Monday, August 1, 2022

Breast Cancer Fight: Mammogram and Ultrasound @ Radlink Paragon

The doctor at my workplace clinic, Dr Tan, referred me to do mammogram and ultrasound for both breasts at Radlink Paragon for my breast lumps. It is a private diagnostic and molecular imaging service provider.

The main centre at Paragon Medical is pretty big and crowded. My appointment was for 4pm, and after registering and confirmation of my payment mode {pay upfront first, then claim through insurance}, I went for the scans.

I had never done a mammogram before as in Singapore, you are usually asked to do annual mammograms only when you're above 40 years old, but I heard from my sister that there was a lot "prodding". It's true. Standing half-naked, 3 nurses/ radiographers were there to squeeze and position my boobs onto the mammogram machine to take multiple different shots and angles of both my breasts. Good thing I'm not a very shy person haha. 

They were very professional and apologetic for making me stand or lift my arms in awkward positions for a relatively long time. The thing is, some of the lumps are small or just at the bottom of my boobs so it was hard to scan it "normally".

The ultrasound went much smoother and faster as I lay on the bed and 1 radiographer used the probe to feel around my boobs. 

After taking the scans, their radiologist examined the images to check that the scans were ok before I was let go. 

Radlink can actually give you the scan images and results on the same day but as I came in the late afternoon and was done about 5.30pm, they could only give me the scan images on a CD and results would be sent to my workplace clinic or I could pick it up tomorrow onwards as they closed at 6pm. Results usually take 2-3 hours to process.   

Bilateral mammograms and ultrasound for both breasts cost: S$353.10

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Before mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries

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