Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celebrate Fatherhood: A Natural Dad | Guestpost by Lee, Daddy Analyst

Sakura Haruka is not a blog just about celebrating motherhood. It shares the joys {& frustrations!} of parenting and of families as a whole. Inspired by my hubby's thoughts on being a dad, Celebrate Fatherhood is thus a monthly series where daddies from all walks of life share insights about what fatherhood means to them, and how we can appreciate their role in a family too.

I sincerely thank all those who took the time to guest post for me. Most of those I approached were very supportive and enthusiastic about this new series, sharing my belief that being an involved dad, and getting the dads involved, is important in building a strong family. If you have a story to share, please email me at sakuraharuka {at} live {dot} com.

It is so apt that I'm writing this post on fatherhood during my in camp training. The time spent away from the family gives me an opportunity to think why I'm protecting my country as well as my family.

Based on feedback that I have heard, I have taken to fatherhood naturally. For starters, I read every chapter of “What to expect when you are expecting” before K arrived! I will always remember my Paed's shocked look when I asked him whether the hearing test for K was the OAR or BAE test! (He said that he had never come across any father who asked this question!) Both of my confinement nannies told my wife that I was one of the most hands-on dads they have seen. :)

Looking back, this involvement on my part was a combination of the wife's training (she does not hesitate to tell me what she needs help in), and my desire to be actively involved in my children's life. For the latter, I was influenced by my parents, for they were actively parenting me when I was growing up.

Someone once remarked that a parent is not indispensable at work, but is at home. With a twinkling of an eye, my two gals would grow up, by God's grace, to be young women. And I don't want to regret the day when I did not spend enough time with them when they were growing up. While I work longer hours than what I would like, fatherhood causes me to squeeze my last ounce of energy after a long day of work to at least read them a book before they sleep.

What I like about fatherhood is that it grows on you. I’ll let you in on a secret. I frequently wonder and anticipate how my daughters would turn out to be in the future. Through people I meet, I try to imagine how they would look like when they grow up. I have yet to spot any lookalikes, but this anticipation allows me to treasure the growing up years!

Lee is a dad who enjoys distance running, and purchasing books. To provide for the family, he works as an analyst in the CBD area. His wife blogs here.

I often stop and wonder how Lil Pumpkin will look like when she's older too. People often remark that she looks a lot like me now, but I wonder, will she still look like me when she's older, or will she have more of her daddy's features in the future? It really is so interesting to think about but for now, I'll just continue to take more photos of her growing up and appreciate her as she is :)


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An Apel a Day said...

Such a great father! I'm lucky to have an involved husband as well. When my boys were baby and 2 1/2 years old Travis watched them both 2 days a week along with our 2 nephews the same ages. It was a crazy zoo here. He did it!