Friday, July 22, 2016

P1 Parenting: Short Pixie Bob for School! ❤

There was a time when Lil Pumpkin's hair reached past her butt line. It was so beautiful, long and luscious. Her little trademark style.

And then she started Primary school so we gave it a good trim to chop off about half her hair length *sobs sobs*

It's just hair I know, which grows back pretty quickly for Lil Pumpkin {lucky her!}, but still, I loved seeing her sashay around with her long hair and it took a bit of time to get used to seeing her with shorter hair.

Since that "massive" cut, we trimmed her hair maybe one or two times to keep it neat and manageable.

Well, as neat and manageable as we can since Lil Pumpkin is an extremely active child and sometimes she returns home from school looking like she ran through a tornado haha.

And sometimes, her teachers have to help her to retie her hair in school because it gets so messy!! #oops

Last Sunday, we went for another "drastic" cut to neaten things up even more. Ok, I might be a bit over-dramatic.. but it was quite an impressive hair makeover and she cut her shortest hairstyle to date!! Well, ever since she was a little toddler anyway!! (*^▽^*)

We brought her back to Berne and as usual, he did such a fantastic job.

Before he started he even reminded me, "eh, do you want to take before photos?" hahaha... That's how well he knows me and I'm glad he cuts Lil Pumpkin's hair as conscientiously as he does mine #thankyou

So chic.

I feel like getting her hairstyle for myself too!!! But no... I must persevere and try not to cut my hair too short as I want to grow it out again ( ◞・౪・)

Always her daddy's girl ~ヾ(^∇^)

The boy looooooooves Lil Pumpkin's new short pixie bob hairstyle. And Lil Pumpkin does too. It is an absolute dream to care for her hair now as it's really fuss-free, easy to wash & dry, plus no need to tie hair at all! And to Lil Pumpkin, the extra free time earned basically means more time for play or sleep in the morning before school hahahaha.

I guess this will be Lil Pumpkin's new trademark look for a while. Until we get bored with it at least heh ੧(❛▿❛✿)੭

Do you prefer short or long hair for girls?
Done anything wild with your hair lately?

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Unknown said...

She is gorgeous and this cut is SOOOO ADORABLE. I'm glad to hear it makes things easier for everyone, such a win.

Stacy said...

Always so 'sayang' to cut beautiful long hair. But I guess there's no point being a slave to it also!

Unknown said...

Lil Pumpkin looks great with the new hairstyle. How did you convince her to cut? My girl wouldn't let a pair of scissors anywhere near her hair and it's getting way too long.

Michelle @ The Chill Mom

Liang May said...

Absolutely loving her hew look! Beautiful really and she carries it so so well! Glad she didn't cry about losing her Long Long hair. She's so adaptable to change!

An Apel a Day said...

She looks so cute both ways! I bet it's easier to wash her hair now.

Unknown said...

She looks so good in her new haircut! I've been trying to get my daughter to snip hers too but she told me her ballet teacher advised her not to. I got myself a really short do recently too, got a bit of getting used to at first but now I kinda like it! Washing my hair hardly takes any time now!

Susan said...

Lil Pumpkin is rocking her short chic bob! Maybe I should get Sophie to go short to since her hair tangles easily.Does she says she looks more like mama now too?

oomph. said...

so cute! i love short hair on girls...very stylish.

Theresa Mahoney said...

How grown up she looks with the bob. I love it! Allison is thinking of chopping her hair off short too, but it's so thin and flat, I am not sure it would look as good as Little Pumpkins!

rachel said...

she looks great with her short bob! but I think it must have taken a lot of courage to chop off such beautiful long hair!

Grace said...

It was so great to see her new hair on FB! I love it too! I didn't realise Lil Pumpkin's hair had grown sooo long but a change is always good. And like you said, it'll always grow back :)

Riya Jack said...

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