Friday, August 29, 2014

Off to Problogger Event, Australia | Blog Break #PBevent

As you're reading this now, my whole family and I are in Gold Coast and I'm attending the first day of Problogger Event! :)

If you're a blogger, you'd probably know of Problogger Event {PBEVENT}, but if not.. well, it's like a bloggers conference in Australia to network with one another and learn from experienced international bloggers like Pat Flynn {Smart Passive Income}, Chantelle {Fat Mum Slim} and the man himself, Darren Rowse {ProBlogger}.

Before I was more involved with the local blogging scene, I was already following and online friends with quite a few Aussie bloggers, and for the past few years, I'd been reading about their wonderful experiences at PBEVENT. The people they met, the fun things that happened, the amazing blogging insights... it made me really excited to go one day too!! BUT, at the back of my head, it seemed a little crazy for me to fly all the way to Australia to attend a bloggers conference. After all, blogging is not my full-time job and just a hobby. At most, a serious hobby... how can I justify spending so much money to go, when I hardly make any money off it? There would be costs for the conference tickets, flight tickets, accommodation etc etc. Not to mention taking time off my actual work.

As the new year started, there was already a buzz for PBEVENT 2014 again amongst my Aussie bloggy friends. The urge to attend resurfaced again as somehow, I'd been getting the feeling that I was hitting a blogging rut. Yes, I love blogging and I can write my usual 4 posts a week but, somehow I didn't feel as inspired as I used to be. The words didn't seem to flow as easily and there was a nagging feeling that my usual blogging style wasn't working for me anymore and I needed a change, but I wasn't sure exactly what the matter was or what I needed to do.

I guess it happens to any blogger at any point of their blogging journey. I know some bloggers get out of it, and some just give up blogging.

I talked to the boy and he encouraged me to go to PBEVENT this year. "What's the harm?", he said. So what if I saw blogging as just a hobby, he saw that he meant even more to me and was something that I thrived on, and that I wanted to do well in. "Anything that you are passionate about is worth spending time and money on. Do more of what makes you happy. At most, don't attend another PBEVENT again if this time sucks".

Oh, I love how easily he puts things in perspective :)

And so, yes, we are here in Gold Coast now. There's really an exciting schedule of PBEVENT conference sessions going on which include talks on SEO {I'm soooo clueless haha}, working with brands, web video strategies {fits in with my Blog Goals 2014!}, harnessing social media for social good {something I've been working on since Blog Goals 2013!}, building an online community {hello, Blog Goals 2012!} and many more. These are probably stuff I can learn online as well if I took the time to research, but nothing beats hanging out with and hearing personal perspectives from 500+ bloggers over 2 full days. I heard the synergy there is pretty awesome ;)

But other than the excitement of getting great tips from inspirational bloggers on how to create compelling content and manage a better blog/life balance, I'm also happy that I'm finally, like FINALLY getting to meet some of my Aussie blogging mates like Mama Grace and Emily and turning them into my real-life friends :) And also catching up with Valyn again because I asked her if she was interested to go to the conference with me and she happily obliged hehe. Yay!

I'm looking forward to getting all fired up for blogging again after my time here and after the conference, my family and I are extending our stay in Queensland to relax and explore. It's been almost two decades since I last came to Gold Coast, and it's Lil Pumpkin's first time here.

Will be taking this opportunity to have a little blog break as well, so I won't be as active online to focus on my family, take time to live life, as well as to think about how I can apply what I learnt at PBEVENT to my own blog. I've scheduled my usual Wordless Wednesday Family Obento series, the next Celebrate Fatherhood feature post and will be taking it slow for the rest of September even after I return from Australia about 2.5 weeks later. However, if you know me, you'd probably know I'm not likely to stay away from social media completely so will likely post some Aussie trip updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter :P

Follow me there if you're interested and catch up again when we get back!! (^^)V



Masshole Mommy said...

I can't wait to hear all about it.

Unknown said...

Have a most enriching time at the #pb blogger conference! You're living out your passions so it'll be worth every while.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Have a wonderful time at the conference! I can feel the buzz and excitement through your post :) You are one of the most committed and hardworking bloggers I know, and I am inspired by your work and tenacity! Can't wait to hear more about the conference - I am quite a fan of Problogger!

Susan said...

Have a fruitful time at the conference learning from the best! You're really an inspiring blogger and am so committed, so it will definitely be a great learning experience . Enjoy the extended family time too. You'll love it there in Gold Coast :)

Stacy said...

Do enjoy your trip and hope you get your blogging mojo back.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I hope you have a fantastic time at the event! Love the boy's wisdom. That's something my hubs would have said too, haha!

An Apel a Day said...

Have a great time! It sounds wonderful.

Grace said...

It was sooooooo great to finally meet you and Lil Pumpkin! I so wish we had more time to chat but hey, there's always next year! And in the meantime, see ya online :) x

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

lucky you....I wish I could join one here in the US..well, soon after my treatment is concluded :)...Hope you have a blast down there..I miss Aussie..and Gold Coast feel like home coz it's warm and humid..enjooy..