 2015 | More Feiyue {飞跃} Shoe Shopping @ Culture Matters, Shanghai

Since I got my first few pairs of Feiyue {飞跃} shoes, I’ve been wearing them pretty faithfully whenever I dress casually. They are very comfortable and I like that I’d probably not see someone in the same pair of shoes as me when I go out (´⌣`ʃƪ)

When we headed back to Shanghai, one of our must-do items on our itinerary was to head down to Culture Matters to “re-stock” on our Feiyue shoes. Of course we can buy them online, and a few shops sell them in Singapore, but the prices are jacked up and the range is limited.

The ones we find locally may not be from the original Chinese makers as well, but the French versions made for overseas market under BBC International. They have rebranded & redesigned the shoes to make them more "atas", and in turn increased the prices too.

Anyway Culture Matters was still the same as I remembered it to be – small and cramped wall-to-wall with popular Chinese shoe brands like Feiyue {飞跃}, Shulong {舒龙}, Warrior {回力}.

Whoever says that men don’t like shopping has obviously not met my hubby.

He never complains about having to wait for me to finish shopping because most likely, he will be happily shopping too haha. The boy’s eyes opened up big like a greedy kid in a candy store and he had a grand time picking out all the Feiyue shoe designs that he liked. Unfortunately, they didn't have his size for all though.

He was open to trying out all the different cuts and styles but I liked the classic sneaker style best.

The saleslady told me that the factory had discontinued making the classic sneaker style in colours other than original black & white, and now just produces the new models.

Not sure how true that is {anybody can verify??} but if it was the truth, I'd be very disappointed!!

What's different between a typical classic and modern style? Well from what I see,
  1. The classic has a rubber toe cap but the modern doesn't.
  2. The modern uses a smoother, and slightly thicker canvas material.
  3. The edges of the modern's shoe openings are padded.
  4. The modern's shoe shape is slightly rounder.
  5. The modern's insole is thicker.
Feiyue was originally designed for martial arts so that's why the classics have thinner canvas {allows more ankle flexibility & foot motion} and insoles {considered desirable for running and jumping}. It's not that they are poorer made. The newer models are designed more for general / casual use so are made more comfy for longer use.
    Lil Pumpkin doesn’t share the same love for Feiyue shoes as us and barely wore the ones we bought for her previously {she prefers her Pedipeds}...

    ... but since we came all the way to the shop, we convinced her to look for one that she liked and she chose a pair of blue canvas sneakers Velcro straps.

    I was surprised she didn't choose black or red as she usually seems to prefer those colours over blue.

    We wanted them in white actually so that she could wear them for school but they didn’t have any. The kids collection for Feiyue shoes is still as limited as before.

    They have a bigger range of ready-to-sell hand-painted Feiyue shoes though! I bought a pair last time and still love love love them (◕∀◕)

    That Santa scene sure puts you in a festive mood haha.

    All hand-painted shoes are protected with an extra weather-proof coating. They cost considerably more than the average Feiyue shoes, and you can request for a customised design at least 1 week in advance.

    We spent about 1.5hours there and happily walked away with a satisfying haul (●→‿ฺ←●) Bought a few for my sisters too.

    The saleslady didn’t even bat an eye as she’s probably used to seeing foreigners come in to buy in bulk.

    I think the prices didn’t change from the last time I shopped there so Feiyue adult shoes start from RMB50 {S$11} and kids from RMB35 {S$8}. If I remember correctly the most expensive pair we spent on was RMB128 (S$28) for the boy’s high-cut sneakers.

    Seriously, where can we find such comfy, hard-wearing and stylish sneakers in Singapore at these prices?? Even Bata shoes aren’t as cheap!!

    I haven't had time to make shopping haul videos recently but you can see this one I made for my last trip to Culture Matters. Check it out to see which shoes I bought for the boy and Lil Pumpkin previously, as well as tips on shoe sizes. If the video isn't working, watch it on YouTube here.

    Culture Matters, Dongping Lu branch
    15 Dongping Lu, Xuhui district{徐汇区东平路15号}
    Nearest Metro station: Hengshan Lu {衡山路}, Exit 4
    Open daily, 11am - 9pm



    An Apel a Day said...

    I like the red shoes I see. It's my favorite color. Mica has a pair. I guess Isaak could wear them to because they wear the same size of shoes.

    Masshole Mommy said...

    I am a major sucker for shoes. Whether they are for me or my kids - I love all shoes!!

    Theresa Mahoney said...

    Those designs are all so fun! I love shoe shopping too, my my family doesn't. I always hate having to take them shopping for shoes. Can I borrow your family for my next shoe shopping adventure :P

    mail4rosey said...

    I love all the art on the shoes. And if going for a choice between the classic and the modern ones you put up side-by-side, I'd def. pick the modern. I know the toe cap is practical and useful but I like the look better w/out. :)

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    Indah Nuria Savitri said...

    that looks like great choices you have, many colors as well..and they look comfy :)

    Grace said...

    I had never heard of the Feiyue brand! I love the different styles! I can see how they would be very popular :)