Friday, February 19, 2016

10 Types of Parents You Meet In A WhatsApp Group

Since Lil Pumpkin started P1, I joined my first school parents Whatsapp group for her class {we didn't have this practice in her preschool}.

I've long heard about these fabled parents Whatsapp groups from my other mummy friends.. it's a double-edged sword that's extremely useful for socialising {especially for busy working parents like us who aren't able to hang around in school much}, finding support & keeping up with school activities, events and important news, but it can also be a channel for parents to compare results, chat mindlessly / b*tch about unrelated matters, form cliques etc. and that's where the unnecessary stress and anxiety from being in one comes up.

Who would want to receive incessant messages asking how well your kid did in the recent test, which revision assessment books they are using for tuition, why this kid is a school monitor but not XXX or mundane discussions on breakfast menus??

I know I don't, and thankfully our class Whatsapp group hasn't shown it's negative side.. yet?? haha. I do reckon my parents WhatsApp group has more pros than cons for me at the moment for "keeping us in the loop" and if you are thinking of joining one to reap its potential benefits too, here's a tongue-in-cheek look at 10 Types of Parents You Meet In A WhatsApp Group:

1. The Know-It-All
They are always in tuned with school gossip news and are glad to share it and/or make sure everybody knows that they know about it {first}. You might love them for being so generous with the information {especially when it's useful}, or hate them for being attention-grabbing, but either way these are the parents to look for if you're not sure what time school ends tomorrow / who is the class Music teacher / when is the next 听写 etc.

2. The Eager Beaver
You never have to worry about being #foreveralone in the chat group because they always reply to every. single. comment. They have an answer for every question, and opinion to every thought. One does wonder if they has a life outside of Whatsapp (>∀<)  

3. The One-Liner
Scratch that. These parents should be known as "One-Worders" as their vocabulary is only limited to "Ok", "Noted", "Thanks", "Yes" etc. The masters in this category actually go one step further and just reply in mere letters e.g. "K" {okay}, "Np" {no problem}, "HBD" {happy birthday}.

4. The Grandmother-Storyteller
The exact opposite to the "One-Liner", these parents basically type out short stories with every response. I bet their kids will win #BestCompo award in school.

It's ok if they do it all in one single comment, but woe betide you when they break it up into a gazillion separate messages that send your mobile in a beeping frenzy. These parents are why we have the "Mute Conversation" button for WhatsApp chats.

5. The Lurker
You won't even know they are there until you look at the members list. They don't reply to any comment or question. Absolutely zero participation or signs of their existence. 

6. The Complain King
If recess time is too short, you will hear about it from them. If the weather is too hot for P.E., they are going to criticise it. If there is too much or too little homework, these parents will definitely have something to say too. Worst if you're planning a class party and all they can come up with are ideas to shoot it down. 

7. The Blur Sotong
These parents are absolutely clueless about school dates, homework, spelling lists, or basically how the education system is run and hang on to the chat group like a dear lifeline. Or sometimes they get wind of wrong info and cause panic in the group. They could also be known as "Askholes" when they keep asking for advice, but refuse to take it in!

8. The Drama Queen
They tend to freak out and make everything a BIG DEAL.. most of the time, over something small. Raise the alarm if their kids forget to bring their homework to school, or if they didn't teach the kids how to use the new school library system, or forgot to remind the child that lessons ended earlier that day {even though the teachers would have informed the students already}.

Relaaaaax, we send our kids to school to be more independent and learn new things on their own, right? Let them make mistakes and learn from them! (^_-)☆

9. The Saint
They send individual birthday greetings & holiday wishes, offer friendly advice & thoughtful help, responds at the right time, keep quiet to listen, are always politically correct and includes everybody in the conversation. Basically the "wise and caring parents" that we all want to be (✿╹◡╹)

10.  The Teacher's Pet
Somehow due to being parent volunteers or from being in school 24/7 stalking their children each day, these parent are on very friendly terms with the teachers and are always eager to approach them for any clarification. Not sure which uniform to wear on Tuesday? They will rush to ask Teacher X. Maths problem has a typo? Don't worry, they have Teacher Y on speed-dial.

If the teachers know of anything discussed in the chat group, you know who leaked out that information #oops  

Are you in a parents WhatsApp group of any sorts?
Can you relate & who else would you meet in such groups??

P.S. This list is far from exhaustive and based on experiences from my friends and I. It is not meant to be taken toooooo seriously, or used to target any individual in my chat groups or otherwise.

P.P.S. Typically, a school parents WhatsApp group is not an official school communication channel, and is usually set up by fellow well-meaning parents of the class / across the level / cca group etc. You do not have to be part of it if you don't wish to, and I know some parents who decide not to. Personally, I don't think you will "lose out" by not being in one as responsible schools will email / SMS parents on important issues, but there are merits like what I've mentioned above to being in one for sure.

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Sweetday said...

hahaha~ Hilarious!
I did not meet meet most of those mentioned in this post except the blur sotong. I guess because some of them have super busy lifestyle.

Kirsty @ My Home Truths said...

We don't have a WhatsApp group but I suspect most school Facebook pages would have the same 10 archetypes! But I won't confess to which one I am....!!!

Lyn Lee said...

Haha, some Gifs are really funny!

You sound like a WA group veteran, hee.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha good one!!! I must be the only parent among my peers who doesn't have a Whatsapp group, and so far we haven't felt the need to have one! Although I do have a few mummies on my help-list :D

Danessa Foo said...

That's a good and comprehensive list! I personally do not like big chat groups containing more than 3 people... as it is, if 2 mums chat and one is asleep, that poor fella will wake up to at least 200 messages!!

Bumble Bee Mum said...

Haha.. This is hilarious!! I am either going to be the one-liner or lurker. I will lurk until I have no choice but to reply and will reply a one-liner.

alissa apel said...

We don't have have a group like that here.

Well I did belong to a baby support group. I did it mainly to have my babies weighed regularly, and to ask any questions about breastfeeding that I needed answers to.

Here we have different school nights to hang out with other parents. Sometimes it's nice, while other times I feel like it's just socially awkward.

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Hello lovely - haven't I been naughty not visiting for ages! Gosh I love this post - it's a bit like what it's like at school pick up - I'm a mixture of all of them! Wishing you a fabulous year ahead x

Ai Sakura said...

Sweetday: I'm sure you'd have met the Lurker too.. just that you didn't realise it hahaha

Kirsty: Yes FB groups are quite common but I think most prefer WhatsApp here as it's more handy and accessible ;p

Lyn: Gifs make anything funnier :)

Mummy Ed: Yeah it's not really a "need", just something "good to have" I feel hehe

Danessa: thanks! yeah if it gets too big it gets a bit hard to handle and follow sometimes!

Bumblebee Mum: that's a lot like me actually :P

Alissa: At least you get to see them face-to-face! I don't think we have school nights for parents much.. most will be too busy to attend haha

Emily: Hello dear! Glad to see you in my space again xox

mAy said...

Hahahaha I am in one group chat! But it was set up because we wanted to organize play dates. But yes we hold different roles like what you mentioned above. Thankful your group chat moms aren't like that! It can be so irritating! Hahaha

Shubhada Bhide said...

WhatsApp Group chats will have all these characters! Parents group or office group or friends group. Keeping updated with messages is good but keeping up with so many types of peeps is exhausting!

Phoebe Lau said...

hmmm.. I think I'm a combination of lurker and 2 liners (Instead of one). I dont participate in such whatsapp group as I thought it will be too much to read into.

Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

I am just happy to drop then off at the classroom door and leave the car park. I keep up with f/n newsletters and communication books. I definitely don't feel the need for an app. At all!

Anonymous said...

So which type do you belong to?

Mums Babies said...

Ha ha. I can't stop laughing looking you at the photos and reading about it. Luckily I never joined any of whatsapp group from my son's school.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

hahah! hilarious but true!

Inside and Outside Blog

Susan said...

This post is hilarious with the gifs and so relatable on so many levels. For me, I choose to only have a handful of mum's contacts in a WA group but lately I've had a bad experience with one of the mums, so I guess I'll have to look for other mums to keep in touch with.

Jacqualine Chan said...

LOL I told you before I think I am #1 right?! Doesn't help that my son always comes back with all sorts of updates for me.. heheheh. I was shocked that I was the only parent who knew which kiddos in his class still wear diapers! (I dunno why my son knew too....)

I am maybe a story-teller as well omg.

Angie. S said...

So far the whatsapp chat group I belong to for Dana's class have been v helpful...cos I'm like #7 the blur sotong 😁