Friday, September 8, 2017

Hubby's Labral Tear & Calcium Deposits Shoulder Surgery

Lil Pumpkin and I were in Hong Kong with my parents for a short getaway last weekend and on the day we touched down, the boy went into surgery to fix a suspected posterior labral tear & remove calcium deposits in his left shoulder.

There was a nagging pain in his shoulder for the past year or so and a few months ago, he went to get it checked out with a specialist. Calcium deposits showed up in his MRI scan and the specialist recommended just physiotherapy.

But after a few sessions and when the pain seemed to worsen, the specialist ran other tests and suspected a posterior labral tear, which couldn't be confirmed unless they opened his shoulder up. So, the boy opted for surgery to fix that and to remove the calcium deposits too.

Might as well get it fixed fast so that he can finally recover properly and move on from his injury. 

The boy's surgery was from about 8.30am to 10am on Wednesday, and by lunch time he was back in his room and awake, albeit a little groggy.

There a slight numbness and tingling in his left hand, which the nurses said was common and caused by the nerve block which he was given to block the surgery pain. It slowly subsided, and since he was given a loooooot of pain killers, he wasn't in much pain too, just some discomfort ( ◞・౪・)

I took leave that day as well to keep him company and Lil Pumpkin popped by with my parents after lunch to see her beloved daddy...

Oh those two lovebirds... Lil Pumpkin missed her daddy so, and he missed her lots too

My parents help to take care of Lil Pumpkin while the boy stayed over for the night to rest and recuperate. On Thursday, I had to go back to work but went down to have lunch with the boy and help him to discharge.

My strongman looks like the surgery barely affected him haha... he has to wear the sling for at least 2 weeks I think and the specialist said that recovery should take at least 2 months?

That's good, just in time for our family holiday to Japan!!! ( ᐛ )و

The boy said that his labrum tear was likely due to his time in CrossFit when he pushed himself and did lots of overhead snatches and handstands even when it hurt him.

CrossFit has a bad rep for the high amount of injuries caused. But I always think that like any other sports, if you know your limits, and you have a good foundation of the techniques and skills, you can always take care and train hard, without pushing yourself to the point of getting terribly injured.

However, the hard truth about CrossFit is that it is not always easy to just listen to your body & gut feeling, and just stop. It's hard to say "no" when everything about the community, the environment just gives you an adrenaline rush that makes you want to push harder, go further, do it faster. The camaraderie and energy in a CrossFit box is nothing short of contagious.

All you have to do is to step into one to know what I mean.

That rush and love for exercising is far from a bad thing, but the no-quit atmosphere gets problematic {maybe even dangerous} especially when every workout makes you want to push to the edge of every set, every rep, until there’s nothing left in the tank.

The boy has said a few times that he's glad that when I started training regularly, I built my foundation and techniques under good trainers and now I have Superman to monitor my progress and help me exercise through my back injury {not caused by training by the way, but because I have scoliosis and went for a major back operation when I was 15...}. Even when I was doing CrossFit on the side of my gym training, Superman would watch out for me and constantly remind me to not push beyond my limits and mind my injuries... and also chide me when I went too far #oops

If the boy had good trainers when he started weight-lifting 20 odd years ago, maybe he wouldn't have so many sports-related injuries or even go for 2 hernia operations in 2011 and 2014, and now a shoulder operation...

Anyway, I'm not dissing CrossFit as I love doing its WODs too and I still think my hubby is a knowledgeable and experienced athlete. I know that he learns and grows from his mistakes, and admire him for his never-say-die spirit.. Even when he's down from his injuries, he's still doing other forms of exercise like yoga to keep fit and active (/^▽^)/

Thank you all for your well wishes and messages of concern for my hubby. Please continue to pray for his speedy recovery and hopefully, he will not have to go for any more operations anytime soon!


An Apel a Day said...

I hope it's a good recovery. My Dad broke both of his shoulders roller skating with us once. It took forever to heal. Do tell him to take it easy. Your hospital food looks much better than our's.

Unknown said...

My Mil also had calcium deposits that hurt so much she had to get surgery this year! Apparently too much calcium is a thing! Can calsify arteries too, so I took that as a warning.

Theresa Mahoney said...

What a trooper! I hope he recovers quickly and takes it a bit easier when he's up to working out again!

mail4rosey said...

I'm glad that the surgery went well, and that he'll heal up just in time for your trip to Japan. :) Hurrah for family that sticks together and tightly as yours does, that's my favorite thing and it comes through in so many of your blog posts!

Grub n grow said...

Gd point about knowing one's limits..speedy recovery to ur hubby!!

Michelle | The Chill Mom said...

Hope he's recovering well now. My husband has hurt himself many times during gym workouts too but nothing as serious. Also, he isn't as buff, hahaha!

--andy-- said...

Quick recovery for your hubby! I am undergoing a more structured running programme for my next marathon, and I can understand why we cannot rush through our fitness improvements. And the first tip given by our coach and regulars are always "Go Slow to Go Far" (it is not a sprint).

Always a good option to have a coach to guide us along the way :)

cheers, Andy

Pooja Kawatra said...

Wish him a speedy recovery! I can feel that pain as my hubby got his back sprained and now cant use the gym for months.

Shub said...

Oh oh..But good that you took timely action and got it rectified. Take good care of him and speedy recovery wishes.

Unknown said...

Sorry for the late comment....hows the hubs now? This post is a good reminder to me not to suddenly exert myself even as I am trying to get on the fitness train again... Age catches up with us hence need to be more careful. Hope he is getting better.