Friday, November 17, 2017

Miss Nella Kids Nail Polish Party for Girly Fun!

It's school holiday time!!! *throws confetti* Lil Pumpkin's school actually ended their term one week ahead of the official MOE school calendar so she's actually been enjoying herself for the past week already haha..

Last weekend, she opened her own little "beauty salon" and bonded with her cousin, Lil J, over a sweet Nail Polish Party with Miss Nella Kids Nail Varnish for some girly fun!

Lil Pumpkin has always been a true girly-girl at heart, like her mama (⌒▽⌒)☆

Yes, sometimes she isn't your typical little lady and likes her zombies, ghouls and vampires, tumbles & rumbles in dirt and plays with "boys' toys" like swords, cars and Nerf guns, but give her the opportunity to dress up, accesorise or play with make-up, and she's happy as a lark!

But with Lil Pumpkin's eczema condition {which thankfully hasn't flared up for a while!}, we've to be really careful about what she touches or puts on her skin though.

Miss Nella brings innocent and whimsical nail painting safely to kids of all ages and is great for all those little princesses, like Lil Pumpkin, that like to emulate mummy in getting creative with their nails.

Let's not talk about adult nail polishes, but in case you didn't realise, not all children's nail polishes are safe for kids either. The toxic trio of Dibutyl Phthalate {DBP}, Toluene and Formaldehyde dominate many children's nail polishes currently on the market. Such chemicals are banned in Europe due to their links with cancer, birth defects and other illnesses but you will not find a trace of these harmful substances in Miss Nella nail polishes.

Miss Nella kids' nail polishes are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odourless, and peels off easily! It uses a water-based formula so unlike most nail polishes, it's comes off easily... which is good for kids since you don't need to use any smelly or harsh nail polish remover, and they can also play with it during term time over the weekends and not be worried about heading to school with their funky coloured nails hehe.

For Lil Pumpkin, she usually gets bored with the colours / patterns on her nails pretty fast so I'm not too sure how long they would last without actually removing them since she likes to peel them off just after a day haha. But I reckon two coats of nail polish will last maybe 3-4 days without chipping?

Miss Nella kids nail polish range comes in 23 jolly colours and includes solid and shimmer glitter shades.

Lil Pumpkin obviously likes her bling bling nail polish glitter colours the most o(≧∇≦o) and has a very decent collection of the colours, so enjoys going crazy trying out different nail-art patterns and mixing colours..I bought her some cheap but super cute nail stickers from Daiso to use too.

Isn't the packaging for each nail polish just adorable?! The bottle is small and light enough for tiny hands to handle, and the cap screws on tightly to prevent any leakages when closed properly.

The bottles are pretty full so I've to remind Lil Pumpkin not to tilt the bottles when opening them.. would be good if they had an anti-leakage system of some sort when the bottles are open.

Lil Pumpkin takes about 2 strokes to cover her nails completely. She's no pro and colours out of her fingernails most of the time, but good thing is that the nail polish peels off easily even when applied on the skin so she has no problem fixing it.
I'm rather impressed with Miss Nella nail polish pigment.. Colour goes on smooth, is true to the color in the bottle, and dries super-quick.

Miss Nella also sells a Funky Monkey Nail Dryer. Simply paint your nails, gently press the banana button and this cheeky chap will blow a stream of cool air onto your nails until they're dry!

There's feedback from other customers that the airflow output is not that good. True, the stream of cool air is really very light but like I mentioned earlier, the nail polish dries super-quick, plus kids' nails are tiny/small, so you don't really need a strong wind for the nail polish to dry.

But I think that it complements the nail polishes well and brings more life to the make-belief scenario of "being like a little grown-up putting on nail polish". It is very cute and appealing to the kids and to be honest, even I find it cute and want one for myself!

If I'm not wrong, there is not many, if any, nail dryers for kids so even if it doesn't work well, it still works good enough for kids as a toy. Parents should not have any expectation of them working like a "normal" adult nail dryer. No, it is a pretend-play toy nail dryer made for kids, and should be treated as such. 

So much joy on her face! (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎) Love this girl so much.. she worked really hard for her first-ever major exams and I'm gonna make sure that she enjoys this school holidays to the fullest!

Lil Pumpkin had fun choosing the colours and helping Lil J apply the nail polish too haha...

Lil J had a go at it herself as well!! Way to help her improve her motor skills! Although, she DID get the nail polish mostly on her hands and her Funky Monkey Nail Dryer.. instead of on her fingernails (*≧∀≦*) Good thing they are safe for her baby-soft skin and clean off easily..

As she picked up each nail polish bottle, it was really cute to hear her say the name of each colour haha.. who knew nail polishes made for a good learning tool too?? (*′☉.̫☉)

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In Singapore, Miss Nella Kids Nail Polish is found exclusively in Tünönim online children's boutique, which also sells children’s apparel, accessories and other fantastic household products that are safe, stylish and comfortable for your kids.

Promo: Tünönim imports Miss Nella Kids Nail Polish direct from the UK. Currently, they are having a promotion and each bottle of nail polish cost S$11.50/bottle {U.P. $13.90}, and the Funky Monkey Nail Dryer cost S$16.50/piece {U.P. 18.90}. International delivery is available, and free delivery to Singapore addresses for orders S$80 and above.

*Disclosure: This is a review for Miss Nella Singapore. All opinions are my own.


An Apel a Day said...

I love the little character on the polishes. The variety of colors is fun as well!

mail4rosey said...

I wish we were on vacation. :) These colors look so fun. It's awesome that there are so many to work with too. You can experiment for days!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Looks like fun, Aisa! Little Pumpkin must be happily exploring those cute colors. My daughter hasn't started it but I bet she gonna like it as well.

--andy-- said...

This is so cute! I would not mind lending my fingers for my gal :)
The monkey is so adorable too.

I did not know that kids' nail polish could potentially have toxic components!

cheers, Andy

Theresa Mahoney said...

The polishes are so cute! I like that they don't have toxic ingredients too. And that nail dryer? I love it!