Monday, June 29, 2015

20 Things to Buy for Kids Entering Primary 1 | from parents for parents

I guess Primary 1 registration is on the mind of all local parents with kids born in 2009. Stress level is high these few weeks as registration officially starts but no matter which school our kids attend, we must still buy for them the same school supplies and resources.

I believe it's always better to prepare in advance, rather than panic later when we can't find the things we need. Besides, shopping is a way to relieve stress so why not hit the shops while the Great Singapore Sale {GSS} is still on to get their school bags early and score some great savings! It ends on 26 July 2015 by the way.

Since Lil Pumpkin is our first child, I didn't really know what to get but I asked my fellow parents  what their must-buy items {outside the school book-list} are and they gladly shared with me their wisdom and experience {thank you!}. To all the would-be Primary 1 parents, hope you'll this list of 20 Things to Buy For Kids Entering Primary 1 from the parents, for other parents just as helpful!


1. We have few kinds of name labels. One is just the name. Another is the name and the class our child is in. For textbooks we paste the "name and class" labels. For stationary or bottles, we use just the "name" stickers. - Mummy Jazry

2. I will get a new school bag for her to mark the new journey. - Mummy Siew Tiang

3. New wallet (get kid's fave characters, if possible). - Mummy Meteorice

4. Definitely a good pencil case well equipped with pencils, ruler, eraser and scissors. - Mummy Lynn

5. All P1 kids need a new toy to bring to school. They can use the toy as an ice-breaker to get to know other new kid and make new friends. - Daddy Vincent

6. Ergonomic backpacks - Mummy Adeline

7. Hair accessories that are in approved colours! - Mummy Lyn

8. Multi-pocket file for memo, spelling list n worksheets. - Mummy Janice

9. I will get my girl a zipper folder so that she can place her communication book and important papers from the teachers inside. - Mummy Juliana

10. Need to get my girl white shoes & socks (unless school has specially printed ones). - Mummy Tammy

11. Plastic wrapper for books. - Mummy Diana

12. More erasers and pencils on standby. - Mummy Joanna

13. White polisher to polish and keep theirs shoes white!!! I remember I used to do that every weekend.... Wash my shoes and then apply white polisher. - Mummy Jamie

14. Small Notebook for the children to take down little notes. - Mummy Sandra

15. I would buy and stock up 5 water bottles for P1. A common item that's often lost or forgotten. - Mummy Karen

16. I think a good pair of school shoes is important to keep the kids comfortable as they hardly wear shoes in childcare and it may be a huge change for them. - Mummy Mag

17. A pretty analog watch to help them learn to tell time correctly. - Mummy Nadia

18. I would say a key-chain that represents you or carries fond memories between you and your girl! She is able to carry it in school, reminding her you are thinking of her and she doesn't have to be afraid in a big unfamiliar school because you are there with her. Basically, it will act as her mummy's protective charm! - Mummy Wei Ting

19. A cutie lunchbox filled with filled with mum's kitchen breakfast & include a lunchbox note too!!! - Mummy Mabel

20. Make them a name stamp. - Mummy Germaine

Good luck to all of us at the Primary 1 school registration!!! 

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An Apel a Day said...

These are great suggestions. I'm so glad you didn't add a cell phone in there. I'm serious some kids that young have them. Mica will be 10, and he won't be getting one for awhile.

I get labels for my kid's stockings. I switch back and forth every other year with who gets them. This year Mica's getting Hulk ones.

Theresa Mahoney said...

These are really great suggestions! I like the "comfortable shoes" one. I see some kids wearing the craziest shoes to school and often wonder what would happen if they had to run out of the building in an emergency, like a fire. They'd probably trip and break their necks with what kids are wearing nowadays!

Susan said...

Very practical list and I agree we gotta start preparing them for school soon. School shoes should be bought earlier as I heard they are hard to find come December!

Unknown said...

Remember to label everything. Including pencils! The lost and found corner of each class is always overflowing according to my daughter's teachers!

Masshole Mommy said...

We get a list of supplies they need from the school. It makes life easier that way :)

Angie said...

Finally saw the comment box! Blur me. Love your pt 8. Gonna do that for my no. 2 and 3 who are more sentimental. :)Thanks for the tips.

Ai Sakura said...

Alissa: No I don't expect Lil Pumpkin to have one until she reaches Secondary school when she'll have to spend more time in school for CCAs etc, at least!

Theresa: haha yeah even now I go for comfort over design. Luckily there's usually pretty AND comfortable shoes around ;)

Susan: I heard that too! Am looking out for them now since we have the sale on.

Adora: hahaha yes thanks for that tip!

Masshole Mommy: I expect the schools to give them out too, but that would only be in Nov during orientation. If possible, I want to get things earlier to avoid the year-end rush with all the other parents!

Veron Zhen said...

I'm going to do Phase 2C this year! *nervous like hell*
Adam born 2009 ...
Wish us luck! >_<


Stacy said...

Good list! I had to LOL a bit at the tip on buying 5 water bottles... if the kiddo is going to have one of my precious Tupperware-brand bottle, she'd better NOT go through 5 a year!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

such a long list :)..but I love shopping for the kids..It's sooo much fun. Bon courage, lil pumpkin...Obi will be in kindergarten this September

Anonymous said...

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