Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day 2015! ♥ + Win The Incredible Book Eating Boy Family Show Tickets

Mother's Day was pretty simple this year. Actually, most of our celebrations are rather muted nowadays haha. I don't care much for grand plans, big parties or lavish spending.. as long as I get to spend the time with my beloved family, I'm happy :)

It started off as a pretty "normal" Sunday. I knew we'd be out for most of the day so woke up early to do some work. Then the boy woke up about 2 hours later, prepared Lil Pumpkin's morning milk, kissed me good bye and left for work.

Lil Pumpkin got out of bed not long after and was such a sweetie - smiling so brightly and wishing me good morning. She must have remembered that it was Mother's Day :)

After her morning ritual, we folded clothes together while catching up on my Chinese drama shows. I did the boy and my own pile, while Lil Pumpkin is great at folding her own clothes with her own mini folding board {see her in action here}. That seriously was one of my best buys ever!!

Then we got ready to go out and wore our new matching "stained glass" 3D Rosella dresses from Glitter Glam with our bling-bling Pazzion ballarina shoes.  No better day to go matchy-matchy than on Mother's Day!! :P

My mother-in-law came to pick us up around noon for our family lunch at Paradise Dynasty at One KM, near the boy's clinic. We had an early Mother's Day dinner with my parents the night before and were going out to celebrate with my in-laws on Mother's Day itself. Oh my goodness it was so packed! I think it was the most crowded restaurant in the whole mall :P

Paradise Dynasty serves both northern and southern Chinese cuisine, with an innovative touch. Their specialty is the Eight-Flavoured Xiao Long Bao, which are little dumplings with soup inside made in 8 different flavours {original, crab roe, cheese, garlic, herbal, ma la, foie gras and black truffle}.

This is the foie gras Xiao Long Bao, which tasted delicious but sadly, I didn't really taste much foie gras in. 

Lil Pumpkin likes to eat Xiao Long Bao. I think she finds it interesting to have soup "hidden" inside that little dumpling haha. 

Paradise Dynasty kind of reminded me of Din Tai Fung but the portions are more decent. We ate Xiao Long Baos, the silky handmade La Mian, egg fried rice, sweet and sour pork. squid in vinegar, drunken ginger chicken etc.

Was so full but it was such a satisfying meal. The boy, his mum and brother are all very busy people so it was nice to be able to sit down, have a meal together and catch up.

We went to Suntec City after lunch and Lil Pumpkin scooted around outside for a while. She just got a new scooter last Friday for her birthday {more on that later!} and has been asking us to bring her scooting every day since. Her birthday is only tomorrow {12 May} but we let her open it earlier.. ah well, gotta live a little, you know? :P

It's so fun to watch her whizz by and I'm thinking of getting one myself so that we can go scooting together! That would make our weekly walk to her swim classes even faster! I reckon it's easier than mastering a bike??

Yes, yes, I'm one of those "weird" people that don't know how to cycle :P

Lil Pumpkin gave me a a carnation flower and portrait of me she drew in school. I was actually looking forward to her annual Mother's Day class party {see past N1. N2 and K1 celebrations} but for some reason, we didn't have one this year! Was kinda disappointed as I wanted to see her sing and perform with her friends...

Love the heart cut-out and intricate paper weaving here!! Lil Pumpkin said that she specially chose pink because I like pink *grins*

Does this look like me? :) Sorry can't get a good photo of it but yes, she drew the eyes and mouth too, as well as purple eyees (^^)v I'm glad that she sees me as a sweet young thing with 2 ponytails rather than a naggy old witch, which I'm sure I sound like sometimes!

She wanted to take a shot of me and the boy too :)

Happy family!! ^^ I'm really so blessed to have these two in my life and wouldn't trade it for the world.

As for the boy's present? Well,, he paid for and gave me 1.5 hours to "feel" & find the whole collection for the new Lego x Simpsons series hehe #itsthelittlethingsthatcount

The new minifigs came out about 4 days ago but I haven't had time to check them out until Sunday.
We went to Toys R' Us and I saw that they weren't on the usual shelf space so I asked a sales assistant if they had any. Didn't have much hope really... as the release had been highly anticipated and on the first day, most places were already wiped clean.

Lo and behold! She went into the storeroom and got me a new box!!! Wheeee! So happy and I might have done a fist pump #winning

Haven't opened all the packs yet but since I've been "feeling" and collecting for the past 4 {??} series, I'm pretty sure I've the whole set. Quite good at picking out the correct minifigs from the blind packs haha.

My fingers and hands are so sore now!! (>-<)"

Ended the day doing groceries at Giant and we saw the Coca-Cola roadshow to get our own personalised coke cans. It was the last day! The boy was quite keen to do it so we bought 60 cans of Coke Zero to personalise 4 cans {you've to spend S$10 to personalise 1 can}- 1 for each of us plus his bro.

Turned out pretty nice... the more I see it, the more I like it too heh.

Thank you for calling me your Mummy, and for giving me the privilege to celebrate this special day with you, dear Lil Pumpkin. Sometimes I feel like such a failure as a mum, but thank you for always looking up to me and making me feel like I'm the greatest. I can't promise you, but I will try my hardest to not nag as much and to keep my youthful, happy spirit.. just as the way you see me

Thank you as well to my own dear mother and mother-in-law for all that you have done, and for shaping me to be the mother than I am today as well. Both of you are my role models and my inspiration to persevere despite the parenting struggles, give it my all and raise happy, healthy children

Wishing all the amazing mums a Happy Mother's Day once again!

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myshelomitashop said...

What a wonderful Mother's day celebration and gift you got there Ai :) I spent mine with watching the Avengers Age of Ultron in 4D haha...

Unknown said...

Being able to celebrate mother's day and my grandma's birthday together every year with my maternal family(my mum comes from a big family so family gathering is always very fun!)! It definite beats celebrating just within ourselves =) Hope I get to do this every year...thou a present is good but not neccesary.

Tammy Tng

preciouz said...

i hope that every mother' s day my mum is in good health and able to enjoy her golden years! FB:jaime chan
subscription:jaime chan /

Veron said...

No fanciful celebration on Mother's Day cos everyday is mother's day. As long as my family stays healthy, bliss and happy. :)

Fb: Veron TG

Debra said...

Just want to have a happy and loving family :) Happy Mother's Day, Ai!
FB: olimomokblog/

Khor Lee Ling said...

I wish everyone in the family stay healthy and happy.
Fb: Khor Lee Ling

Anonymous said...

My mother's day wish:
i want my family members to be happy and healthy.
This is the most important. Forgive and understanding. Life is short. Enjoy every moment. We will do our best & do not give up easily. Keep on trying.

FB: Sandra New

Small Kucing said...

Happy Mother's day

what a lovely match Mother and daughter pic :)

Adrine said...

Happy (belated) Mothers Day! Love your matchy dressses :-)

Meiru said...

I wish for good health so I can continue being Ryan's Mummy and not let my own Mummy worry. :)

Thanks for the giveaway! Loved your post.

FB: Jiang Meiru

Leong Yee Ming said...

I wish world peace and every mothers in the world be happy and healthy!
FB: Leong Yee Ming

Arsheitha Ganesan said...

I would like everyone to have a healthy future.This year I had to deal with frequent illness for my daughter and my dear ones and hope the future brings health and prosperity to all.
FB:Arsheitha Ganesan

Stacy said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome day. Wow lil pumpkin's posing in the first pic is SO pro!

I am hopeless at the Lego minifigure thing. Cannnot tell them apart despite molesting the packet for ages.

Masshole Mommy said...

You guys are adorable. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day!

Carol Mei Mei said...

For Mothers' Day, I enjoyed a good Japanese lunch with my mum and my sis' family. Time bonding with the extended family is the best way of celebrating Mothers' Day!

Carol Lim Mei Mei
IG: cmeilim

Unknown said...

I am THANKFUL for the opportunity to be a mom to my 2 rascal kiddos. I wish for PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING to guide and mold my little ones to be useful and kind humans.

FB: Nadia Kua

An Apel a Day said...

Such a fun Mother's Day!

I love the drawing Little Pumpkin did of you!

I saw that they are making Simpsons' characters now for Legos. My kids haven't watched the show much. I always liked Maggie.

KarMie's blog said...

My Mother's Day wish:
Is to have many more years of Mother's Day celebrations with my mom!!! And enjoy every moment spent with her :)

Jamie chaw
IG: Jamie chaw

Susan said...

Done all steps :)
What I want most is a staycation to just chill and relax :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! You and Lil Pumpkin look so beautiful in the photos! And I also love how the Coke cans turned out!

Unknown said...

My wish for Mother Day is not flowers or gift, but obedient children who are loving to one another.
FB name : Carolyn Lim
Name used to subscribe newsletter : Carolyn Lim
IG name : Carolyn_lim2004

mail4rosey said...

Restaurants do get SO crowded on Mother's Day. I'd just as soon avoid them, but hubby likes to eat out on the holidays. ;)

I'm glad you had a nice celebration, and I love the matching dresses!

Robert Sim said...

Robert Sim
My wish would be for my boys to be sensible and obedient and grant my wife a peaceful weekend. Well, did they? I think the peace lasted all of 5 minutes. We'll try again next weekend. ;p

Unknown said...

I love to watch a movie and follow by a sumptuous meal with my children :)
Ang Huey Fen
FB: Ang Chris
IG: Ang.Chris

Unknown said...

Mother's Day is over but I's wished for a day without nausea!
FB name: Felicia Tan
Name used to subscribe to newsletter: Felicia Tan
IG Name: FeliciaTGL

lim le na said...

Wish to have staycation with family
Name : lim le na

Mum's calling said...

I wished for a longer sleep in and I got it!
fb name: Karen Chen
subscription: Karen

Randolph said...

My wish is that all my family members to stay healthy and happy.

FB: Boon Hwee Teo

Anonymous said...

I wish my family can go for a holiday as we have not done so for 4years now.
Name: Aileen Chin

Peachy Keen Mumma said...

OH I love that family photo! So cute! Also think your matching ballerina slippers are adorable.
Now I'm craving dumplings!