Friday, November 24, 2017

P3 Parenting: Bromin Ergonomic & Light School Bags for Kids

Ergonomic, affordable, well-designed AND light school bags for kids?? That's like the unicorn of school bags i.e. perfect yet mythical, because usually you only find two... maaaaaybe three factors in one school bag, never really all four.

However, with the new Bromin ergonomic and light backpacks for kids, you just might catch that unicorn.

School bags are a necessity for schooling kids. We often try to find one with the factors I mentioned above for when kids go to school, but often neglect the fact that the kids also have activities and enrichment classes outside of school. And sometimes the time carrying bags for those after-school / weekend activities and classes can be longer than when they go to school.

But then, how often are they using ergonomic bags to keep their backs healthy for those activities and classes? Do your kids clear their ergonomic bags meant for school, and use them to carry their books and stuff for outside school? Or do they usually use a random bag you had lying around, or the free bags that come with the classes with you sign up with them?

Honestly, Lil Pumpkin ends up doing the latter haha as it's just too troublesome to clear our her school bag each time to use for outside-school!! #oops

As someone who has been living with backaches and pain for most of my adult life, keeping my and my family's backs healthy is very important to me.

I made sure that Lil Pumpkin has an ergonomic bag with good back support for school {which is still going strong & she still loves!}, but it was only in the last few months that I realised that hey, she should have another ergonomic bag for her gym, Chinese and Maths enrichment classes, or when she goes to the boy's clinic or my mum's home too as she needs to carry her own bag considerably often then too.

Not to mention with the erratic weather, it's good to have a spare bag in case her usual schoolbag gets drenched in the rain!

I recently came to learn of Bromin, a Singapore-based bag maker and importer, that has launched a new series of light-weight ergonomic school backpack for kids.

The Bromin backpack promotes better spinal health for school children and weighs just under 0.7kg {ergonomic school bags from other brands usually weigh 0.9kg}, are currently priced affordably under S$90 and have a lifetime warranty.

There are currently 2 designs - Bromin Lite and Bromin Tech, that are available in Sporty Blue and Fuchsia Pink. No guesses on which colour Lil Pumpkin went for, obviously heh..

Bromin Lite Ergonomic Backpack has the following features,
  • Weighs just 665g, which is even lighter than her current ergonomic schoolbag
  • Really roomy - measures 38cm high x 25cm wide x 21cm deep 
  • Made of water-resistant high density nylon
  • Plush back-support cushioning for extra comfort
  • Waist and chest straps to even out the weight of the bag
  • Flip-top cover with G-hook buckle for quick access
  • "Box" design with with a wide, drawstring opening for easy access to the contents. You can see everything when it's open!
  • Segmented inner compartment {inside the bag} with detachable option to adjust the compartment size
  • Side utility pouch {inside the bag} for storage
  • Large front pocket that extends inward into the bag, keeping it compact even with a full load
  • Huge mesh outer pockets for pencil cases, water bottle, tissue packets etc.  
  • 4 plastic knobs at the bottom of the bag to help it stand upright at all times, even without support
  • Reflective light strips for extra safety
Bromin Tech Ergonomic Backpack has the following features,
  • Weighs 675g, a negligible 10g heavier than Bromin Lite
  • Really roomy too, but less deep than Bromin Lite - 38cm high x 25cm wide x 21cm deep
  • Made of water-resistant high density nylon
  • Plush back-support cushioning for extra comfort
  • Waist and chest straps to even out the weight of the bag
  • Zipper opening that opens up the front
  • Less compartmentalisation compared to Bromin Lite, but also has inner back and front pockets {inside the bag}
  • Large front pocket is flatter and not as spacious as Bromin Lite, but has extra inner compartments and a detachable key holder
  • Huge mesh outer pockets for pencil cases, water bottle, tissue packets etc. 
  • Does not have any "bag feet" so bag might be wet if placed on a wet floor, but will still stand upright even when the main compartment is open
  • Reflective light strips for extra safety

When I showed Lil Pumpkin both bag designs, she was immediately drawn to Bromin Lite because of its flip-top cover and metal G-hook I reckon. Something novel for her haha. Personally, I like that boxy design too as it reminds me of Japanese randoseru {ランドセル} school bags which I adore.

Also, the very spacious main compartment is a huge plus point. Depending on the quantity of books and supplies needed for each class, sometimes she also needs to put in a packed lunch, a change of clothes, and other extras. For this reason, I like her bag with multiple compartments, including a large central chamber, a second section for folders and other paper, an exterior pouch for pens and writing materials, and side pockets for her water bottle, tissue paper etc. 

However, I'm not that keen on the clear plastic buckles used for the big round bag feet. Not sure how lasting that would be and would they become brittle after some time to crack and break? Also, if she dumps her bag that's heavy with books etc. on the floor, would it break from the impact? Hmmm..

BUT having said that, the good thing about having the bag feet as plastic is that it's easy to clean, light, water-proof and will not rust.

Lil Pumpkin wanted her cousin, Lil J, to have the Bromin Tech bag so that they can be matchy-matchy together :)

When my sis saw the bag, she said that it was such a bright pink!! But she also said, "Ya, good so that we can spot the girls easily and they won't get lost!!" hehe..

Bromin Tech is less bulky than Bromin Lite and I reckon would fit kids with a smaller frame better. It's still too big for Lil J and she's not able to make full use of its ergonomic functions now, obviously, as the bags are recommended for kids aged 6-10 years old, but she's still able to carry it comfortably and use the spacious bag to hold all her clothes, books, toys and accessories when she goes to preschool / childcare. And she loves having a similar bag to Lil Pumpkin too!

Oh, and they also come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults and defective parts. Just remember to register upon purchase.

If you're looking for a new school bag for the coming school year, do check out Bromin ergonomic and light school bags on Bromin website, and at Tom & Stephanie stores located at Eastpoint Mall {Simei}, West Mall {Bukit Batok} and One KM Mall {Katong}. I suggest going to the physical stores to let your child try the bags first before purchasing though.. 

Promo: 20% OFF Bromin ergonomic school bags for kids. Bromin Lite costs S$88 {U.P. S$108} and Bromin Tech costs $68 {U.P. S$88}. At these prices, I reckon you can still get two ergonomic bags for school, and outside-school activities, and they would still cost you less than a lot of ergonomic bags in the market nowadays. Not to mention, they are currently the lightest ergo schoolbag you can buy!! Valid until 31 Dec 2017 only. 

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*Disclosure: This is a review for Bromin Emporter. All opinions are my own.


mail4rosey said...

I like that they put so much consideration into making their bags. My son is carrying a lot of books in his grade, and we had to upgrade to an ergonomic backpack too!

Theresa Mahoney said...

These look like such nice bags. My girls have to carry so many books, a quality bag is a must for them. I love the bright colors of the Bromin bags!

An Apel a Day said...

Lots of room inside those bags. I like the bottom plastic pieces.