Saturday, August 6, 2022

Breast Cancer Fight: Radlink Ultrasound and Mammogram Scan Results

In my first consultation {Mon 1 Aug 2022} with Dr Tan, she told me to call/ email the clinic back to remind them to give her my Radlink mammogram and breast ultrasound scan results when it arrived, and she would review it before calling me back to tell me on the next step.

Radlink informed me that it would take about 2-3 working days to process and deliver the scan results to my workplace clinic, so I waited until Thu 4 Aug 2022 to make a call. The results were there but Dr Tan was on leave. The phone operator noted my request and said that they would hand the results to my doctor when she was back.

The wait was killing me so I decided to pick up my scan results from Radlink directly on Sat 6 Aug 2022 since I was in Orchard for a hair trim with Berne.

Basically, the results showed that my left breast had lumps that were "suspicious for underlying malignant disease. Biopsy for histological evaluation is recommended." My right breast had scattered and loosely grouped micro-calcifications but showed no overtly suspicious features. A 6-month follow up mammogram and ultrasound was advised for my right breast.  

My heart sank. In my heart of hearts, even though there was no confirmation, I knew that something was wrong

I went about my weekend as normally and as best as I could and decided to see Dr Tan on Thu 11 Aug 2022, after the National Day holidays, even if she did not call me back. 

On my second visit with Dr Tan, it seemed like she forgot she was supposed to call me back after reviewing my scan results, instead of me making my own appointment to come and see her, which was a bit annoying as I felt precious time was wasted.

Nonetheless, based on my mammogram and ultrasound results, the matter was now out of her GP hands and she referred me to see a breast care specialist. I decided to go to NUH since I've seen other specialists there for my knee and back, and I'm familiar with the hospital. 

However, I did not want to see my mum's breast care specialist that I did my ultrasound with years ago as I did not have a good impression of her {I found her non-chalant and cold} so asked Dr Tan to recommend someone. 

Dr Tan gave me 2 names and I googled to check them out. I decided to book an appointment with Dr Celene Ng, but the earliest she could see me was 2.5 weeks later on Mon 29 Aug 2022. 

Oh well. 

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Before mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries

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